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What Are The Differences Between The Samsung LED Series 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, And 9? (Discussed)

What Are The Differences Between The Samsung LED Series 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, And 9? (Discussed)

In 1998, Samsung developed its first flat-screen television, a 55-inch projection display. The company’s first claim to this title was partly based on its role in leading the worldwide transition from analog to digital television.

In the early 2000s, Samsung released its LCD TV, further changing the game. Around this time, the firm was successful in popularizing wall-mountable LCD TVs, ushering in the LCD TV golden age.

Samsung also introduced a 46-inch (116-cm) LCD TV, the industry’s largest at the time, and shifted the industry’s attention away from large-screen TVs. Their 46-inch LCD TV, which was priced at more than 13,000 $ at the time, was well received and aided LCD TV’s popularity.

The History Of Samsung LED TV

Samsung announced the start of an LED TV generation at CES 2009. The company’s LED televisions utilize LEDs (light-emitting diodes), semiconducting light sources that emit when current flows through them to achieve high and clear image resolution.

About 50 engineers labored for two years to reinvent all elements of the television, garnering over 3,000 patents in the process. The resultant TVs would then differentiate themselves by establishing a new industry domain.

What does television imply to you? For decades, television was primarily used to view broadcast programming.

Earlier Samsung Smart TV models allowed users to use their social media sites to obtain web information, post photographs, and interact with family and friends. Adding Video streaming and Smart Hub provided even more entertainment alternatives for viewers. Users can now access a wide range of materials with greater ease.

Activate Soccer Mode to fully immerse in soccer matches
Activate Soccer Mode to make your match more enjoyable

Timeline of Samsung TV Inventions

2006The Bordeaux LCD TV
2008The Crystal Rose LCD TV
2009LED TV
2010Full HD 3D LED TV
2010Smart TV
2013110” UHD TV
2014Curved UHD TV
2014Bendable UHD TV
Samsung TV Inventions list

Samsung LED Series 4

Enjoy clear viewing at an affordable price. You don’t have to sacrifice quality for price with the Samsung Series 4 LED TV. It has auto noise removal technology, which blocks out digital noise and gives it a better picture.

Samsung’s Wide Enhancer Plus additionally improves clarity and detail for a more immersive and magnificent viewing experience. Connect Share allows you to access all of your movies, images, and music stored on USB drives.

Samsung’s Clean View provides crystal-clear TV watching. Whenever Clean View’s automatic noise-removal innovation is used, it eliminates digital noise from the screen, improving picture quality. Sit back, relax, and enjoy crystal-clear television.

Simply put your USB memory device or HDD into the TV to view movies, images, or music immediately with Connect Share Movie. You may now watch a wide range of entertainment on your TV in the peaceful atmosphere of your home.

Samsung’s Wide Color Enhancer Plus dramatically helps to improve the quality of any image and reveals hidden details thanks to a sophisticated picture quality improvement algorithm. With Wide Color Enhancer Plus, you may now see colors the way they were created to be seen.

Features of Samsung LED Series 4

The Hyper Real engine is the picture engine used in Samsung LED series 4. It has a clear motion rate of about 100. The Dynamic Contrast Ratio used in this series is Mega Contrast. Wide Color Enhancer Plus and Film Mode are available in the Samsung LED series 4.

The system is MHEG 5, where Cl + (1.3) is also available. The system has an Analog Tuner and a Free-view Tuner available. It has AC 220-240V and a 50/60 Hz power supply. The Peak Luminance Ratio is 66%. The power consumption on standby is 0.3W, while the power consumption during on mode is 30W. It contains Mercury or Lead.

The OSD language used in this series is 26 European languages. The EPG (Electronic Program Guide) is also available. Samsung LED series 4 includes Teletext (TTXT), auto channel search, auto volume leveler, auto power-off, clock ON/OFF timer, and caption (subtitle).

Also includes a sleep timer, picture-in-picture mode, game mode, basic sports mode, Embedded POP, and a Digital clean view available. The dimension of LED without a stand is (W x H x D): 737.9 x 435.8 (440.5) x 49.5mm. The dimension of LED withstand is (W x H x D): 737.9 x 487 x 252.6mm, and the package is (W x H x D): 985 x 514 x 143mm.

It has 1 USB and 2 HDMI port options. The input and output of the Samsung LED series include Component In (Y / Pb / Pr) x 1 ea and Composite In (AV) x 1 (Common Use for Component Y) ea. Also, Digital Audio Out (Optical) x 1 ea, RF In (Terrestrial / Cable Input) x 1 ea, Headphone x 1 ea, scat x 1 ea and CI Slot x 1 ea. The display is about Size Inch (cm): 32 (80) and 1366 x 768 Resolution.

If we talk about the Samsung LED series 4 design, it is a high glossy, slim, narrow bezel type, black Front color, and round stand type.

Accessories Included:

The accessories included with Samsung LED series 4 are

  1. Power cable
  2. User manual
  3. E-manual
  4. Batteries for remote control
  5. Mini wall mount supported
  6. Vesa wall mount supported
Features like Voice or Motion Commands And Face Recognition make it easier to control your Tv.
Features like Voice or Motion Controls and Face Recognition make it easier to interact with your TV

Samsung LED Series 5

View HDR content with improved clarity and color expression. The Samsung LED series 5 provides more realistic details. It has an Ultra Clean View. Ultra Clean View analyses quality content with an innovative algorithm to produce higher-quality photos with less distortion.

Take pleasure in the crisp image. Watch your favorite shows in natural colors with details like the real thing. Make your viewing experience more colorful. It also has a Micro Dimming Pro option, discovering color and shadow detail. Micro Dimming Pro divides the display into zones and examines these for deepest blacks and purest whites.

Get to your enjoyment more quickly, easily, and wisely. One Depth brings together a range of stuff on one screen for you. Before plunging in, have simple access to various content sources and look for the thumbnail previews.

Make the most of the Samsung LED Cloud. Link your Samsung devices wirelessly to sync photos. You may now share your Smartphone photos and watch them on TV.

Features of Samsung LED Series 5

The features of the Samsung LED series 5 include a Quad-core processor, Ultra Clean View, Digital Clean View, Auto Channel Search, Auto Power Off, Caption (Subtitle), Connect Share™️ (HDD), Connect Share™️ (USB 2.0), EPG (Electronic Program Guide).

Also include Game Mode, OSD Language (Local), USB HID Support, Tele text (TTX), IPv6 Support, Eco Feature, Eco Sensor, Power SupplyAC100-240V 50/60Hz, Power Consumption (Max 100W).

The dimensions of the Samsung LED series 5 without a stand is (WxHxD): 917.1 x 527.7 x 77.0‎mm. The dimension of LED withstand is (WxHxD):‎917.1 x 552.4 x 170.3‎mm. The package size is (WxHxD): ‎1092.0 x 592.0 x 128.0‎mm.

The basic stand size is (WxD): ‎824.7 x 170.3‎. The packaged weight is 9.30 kg. LED weight with a stand is 7.20 kg. LED weight without a stand is 7.0 kg.

The resolution of the Samsung LED Series 5 is 1,920 x 1,080. If we talk about the design, it is slim edge mold, bezel type, VNB, slim type, semi-slim, font color, black hairline, stand type, and mini-arc.

Accessories included:

  1. Remote Controller ModelTM1240A
  2. Batteries (for Remote Control)
  3. Mini Wall Mount Support
  4. Vesa Wall Mount Support
  5. User Manual
  6. E-Manual
  7. Power Cable

Samsung LED Series 6

In Samsung LED series 6, Samsung’s revamped Smart Hub with fantastic new services, you can explore the effect on social and personal home entertainment.

Family Story lets you share treasured images, notes, and occasions with loved ones. Meanwhile, the Kids function will keep your kids entertained and educated. It is the ideal family home entertainment experience, with access to content, Samsung Applications, web browsing, and Skype.

Enjoy a higher level of realism in home entertainment. Your Samsung LED series 6 provides a magnificent visual experience that brings you beyond the display into a universe of total immersion, it is because of a resolution that doubles that of regular HD TVs.

Your favorite Movies and TV shows will not be the same after you’ve experienced Full HD TV’s rich and colorful visuals. With an HD experience, discover the reality.

Enhanced Connectivity with Samsung LED Series 6

Keep in touch with family and friends from the solace of home with the free Skype application for Smart LED from the Samsung Application Store. Using the Skype camera kit, you may create high-panoramic video calls to family and friends anywhere at minimal or no cost.

Streamlined Connectivity

You can use your TV’s remote control to establish a new Skype account, access existing ones, and navigate. The face-to-face conversation will bring you closer together. Streamline your LED’s connectivity capabilities without introducing more external features and keep its appealing look with Wireless LAN Built-in.

Effortless Wireless Experience

The handy “One Foot Connection” feature recognizes connected devices within a foot of the LED and Wi-Fi route. The Samsung LED will turn your lounge room into a digital entertainment unit with High Def Multimedia Interface (HDMI) ports.

High-Definition Entertainment Hub

HDMI allows numerous devices to send high-definition digital data to your television rapidly. Thanks to a sophisticated picture quality improvement algorithm, Samsung’s Wide Color Enhancer Plus dramatically enhances the image and reveals hidden details.

Vibrant Visuals

Using Wide Color Enhancer Plus, you may now see how colors are to be viewed. With wireless sharing, you can make the most of your devices. Also, you can stream movies, images, and music from any nearby compatible device, including PCs, using All Share Play.

Mobility and Independence

Cloud Technology and Samsung online storage provide you with even more mobility and independence, letting you view and share entertainment even when you’re not at home. You may now watch all your favorite shows on your LED series 6.

Difference between LED TV Series 6 and LED TV Series 7

Features of Samsung LED Series 6

The Samsung LED Series 6 offers a wealth of features. Each TV in this series provides different features depending on your preferences and requirements.

The visual quality is incredible, and the design is faultless. Your viewing experience will transform if you have internet access and apps. With the Series 6, you’ll always make a perfect choice, from the newest sound performance to Smart features.

It includes 1920 x 1080 Resolution, 400Hz Clear Motion Rate, Digital Noise Filter, Wide Color Enhancer (Plus), Smart Convenience Recording, Time Shift Ready, Connect Share™️ Movie, and Smart Phone Remote supported.

Also, HDMI x 3, USB x 3, Headphone x 1, Wireless LAN Built-in, Component In (Y/Pb/Pr) x 1, Composite In (AV) x 1 (Common Use for Composite Y, Digital Audio Out (Optical) x 1, RF In (Terrestrial / Cable input) x 2, DVI Audio In (Mini Jack) x 1, Ethernet (LAN) x 1.

The dimension of LED without a stand is (W x H x D): 926.8 x 553.4 x 46.9 mm. The dimension of LED with-stand is (WxHxD): 926.8 x 619.1 x 241.3 mm. Audio is 10W x 2 Sound Output (RMS).

It also includes Dolby Digital Plus / Dolby Pulse, SRS Theater Sound HD, Web Browser, 3D Converter, Power Consumption: Eco Sensor, Auto Power Off, Clock & On/Off Timer, and Sleep Timer.

Accessories included:

  1. 3D Active Glasses x 2
  2. Remote ControllerTM1250
  3. Mini Wall Mount Supported (Optional)
  4. Vesa Wall Mount Supported (Optional)

Samsung LED Series 7

A simple and sophisticated design that captures your attention. From every viewpoint, created with just an effortless minimalist elegance that establishes new standards. The most realistic and cinematic experience.

A single-chip orchestrates color, improves high-resolution ratio, and masters HDR, resulting in 4K picture quality that will move you. With 4x more pixels than standard FHD, 4K UHD LED gives viewers the clear, sharp images they deserve.

Imagine yourself in the situation. A high dynamic range enhances your TV’s vibrant expression. So, you can see a wide range of coolers and visual elements, even in dark scenes.

Game Enhancer helps you go to the games faster by optimizing your display. So, you have greater control with little input lag. It is without motion blur or judder, the smoothest gaming experience possible.

Samsung UHD has a clever method for keeping all of your TV wires organized by tucking them away in the stand. It helps you clear off your mess so you can appreciate your LED’s lovely design.

Simplified Content Sharing

It’s as easy as tapping to mirror music or movies from your Smartphone to your LED. When you click LED with your mobile, it detects and automatically mirrors it. As a result, switching to LED and continuing to watch your favorite material is simple and quick. Connect the dots in your life. Airplay 2 works flawlessly with Samsung TV.

Life is easy thanks to the new Samsung TV’s integration with Alexa. Connecting your Alexa-enabled gadgets is simple. Thanks to Samsung TV’s compatibility, Alexa can switch on your Flat screen, change channels, and manage volume.

You may connect or share the content from Apple products to the big screen with Airplay 2. Play films, music, photographs, and other content from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac PC on your Samsung LED easily.

Features of Samsung LED Series 7

The features include Crystal Processor 4K picture engine, Motion RateMR100, PQI (Picture Quality Index)2000, HDR (High Dynamic Range), HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma), Mega Contrast, Brightness/Color Detection, and Micro Dimming/UHD Dimming.

Further, it has a Contrast Enhancer, Auto Motion Plus, Film Mode, Natural Mode Support, Dolby Digital Plus sound, Adaptive Sound, Dialog Enhancement, Speaker Type2CH, Multiroom Link, Bluetooth Audio, Operating SystemTizen™️, Web Browser, Smart Things App Support, and Gallery.

Other features include Mobile to TV – Mirroring, DLNA, Tap View, Remote Access, Wi-Fi Direct, TV Sound to Mobile, Sound Mirroring, Analog Clean View, Triple Protection, Digital BroadcastingDVB-T2CS2, Analog Tuner, TV Key, HDMI x2, USB x1, Ethernet (LAN), Digital Audio Out (Optical), eARC, HDMI Quick Switch, Wireless LAN Built-in.

It has a New Bezel-less design, Slim look, Front ColorTITAN GRAY, Stand Type QUAD POD, Caption (Subtitle), ConnectShare™️ (USB 2.0), EPG, Game Mode, Tele text (TTX), IPv6 Support, MBR Support, Power SupplyAC100-240V 50/60Hz, Eco Sensor.

Energy Efficiency Class A+, Peak Luminance Ratio90‎. The dimension of LED without a stand is (WxHxD): 1230.5 x 707.2 x 59.9‎. The dimension of the LED with-stand is (WxHxD): 1230.5 x 778.3 x 249.7‎. 

Accessories Included:

  1. Remote Controller Model TM1240A
  2. Batteries (for Remote Control)
  3. Optional Stand Support (Y20 Studio)
  4. Mini Wall Mount Support
  5. Vesa Wall Mount Support
  6. User Manual
  7. E-Manual
  8. Power Cable

Samsung LED Series 8

Series 8 is the most advanced version of Series 7 in a series of Samsung full HD LED TVs. The display of the Series 8 is significantly brighter and has less motion blur than the Series 7 model. It’s convenient to have a smart television with built-in functions, allowing you to stream your favorite shows and listen to music.

For those who are gamers, this Samsung Series 8 LED not only has all of the characteristics of your previous Samsung TVs, but it also has gaming functions, including a lower-leg gameplay speed. Google Assistant and Alexa are also available on Samsung Series 8 TV.

The term “4K TV” refers to a television with a 4K resolution. A 4k television contains around 8.3 million pixels. The picture on your screen comprises pixels; the larger the pixel number, the higher the TV’s resolution.

The LED has a horizontal resolution of 3,840 pixels and a vertical resolution of 2,160 pixels. For 4k TVs, the resolution usually displays “3840 x 2160.”

It is four times the number of pixels found on typical HDTVs. The globe increasingly embraces 4k capabilities, with more services like Netflix and DVDs displaying 4k.

Features of Samsung LED Series 8

The features include a Display Type: LED, High Dynamic Range (HDR), High Dynamic Range Format: Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG), HDR 10+, Backlight Type: Edge-Lit, Screen Mirroring, Refresh Rate: 120 Hz, Motion Enhancement Technology: Motion Rate 240.

The number of HDMI Inputs: 4, Works with Smart Things, Bixby, Voice Assistant Built-in: Bixby, Crystal Display, Remote Access, Crystal Processor 4K, Magic Screen, 4K UHD Resolution, HDR and Game enhancer.

Experience life-like colors on the world's biggest TV
Experience life-like colors on the world’s biggest TV

Samsung LED Series 9

Engage your senses with Samsung’s Curved TV, a gentle curve that puts you right in the midst of the action, with a broader visual field. Stunning 360-degree design for total immersion.

The SUHD TV’s screen seems to be floating before you, engaging you deep into the program, thanks to its terrific design and metallic shape. The sleek back and minimalist stand epitomize pure elegance and craftsmanship.

Every detail is captured in breathtaking 4K UHD resolution. You can see more detail with 4x the resolution of a high-definition TV. Whatever you watch will look better because of the true-to-life color and brightness. Remaster any non-SUHD content you have.

Samsung’s SUHD remastering technology examines and re-masters non-SUHD video so that it displays as near to the content creator’s intent as possible. Clear vision with minimal reflection. Ultra-Black technology is inspired by nature and employs Samsung’s proprietary Nano-scaled custom patterns to minimize light reflection.

In a bright lounge room, you can enjoy your TV. Realistic Color Experience with Samsung’s Eco-Friendly Quantum Dot technology lets you see a wide range of rich, lifelike colors. SHUD TV has 64 times the color expressiveness of traditional Samsung TVs.

With a new depth of brightness with HDR 1,000, you can see the sun in all its brilliance and uncover the small details in the deepest shadows. Every scene will now come to life directly in your living area.

Features of Samsung LED Series 9

The features of the Samsung LED series 9 include a  stunning 360-degree design for total immersion, UHD Dimming technology, Faster speeds, stronger performance, a Quad-Core Processor, Multi-Link Screen, Motion Rate 240, 3840 x 2160 (4K UHD) resolution.

Some other features are an anti-reflection screen, High Dynamic Range, Local Dimming, and HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma). Also, Wide Viewing Angle, Auto Game Mode, Variable Refresh Rate, stand type T-Centre, Ambient Mode, 4 sides bezel-less, Q Engine, and Quantum Dot display technology.

The Screen Size (rounded) is 65”. The dimensions of LED without a stand are (W x H x D) mm 1450.1 x 830.4 x 38.9. Whereas the withstand is (W x H x D) mm 1450.1 x 899.9 x 353.4.

Accessories included:

  1. One Remote Control
  2. Batteries for One Remote Control
  3. Power Cable
  4. Cleaning Cloth
  5. User Manual
  6. E-Manual


  • Samsung has a history of innovation in TV technology, starting with its flat-screen TV in 1998. In 2009, they introduced LED TVs. 
  • The Samsung LED Series 4 provides affordable, clear viewing. It includes features like auto noise removal and Connect Share. 
  • Samsung LED Series 5 offers HDR content with enhanced clarity and color expression. It also includes features like Ultra Clean View and Micro Dimming Pro. 
  • Samsung LED Series 6 brings a revamped Smart Hub and Family Story. Additionally, it integrates with Skype for convenient communication. It enhances the home entertainment experience.
  • Samsung LED Series 7 offers a sleek, sophisticated design and 4K UHD resolution. It also provides gaming enhancements for an immersive viewing experience.
  • Samsung LED Series 8 offers brighter displays, enhancing the viewing experience. It also includes gaming functions catering to gamers’ needs. 
  • Samsung LED Series 9 features a curved design. It also offers 4K UHD resolution, delivering lifelike visuals. It also incorporates Quantum Dot technology. It enhances picture quality with HDR 1,000. 
  • Samsung’s continuous innovation and market dominance make it a leader in the TV industry. Smart TVs are transforming the medium and opening up new possibilities.

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