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The Differences Between😍 And 🤩 Emoji; (Explained)

The Differences Between😍 And 🤩 Emoji; (Explained)

There is no difference between the use of emojis, it’s just how we perceive it. A guy sends these emojis to his girlfriend as a symbol of love and adoration.

No matter what you’re trying to say, a girl will read the emojis differently than a man would. 

However, if you’re wondering what they signify, the smaller heart eyes can indicate happiness. On the other hand, the larger ones can indicate extreme joy or excitement. 

The phrase “star eyes” describes admiration or liking without any romantic overtones. 

However, when referring to something you enjoy, admire, or adore, both are used.

😍 and 🤩and are almost the same emojis with the intensity of joy and happiness in the eyes of these emoticons. The first one is an emoji of love, while the other one is completely about happiness and a sense of excitement for someone.

Mostly, boys send the first one whenever they adore their girl or when they want to make her feel happy with regard to her personality.

On the other hand, the stars in your eyes indicate excitement for a task, like if someone is excited to meet you or cannot wait to see you, they’ll send you this emoji.

In this blog, I’ll be talking about several emojis and their meanings. We’ll look forward to several emojis that we use in our daily lives, along with the variations they have from the other ones. 

Let’s get started.

How Do You Interpret This Emoji 🤩?

I’m awestruck. An emoji is a cheerful face with stars in place of the eyes and a wide grin. This cheerful face has an open mouth and two eyes that resemble five-pointed stars.

It’s commonly used to express admiration, zeal, or intense liking; however, it can also be used to express shock, surprise, and excitement.

It’s similar but more erotic and romantic.

Couples use such emojis to admire each other. It’s used to express their feelings of excitement and astonishment for something.

What Does The Emoji For A Smiling Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes Mean? 

The smiley face with heart-shaped eyes emoji has many wonderful, uplifting connotations. This emoticon conveys admiration, love, or fervent optimism regarding a certain object (romantic or not).

The smiling face with heart-shaped eyes emoji has only positive connotations. It typically acts as an exuberant reaction to an issue.

This could be a real or imagined being, location, item, or even simply a thought. 

Regardless of the item that justifies its use, this emoji essentially serves as a shortcut for “I love this.” Its eyes, with their hearts, speak volumes.

What Does It Signify If A Woman Sends 🤩👍 To Her Husband?

It indicates that she is attempting to communicate with your spouse but is a little too lazy to type out the entire message since she feels he will get the point.

This little background information leaves it open to interpretation.

If someone sends this emoji to you or your husband, it means they’re trying to initiate a conversation.

They are admiring your work or your personality and want you to start a conversation.

There are so many emoticons that are used for a lot of expressions. Not every person uses an emoji for the same purpose as others. 

I may use an emoji to show love, while you may use it to show your concern. It depends on us when and how to make use of the emoticons and GIFS we have on our keyboard. 

“🤩”What Does This Emoji Mean?

A 🤩 depicts the stunned or fascinated expression you have when you see your favorite star. If your acquaintance mentions having a celebrity crush on TV, they might add 🤩.

In essence, they’re amazed.

This emoji is not restricted to defining admiration for a celebrity or a star; it can be anyone from your social circle, even your parents.

This brilliant smiley face can be used in a variety of contexts to convey a wide range of happy feelings. 

If you’re interested in learning more about this emoji, keep reading because we’ve put up a lot about other emojis and their contrasting expressions.

3-D emoji faces stacked against a pink background
Smiley, Sad, And Neutral Emojis

What Does It Signify If A Female Friend Texts You With A Kissy Emoji?

It’s not a bad thing.

Actually, online kiss emojis are destroying reality. Nowadays, even if you only praise someone, 95% of them will reply with the kiss emoji.

This is bad because it genuinely doesn’t imply anything. They have entirely different personas in person and online, which is terrible.

A kiss emoji should only be used in expressing love for your immediate relations, not for every other person.

This is very important in order to value your feeling, in person and online.

EmojisLiteral Meaning
😀 Grinning Face
😂 Face With Tears Of Joy
😃  Smiling Face With Open Mouth
😊  Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes
Commonly used emojis and their literal meanings

What Does The 🥰 😍 Emoji Mean?

As we previously explained in an emoji ology, the smiling face with hearty eyes frequently conveys feelings of love, infatuation, and admiration.

🥰 Smiling Face With Hearts features a yellow face with rosy cheeks, a heart-shaped cloud of love hovering around its head, and smiling eyes.

It frequently evokes positive emotions, especially those associated with being adored or in love. 

Additionally, it could mean a variety of positive, loving feelings in general, including being joyful or fortunate.

What Does A Guy Sending A Girl’s 🤩 Emoji Mean?

The emoji indicates that someone is impressed and likes you. But I can’t tell you what the young man who sent it means; only he can.

Why don’t you text him back and ask him what it means if you like him? The emoji indicates that someone is impressed and likes you.

Emojis are often used in text messages to convey emotions from the sender to the recipient. 

It saves time since no typing is necessary. Just one emoji will do. The other party is aware of the issue and the circumstances.

What kind of emoji a guy sends to a girl matters; whether it’s a love sign or a kissing emoji, it conveys how he feels. On my phone, the emoji is not displayed.

Perhaps he has feelings for that girl. This is the problem, I suppose. 

In essence, it has no meaning. There is a good chance that you are using emoticons while talking to him, so he merely sent it to you to finish the conversation.

It’s because boys get confused when receiving emojis and don’t know what to do or what the other person wants to say.

What Does This Emoji 😩 Indicate When A Girl Sends It To You?

Despite the fact that I have never really seen this emoji, my initial reaction upon seeing it in this question was that the female who sent it might be sick of something that keeps happening in your relationship.

I did a little more study on this emoji and discovered that it’s known as the “Weary Face” and that it typically denotes acceptance of an unpleasant duty.

The second meaning of this emoji is to accept that something is so great that you have no choice but to give in. This 😩 emoji is frequently mistaken for the “tired face” emoji.

The eyes of the emoji are slightly different in shape.

An image showing a keyboard including emojis
So many emojis, So many meanings.

What Does A Girl’s Sending A Guy The Blush Emoji Mean?

Well, it all depends on the girl and the previous context or conversation.

She might be trying to flirt with you, or maybe she just liked something you said and wants to express how pleased or delighted she is.

I think you should ask her about it. However, generally speaking, it’s a sign that you’re either doing something right or that she likes you.

The Star-Struck Emoji

I think the starry-eyed happy emoji represents someone who is delightfully smitten with someone or something. It may be used to convey how astonishing, fascinating, stunning, or thrilling something is.

Under the name “Grinning Face with Star Eyes,” Star-Struck was accepted for Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and later added to Emoji 5.0.

I personally use this emoji to express sarcasm. “This was a lot of fun”, I uttered following a confrontation.

Emoticons Vs. Emojis

Emoticons are letters, numbers, and punctuation that are used to make visual icons that typically convey an emotion or attitude.

The term “emoticon” actually derives from the phrase “emotional icon”. The majority of emoticons must be read sideways due to the limitations of our keyboard.

Emoji are a somewhat more recent innovation (from the Japanese emoji, “image,” and moji, “character”). Emoji are pictographs of faces, objects, and symbols, not to be confused with their progenitor.

As a result, an emoticon is a smiling face that incorporates a character that can be found on your computer keyboard. Emojis are small cartoon figures that lack the restrictions of punctuation, numerals, and letters.

What Does This Tear-Eyed Laughing Emoji Mean: 🤣 ?

This is the emoji for laughing while rolling around on the floor. A yellow face tilted on its side as if rolling on the floor laughing, with a wide grin and scrunched, X-shaped eyes (the internet acronym ROFL).

On most platforms, sheds two tears and leans to the right. Face With Tears of Joy has more fits of uncontrollable laughter than Face With Tears of Joy.

A smiley with hands and feet was once part of the Microsoft design. In 2016, the inclusion of Rolling on the Floor Laughing in Unicode 9.0 and Emoji 3.0 was accepted.

An image showing a keyboard of several emojis.
There is a variety of emojis that relate to real emotions.

What Is The Origin Of The Smiling Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes?

The joyful face with a heart-eyes symbol, which the Unicode Consortium first authorized in 2010, has since been renamed. It typically acts as an exuberant reaction to an issue.

This could be a real or imagined being, location, item, or even simply a thought. Regardless of the item that justifies its use, this emoji essentially serves as a shortcut for “I love this.”

Its eyes, with their hearts, speak volumes. It might be used as a comment on a particularly artistic selfie posted online.

It might also be about how much someone loves someone else’s or their own haircut, cosmetics, dress, etc.

Since hearts frequently have such significance, they may also be utilized when romantic love is involved and someone wants to show how much they appreciate their lover.

Check out this video to know the actual meanings of different emojis.

The Final Say

To wrap up, I’d like to say that

  • 😍 And 🤩 Emojis are two separate emojis to express the intensity of emotions.
  • 😍 is an emoji indicating eyes filled with hearts, showing love and concern for someone. On the other hand, the start stuck emoji 🤩 is used to show the level of excitement and surprise for something.
  • 😍 is frequently used in responses to intriguing ideas. Perhaps the upcoming concert of a fan’s favorite performer has just been announced.
  • If a friend or crush is completely awestruck by you, they can send you 🤩. This emoji is frequently used to convey a sincere compliment.
  • 🤩 could indicate eagerness. The emoji’s sparkling eyes scream, “I’m so excited!” This emoji may be used when someone is utterly ecstatic.
  • In contrast to that, 😍 essentially serves as a shortcut for “I love this.” Its eyes, with their hearts, speak volumes.

I’ve explained several other emojis along with their meanings. To know more, give this article a thorough reading once again.

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