What Is The Cognitive Difference Between An ENTP And An ENTJ? (Deep Dive In Personality)

There might be one letter off between ENTP and ENTJ, though they have opposite personalities. 

The ENTP personality type is found in 2–5% of the population, while the ENTJ personality type is rare, occurring in only 1.8% of the United States population

If you’re wondering, “What’s the cognitive difference between an ENTP and an ENTJ?” you’ve come to the right place.

First of all, both ENTPs and ENTJs might lack emotional intelligence. This means they can be blunt and domineering, and they don’t care about other people’s feelings. This means that they’ll have to work to develop empathy.

Though you also get to see several similarities between the two personality types, you can find out whether you’re an ENTJ or ENTP personality type by reading the following article.

Additionally, there will also be answers to your other related questions. So, let’s dive into it!


Personality is defined as enduring patterns of behavior that stay somewhat consistent during a person’s lifetime.

What are the signs of ENTJ?
A strong determined personality can make a person stand out

Types Of Personality

Over time, many people have tried to define different aspects of personality. One such effort is being done by a mother-daughter duo, Briggs and Myers. They developed 16 types of personalities based on four dimensions.

The closer you are to one side of a dimension, the more traits will be dominant in your personality on that side of the dimension. These are:

  • Extraversion/Introversion (E/I)
  • Sensing/Intuition (S/N)
  • Thinking/Feeling (T/F)
  • Judging/Perceiving (J/P)

A combination of these four factors creates a specific personality. Among the 16 personality types, two are ENTP and ENTJ, which we are going to discuss today.

Signs You Are An ENTP

An ENTP personality is formed by a combination of extraversion, intuition, thinking, and perceiving.

  • Being an ENTP, you have a curious, innovative, and outgoing personality. You’re a quick thinker and often give high priority to ideas and concepts. 
  • Additionally, you can be a little pushy, energetic, and spontaneous. Those with this personality are known for their charisma, quick thinking, and charm.
  • Having this personality leads you to be spontaneous and adventurous, but also highly adaptable. You’re often the least likely personality type to have health problems such as hypertension and heart disease.
  • You excel at many different career options. However, because of your extroverted nature, you should avoid occupations that will stress you out.

Signs You Are An ENTJ

An ENTJ personality type is formed by a combination of extraversion, intuition, thinking, and judgment.

  • It belongs to the group of “rationales,” or “thinkers.” David Keirsey has referred to ENTJs as “Field Marshals.”
  • Your personality may be impersonal, but your sense of meaning is strong. As such, this personality type is often regarded as hard-working, successful, and driven.
  • Your focus will be on value structure and solving challenging problems, so you’re often attracted to work environments where logical thinking and competence are valued. You also adore intelligent coworkers. 
  • You, being an ENTJ, want to take charge of your relationship. You’re spontaneous and easygoing, but you can also be very intense in the bedroom. While being necessarily aggressive or dominating, you’re very generous with your intimate life. 

Can ENTP And ENTJ Be In A Romantic Relationship?

You may not think of ENTJs as romantic types, but they take commitment very seriously. They don’t tolerate two-faced behavior, manipulation, or dishonesty. They also take responsibility very seriously and don’t give up easily. 

Although ENTPs and ENTJs are opposites, you can still make great partners. You can enjoy fun activities together, bond over similar interests, and enjoy socializing. You both will have your strengths and weaknesses, and each can benefit from the other. 

Generally, neither you nor your ENTP or ENTJ partner will make promises until you are sure you can keep them. If things work out, ENTPs can commit to a relationship very quickly.

ENTP and ENTJ Compatibility in a Relationship

Do ENTJs Get Along With ENTPs?

The ENTJs prefer to surround themselves with like-minded people, and they can come off as cold and insensitive in some situations. However, the ENTJs are remarkably good at connecting with others despite their cold exterior.

They are incredibly logical and analytical when it comes to decisions, and they can be very compassionate and understanding with others.

ENTPs and ENTJs often get along well with one another, and their similarities make them great companions. These two personality types are naturally attracted to one another and enjoy spending time together.

Their sense of humor is similar, and they often get along well. They are also very good travel companions.

Are ENTJs Introverts?

ENTJs are generally considered extroverted types, although they are also comfortable labeling themselves as introverts. You can consider them introverted extroverts, as you’ll find them very talkative around those they’re comfortable with. 

This type enjoys interacting with new ideas through conversation, brainstorming, categorization, and debate. However, if they feel too emotional or overwhelmed by a situation, they will likely retreat into their shell. As a result, an ENTJ may appear to be an introvert when it’s a solitary person. 

ENTJs tend to prefer jobs with a balance of variety and structure. They are good at managing a team and planning for the future.

Though they love to spend time with others, you’ll find them extremely selective when it comes to long-term relationships. Thus, you should beware of their habit of struggling to connect with those who are more emotional and sensitive

Are ENTJs Introverts? (Everything you need to know about)
Introversion vs. Extraversion

Differences Between ENTJs and ENTPs

Decision Making ENTJs tend to be more analytical, and they are less prone to letting other people’s emotions drive their decisions.ENTPs are a little impulsive when it comes to taking any big step. They look at all angles while making any decision.
BehaviorENTJs are prone to physical violence.They’re less likely to be violent.
FocusTheir focus is on a particular goal.ENTPs often do whatever interests them.
SeriousnessThey like to be serious.They’ve very playful personalities.

Similarities Between ENTJs and ENTPs

One of the common characteristics of ENTJs is their strong need to organize their world. They are very quick at coming up with innovative ideas, and they are known for being effective leaders.

Their organizational skills are also highly developed and they have a strong goal orientation. Because of this, ENTJs can improve the way a system operates by developing a plan that maximizes efficiency.

Both ENTJs and ENTPs value logical thinking, and both types are prone to playing devil’s advocate. They enjoy debating and tearing apart other people’s arguments.

The main difference between ENTJs and ENTPs is the degree of their goal-oriented thinking. Despite their differences, they have many similar qualities and can work well together on projects.


  • ENTP and ENTJ personalities think differently. However, they also share similarities.
  • Both types could improve their understanding of others’ feelings.
  • ENTPs are curious, quick thinkers, and spontaneous.
  • ENTJs are determined, logical, and goal-oriented.
  • ENTPs and ENTJs can still have good relationships despite their differences.
  • ENTJs are usually outgoing but can be introverted sometimes.
  • ENTJs and ENTPs differ in how they make decisions, behave, and focus. And how serious they are.
  • Both types value logic, debates, and organization.

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