Unity VS MonoGame (The Difference)

In today’s rapidly growing world with loads of expeditiously progressing technologies, one prominent side includes gamers and game developments. This field involves numerous developmental tools and engines that could be used to develop games at full tilt.

Here, our concern is regarding programming language-based tools used in game development. To narrow it down, Unity and MonoGame are two different platforms that are being extensively used for game development purposes.

The main distinguishing factor between these two is basically that Unity is a game engine and MonoGame is a framework to develop games in C# programming language.

Apart from developmental conventions, the MonoGame framework enables its users to write contemporary, reliable, and quick code; while on the contrary, the Unity engine provides API Object-oriented scripting in C# programming language in the form of plugins for its users to create games in a better and user-friendly environment.

Have You Ever Thought of Codeless Programming Being Used to Create a Whole Game?

Unity and MonoGame are used for game development.

Unity engine is providing that ease among game developers who are not very fond of programming.

  • It has features that enable text-based programming and a user-friendly UI to provide not only support but also an effective developmental environment that is necessary for smooth, flawless work with remarkably great speed.
  • The most exceptional feature that makes it stand out is a drag-and-drop function that comes from API scripting, and via using it you can easily develop a game without actually worrying about the code writing mechanisms.
  • It is one of the easiest gaming engines through which a developer can learn as well as develop a game of their choice.

Unity is also known for its advanced visual effects and high-quality features, which permit its users to use customizable drag-and-drop tools to develop their games in the way they want them to be.

What If Creating Our Very Own Engine is Possible With Just a Few Codes?

It is more than possible; MonoGame has been introduced with flexibility that is primarily intended to allow its developers to create their own game development engines by using such libraries and tools.

  • Flexibility in terms of development and its aspects is complementary to providing C# and .NET programmers with a cross-platform gaming framework based on Microsoft’s XNA framework that’s easy to learn and practice.
  • It’s not only an engine, but it also allows us to explore and create our own libraries and tools as well.

MonoGame is simply a framework of .NET and creates games in the C# programming language with content optimization and other input control support. Some of the most famous examples of its games are Streets of Rage 4 and Stardew Valley.

Watch this video to know more about Monogame.

Differentiating Factors Between Unity and MonoGame

It’s really challenging to compare both Unity and Monogame because both of these are played on separate fields.

ApproachIt is a real-time game developing engine platform.It is an open-source C# programming framework for game development.
Methods of development
It has been built using object-oriented scripting language in game development to automate and enhance the features via its own variables, functions, and classes.
It is a library that contains all the necessary methods and features to develop games as well as to build our very own gaming engine.
Platforms based ProcessingIt has been built using object-oriented scripting language in game development to automate and enhance the features via its own variables, functions, and classes.This framework is serving game developers with multiple platform choices for development which supports windows, IOS, Android, Linux, PlayStation Vita, and many more.
FunctionalityIt is a platform to design 2D and 3D games and apps
It is a  text-based programming
It is also being used to develop simulations originally for computers, mobiles, and consoles.
Unity is a lot easier to use as it provides drag and drops functionalities as well which is great for 3D games development
It is not an editor, it provides programming-based learning for development with flexibility
It is a real programming-based framework
It provides features, custom-built tools, and methods for designing games and engines.
It requires sound programming and works to build 3D games apart from 2D games which are comparatively quite easy to develop here.
NonFunctional requirementsIt provides ease of use as it is a user-friendly platform.It provides flexibility and availability in game development.
Documentation and SupportIt is mainly being used to develop 2D and 3D gamesMonoGame is supported deficient and it does not provide documentation which can be an issue.
Developmental usageIt is mainly being used to develop 2D and 3D gamesWhile MonoGame is preferably used to develop 2D games but it is rapidly being used to create personal engines as well
Quality AspectsUnity engine is easy to use and is highly available which is a choice if you are interested in instant development with less programming involved.MonoGame is highly customizable that’s why it is expandable and portable if you are concerned about the look and feel of your game
A Comparison Table Between Unity and Monogame
Gaming Engine and programming
Gaming Engine and Programming

Interesting Facts to Consider While Choosing Between Unity and MonoGame for Development

If you are facing any uncertainty and ambiguity in choosing between these two platforms as a game developer, then the following are the summarized points to consider in order to design efficient and reliable games with the best user-friendly approach.


Precisely, if you are a developer with core programming interests and want to learn the mechanism to design your own engine along with developing a game with flexibility simultaneously, then MonoGame is the best choice.

Platform Tools

Similarly, if you are not a programmer and just want to develop a 2D or 3D game instantly with easy multi-platform tools usage along with a text-based easy programming strategy, then the Unity engine is one of the best platforms that can ever be designed for millions of game developers.


One important point to bring to your notice is that MonoGame is a free framework powered by the C# programming language.

Similarly, the Unity engine is also free, but if you are interested in exploring more of the tools and services that it has to offer, then it has some affordable packages as well.

User Interface

As far as the user interface is concerned, the Unity engine provides user-friendly interfaces which are often quite helpful for beginners, especially in terms of availability and flawless developmental mechanisms on an interface. On the other hand, MonoGame itself comes up with some libraries to provide effective interfaces.

The similarity between these two is that they are both cross-platform approaches.

The only drawback of Monogame that limits us from using it is that it does not have its own graphical user interface, it has to be imported from libraries further, and it does not support Mac 2019 either. It is difficult to use in terms of programming. For example, if you are a beginner and want to develop your first game project, then it is often recommended to avoid using MonoGame as it requires C# programming constructs.

The main pitfall of the Unity engine is that it is not an open-source platform, and the necessary updates regarding tools and services are not consistent with the system.

Customizable methods and flexibility with the libraries are the factors that make MonoGame highly versatile and stand out, while deployment ease on cross-platforms, along with great documentation and a user-friendly UI, are the leading pinpoints for Unity engine.


  • Our evaluations lead us to the mindset that both have their benefits and limitations and can be used according to the requirements.
  • The gist of our research and the above-mentioned distinguishing factors indicate that although both are developed using the C# programming language, they both have their behaviors and independent functionalities that make them stand out.
  • Overall, Unity is the second game engine in the world and possesses a large showcase with vast choices of methods and possible functionalities, while monogamy offers the flexibility to create your engine.
  • For faster iteration procedures and if you want to get the developed game in execution at full tilt without any delay, then MonoGame is a go-to choice.
  • After having certain enlightening facts about both actively used game developing platforms and their drastic impact on the gaming industry, it can be concluded that every programming language, tool, platform, engine, or framework has its own pros and cons which can be distinguished; whereas in the programming world, there can never be a single approach; it always depends on the nature of the solution that the developer is looking for.
  • Therefore, the Unity engine is best for its pinpoints (user-friendly, updated documentation, and 3D game developments), while MonoGame is useful for its flexibility and open source benefits, and they are both the best choices as of now according to the functional and non-functional requirements.

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