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In-Depth Analysis: Distinguishing Vegito from Gogeta in Dragon Ball

In-Depth Analysis: Distinguishing Vegito from Gogeta in Dragon Ball

Vegito and Gogeta are the two characters from the anime world that are both considered to be most powerful and famous. With few similarities among them, both these characters are also full of differences between them.

Vegito is the result of the fusion of Vegeta and Goku that happens through Potara Earrings. Gogeta is the result of the fusion of Vegeta and Goku that happens through dancing.

But before knowing the difference between Vegito and Gogeta, it is so important to learn about Vegeta and Goku.

What Anime does Vegito and Gogeta come from?

The characters Vegito and Gogeta come from the popular series Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama.

There’s no denying that anime has had quite an impact, and Dragon Ball is one that has been regarded as one of the most influential animes of all time. It is under the shonen umbrella and is one of the most popular series from that genre.

According to the creator, the series started out as a one-shot titled Dragon Boy, but after receiving mostly positive reviews from his readers he decided to turn it into a series, using a famous Chinese novel as a roadmap.

Little did he know that that one decision to turn Dragon Boy into what is now known as Dragon Ball would pave the way for a lot of popular modern shonen series.  

Vegito and Gogeta, as fusions of two already powerful characters, are some of the most powerful characters from this anime.    


Vegeta is the Prince of Sayonara who happens to be one of the strongest characters from the Dragon Ball series. This character evolved himself from being a villain, then anti-hero, and to, finally, a hero!

There was no doubt in him being the hardworking fella but he was so arrogant with his heritage that he kept on emphasizing how he should be called the ultimate warrior from the whole universe. Throughout the series, Vegeta and Goku were rivals against each other.


Son Goku is one of the most loved characters in the world of Dragon Balls. He inspired many characters in his search for the seven dragon balls that happen to grant a wish of its user.

Goku was an aggressive and violent fella due to his heritage but getting hit on his head made him a happy, and carefree person.

How did Vegito and Gogeta get their names?

Vegeta and Goku from the Series: Dragon Ball

The GO in Gogeta came from the Go of Goku. And the GETA in the Gogeta came from the Geta in the Vegeta.

The math is simple for the name Gogeta but the situation is different for the name Vegito. Vegito is the mistranslation of its actual Japanese name Bejito. The Japanese name for Vegeta is Bejita and Goku’s saiyan name is Kakkaroto.

Bejita’s BEJI and Kakkaroto’s TO merged to make BEJITO and that actual translation for Bejito will be Vegerot. hence, Vegito should be Vegerot!

Is Vegito the same as Gogeta?

Certainly NOT!

Vegito and Gogeta are the results of two different fusions. Vegito and Gogeta make resemblance or you can say have similarities with Vegeta and Goku but saying that Vegito and Gogeta are the same can only be wrong.

Here is a chart that can point out the difference more clearly.

AppearanceVegito has some resemblance with Vegeta and is known to possess the characteristics of both the main characters.Gogeta has a body like Goku and a face like Vegeta.
How They Fuse They fuse through Potara Earrings.They fuse through dancing.
Time of FusionThey have an hour of fusion.They have 30 minutes limit.
StrengthVegito’s time limit may be more than Gogeta’s time limit but Vegito’s power went down in the battle with Zamasu.Considered stronger than Vegito.
Some differences between Vegito and Gogeta

Who is more powerful?

Gogeta from the 1995 Movie Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn

Gogeta is for sure the more powerful character among both fusions, however, there’s no telling what will become of Vegito’s powers in the future of Dragon Ball.

I know the fandom of these fusions is looking for a more detailed answer to this question for some time but the answer is as simple as the one stated above.

Vegito may have a time limit of one hour which is more than the 30 minutes time limit of Gogeta but we have seen Vegito’s power going down in his battle with Zamasu.

Whereas, it is seen in Dragon Ball Super: Broly film how the power of Gogeta was gone to its maximum.

Choosing Gogeta as the most powerful one was surely a challenge as they both fought remarkably in the Broly battle but comparing them both led me to a clear choice.

Who controls Vegito and Gogeta?

According to my understanding, neither Vegito nor Gogeta is controlled by anybody.

Keeping in mind what Vegito said in manga, the Buu saga, that he is not Vegeta or Goku. I think both of these fusions have their own personalities with a little resemblance with the main characters.

To say that Vegito and Gogeta have their own consciousness would not be wrong.

Is Vegito their own person?

Yes, Vegito is his own person but with the traits of both, Goku’s and Vegeta’s personalities.

Vegito has Goku’s happy-go-lucky nature. He is not serious all the time just like Goku. Like Goku, Vegito has been seen with a soft corner for his enemies too.

However, Vegito is also known for taunting and giving a chance to his opponent just to make them lose on his terms to feel more powerful, this is something he got from Vegeta.

All and all, Vegito is both soft and salty!

Can Gogeta fuse with Vegito?

Can Gogeta and Vegito fuse? Certainly not.

Fans of these characters often go into the analytical discussions of whether this fusion’s fusion can happen or not. But in reality, double fusion has never been witnessed.

Mergers tend to be irreversible but the fusions have their time limits. So, to say that the creators of the series can make them a fusion in the future can be a possibility.

Check out this video to get into more of the picture of this possibility!

What If Vegito and Gogeta FUSE?

Who is VEKU?

Veku is the failed attempt at the fusion of Vegeta and Goku into Gogeta. In the Fusion Reborn, the index finger of Vegeta was not placed well enough to make the fusion right.

Veku is counted among the weakest and most embarrassing fusion of all times in the Dragon Ball series.

Due to the fat structure of Veku’s body, he was not able to fight his opponent, and stamina of his was in question the whole time.

Rather than fighting, Veku was found farting and escaping the battlefield with a surprisingly super fast speed.

The fusion was thankfully diffused in 30 minutes and Vegito and Gogeta were able to fuse successfully later on.


Vegeta from the Series: Dragon Ball Z

Let’s sum up the whole discussion in some pointers down here:

  • Prince Vegeta is the arrogant one while Goku is a happy-go-lucky kind of a guy.
  • Vegito is not the same as Gogeta as they are the fusions of the main characters and have their own similarities and differences.
  • Differences between Vegito and Gogeta are in appearances, time of fusion, strength, and how they fuse.
  • Vegito is more like Vegeta, and Gogeta is more like Goku.
  • Vegito has the soft and salty traits of both Vegeta and Goku.
  • Vegito takes one hour of fusion, whereas, Gogeta fuses for 30 mintues.
  • Gogeta is considerably more powerful than Vegito.
  • Potara Earrings are the source of Vegito’s fusion. Dancing is the source of Gogeta’s fusion.
  • Both Vegito and Gogeta have the traits of the personalities of Goku and Vegeta.
  • Bothe Vegito and Gogeta are controlled by no one and have their own consciousness.
  • Veku is the failed fusion of Goku and Vegeta for Gogeta.

This article was for the fandom of the Dragon Ball series as I know the questions that arise in the minds of the fans know no limit.

And who can blame them? the series makes the viewers so involved that it becomes impossible to not think about any of it.

Signing off here with the hope of writing more on such topics SOON!

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