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What Are Some Main Differences Between JRPGs And Western RPGs? (Let’s Find Out)

What Are Some Main Differences Between JRPGs And Western RPGs? (Let’s Find Out)

The modern world has many job opportunities, but the requirements for certain jobs are often so high that many of us cannot fulfill them and might suffer in this competitive society. The employment does not fully rely on the qualification of one but also on his daily etiquette, and even in some places, personal looks are also considered.

The world has gone completely digital in the last few years, and people are working on a remote basis. So many businesses have grown just by being on the Internet, and there are no official offices.

The Internet is one of the most powerful things in today’s society; people can read the news just by sitting at their homes, but all of this comes with a price, which is a big screen time that has gone massive. Some children are addicted to mobile phones at ages when they should be playing outside.

The region in which these games are made is the most obvious distinction between JRPGs and RPGs. A Western game or the genre as a whole are both referred to as “typical RPGs.” So those created in Japan, sometimes known as Japanese role-playing games, are JRPGs.

Let’s get into this article to know more details!

The Gaming Industry

Japanese role playing games
Japanese role-playing games

One of the most emerging businesses of this generation is indoor gaming or electronic gaming. The main idea was that they could replicate the reality or the life wants or desires that cannot be fulfilled in the real game. These games emerged in the mid-60s when the first Nintendo was invented.

Then it evolved, and here we are with one of the most realistic graphics. If you spend too much time playing, it can possibly affect your attention span, impulses, and emotions.

Nowadays, children are mostly attracted by the gaming industry, and not only children but adults are also playing the games. The gaming industry now contains a special place in our society, and they are earning more than a full-time average employee.

Even children who have just some sort of talent participates in online gaming contests, and the winning prizes are huge. If you are not gifted with some special talent, there is no need to worry. People can earn by making walk-throughs of the difficult missions of games and posting them on YouTube, which is a great source of earnings.

Western role playing games
Western role-playing games

Essentials Of A Good Game

There are many things that the developers should keep in their mind, but the main things which make the game a hit are a good storyline, full of thrills and emotions, suspenseful turns, and then a good ending, whether it is a happy one or not.

Then comes the graphics, which play an important role in the gaming industry; if the graphics are not as good as the last game, they developed, then the game is sure going to flop, but a little bit of improvement is appreciated.

Attention to details like the background scenes and the NPSs and what kind of behavior or reactions they are given to different situations, or the detail of the cut scenes leaves a good impact on the users, then comes the memory of the game. If the game consumes more space than it should, and the space does not justify the experience of the game then the gamers might boycott the game.

It must be in mind that the game should never in any way involve real government events that went which can get the game banned. If a real scene is being duplicated, then it should be in mind that any violations or any sort of offense can get the game banned, but it is not the biggest thing to worry about. The game should not insult any sort of religion or provoke any agenda.


The JRPGs (Japanese role-playing games) are some of the most played games in the gaming world as Japan is one of the leading countries when it comes to gaming, and many sorts of new technologies and games have come from Japan.

People love the animated series of Japan named anime, and so do the games that have managed to make their name around the globe. The reason for this success in both the anime series and the games is simple they manage to recreate one of the most desired fake scenarios in games and in animes that many people crave.

What Is A Western RPG?

One of the main competitors that give Japan a hard time is the western gaming community, and they are also very serious about it. The west has also made some of the most famous games of all time, but the games don’t discriminate, and they play whichever game has the best storyline.

Western developers have more focus on the characters playing their roles accordingly, and they times the character at another level this puts western gaming ahead of the Japanese because the Japanese have been more focused on the side scenes and fighting games. At the same time, the west managed to develop some top games.

A  man playing role-playing video game
A role-playing video game

Disparities Between Japanese RPGs And Western RPGs

FeaturesJapanese RPGsWestern RPGs
The Japanese are more serious with their character’s appearance, and they deep pay attention to the appearance of it, and they keep the appearance fixed as they do it to limits, but not all of it is fixed as you are allowed to change the clothes and the hairstyle, or you can modify the skin tone.  
Western RPGs have a vast mentality, and they keep a large room of modifications that the player is allowed to do as per their liking they do not fix the appearance of the character, and what they do is that they give deep thought to the graphics and the gameplay.  
GameplayThe Japanese gameplay is smooth and has no lags whatsoever, but the quality of the NPCs is compromised, and they appear to act the same in all sorts of situations, but the graphics are decent.  The western gaming community has developed the most advanced gameplay, which allows its users to play without any worry of lags, and they can upgrade the specs as per the compatibility, and the game moves only for good.  
StorylineThe Japanese games have one of the most spectacular storylines, and the gamer seems to love them because of the anime, and they get to play next to anime characters, and the most common genre of games is fighting, and they tend to love these sorts of games.  The western people have also developed some games which are still in the lead in top games, and because the storylines that were given to these games became so popular that many games have been turned into movies or the directors take inspiration from the game storyline, and there are numerous movies which were the real version of games.  
Dialogs and accentThe Japanese games have harsh dialogs that some players find offensive, and the accent of the third party is usually normal, while the rest of the characters have an aggressive accent. The games are played on an international scale, but many users often complain about the aggressive and shouting accent. It does not matter in what situation the character finds himself in the sort of same reactions.  
The dialogs are also very harsh and even abusive in western games, but the accent is worldwide, and the choice of dialogs is also very picky, and many are new to many players. The whole experience is something amazing the combination of the scientific approach, the suspense, and the phrases makes the game lead the rest. The accent is accepted worldwide, which attracts more players, and this makes the game stand out from others.
Comparison Table: Japanese and Western RPGs
Let’s watch this video and discover the difference between the two.


  • The bottom line of the argument is that both regions make outstanding games, and the games are played worldwide.
  • The Japanese have this sort of colorful sense in their games as they represent their country, and the whole ambiance shown in games is actually inspired by Japan itself.
  • Western games do not limit the game to one place. The character seems to discover places from whole over the world, and the whole game is based on many places in the world.

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