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What Is The Difference Between 5W-30 And 10W-30 Engine Oil? (Auto Repair Works)

What Is The Difference Between 5W-30 And 10W-30 Engine Oil? (Auto Repair Works)

When the motor industry is invented, a new era of humankind began leaving behind all the efforts of finding cattle to drag the carriage, or in some places, prisoners were used in place of animals. The invention of the car was an act of humanity that is still a very important part of our lives.

In modern society, the car has become a sign of class distribution. If a person is driving a good-looking car he is praised in our society just because he drives a rare or good-looking car, the car has become a sense of arrogance, and people who don’t drive super fast cars face some serious kind of discrimination.

Oftentimes, if a man is getting out of a reasonably priced car, he isn’t given the same importance or service given to a person who drives an expensive car. Yet the highest death ratio in car accidents is often caused by maniacs who do not care about the speed limit and drive fastly, which costs them their as well as others’ lives.

Engine oil with the designation 10W-30 has a viscosity rating of 10W when the engine is cold and 30W when the engine is hot. This is distinct from oil with a 5W-30 designation, which has a thinner viscosity when the engine is cold.

If you want to have more deep and detailed thoughts and analysis on the difference between the 5w and 10w oil, then get into more details in this article!

Importance Of Engine Oil

It requires some parts to make a car run. The heart of the car, the engine, is the most important part of the car then comes the gearbox, drive shaft, differential, suspensions, and many other mechanical parts that work together to make the car run.

If any of these parts is not working well, then it will cause the compromise of drive quality. The lifeblood of the engine is its oil; the whole performance of the car’s engine lives up to the quality and quantity of the oil.

A can of 5W 30 engine oil
5W-30 engine oil

If the oil is not enough or has been dropped to a certain level and the car is driven continuously, then it is more likely that your car will throw a rod. If the engine oil gets too hot, it is more likely that your car will get overheated and stops for a matter of time.

If the oil gets too thick to be transferred between the rods, then the car will produce smoke which is very harmful to the environment. The owner has to stay vigilant about the engine oil.

There are more oils in the car beside the engine oil, like differential fluid, power steering fluid, brake oil, and gear oil.

These oils also demand attention but not very often as the engine oil requires. There are many different types of oil available in the market, but you should always use the oil recommended by your car manufacturer.

If you don’t know, then check the owner’s manual, and if you don’t have it, pop your hood open and check the underlying of the hood; the sticker contains the grade your car can perform best on. The most common oils are 5W-30 and 10W-30 oil.

5W-30 Engine Oil

The 5W-30 oil is the most popular and common motor oil that is recommended by car manufacturers because it can operate in any country where the average temperature reaches up to 40 and gets as low as 15.

This oil holds the compatibility to operate in any sort of vehicle varying from portions of oil. Whether that vehicle is a car, SUV, hypercar, or supercar, this oil is very popular with various car manufacturers.

The name tells us the compatibility of oil in the name, the W stands for winter, and the 5 tells us that it has five viscosity for winter drives, meaning it is enough for the engine to run properly.

While the 30 guides us that oil is capable of 30 degrees and is thin enough to operate on hot summer days.

10W 30 motor oil in a rack
10W-30 motor oil

10W-30 Motor Oil

The 10W-30 oil has the capability of 10 viscosity which means it is thicker in winter, and when the car is being started cold, it performs better, while it can simply go to 30 on a hot day, which makes it the direct competitor of 5w-30. The 10W-30 is one of the most popular oils.

The 10W-30 oil possesses a special importance well in winter when the car is cold, and the engine requires much thicker oil than it requires in summer.

While this oil also is capable of handling the car when the temperature is very hot, the oil needs to be thinner not to create smug.

Distinguishing Features Between 5W-30 Motor Oil And 10W-30 Motor Oil

Features5W-30 Motor Oil10W-30 Motor Oil
SyntheticThe advanced 5W-30 motor oil is super synthetic, which provides a waterproof coating to your rods and bearings while it is so smooth that it keeps your engine running just like the new one.  The fully synthetic motor oil graded 10W-30 is very synthetic indeed and is slightly thick, while it is recommended for heavy machinery for heavy uses. Because of its thickness, it is very usable in winter and as well as in summer.  
RecommendationThe 5W is recommended for almost every sort of automobile as it is the most popular motor oil in the industry because it can handle different sorts of conditions, not too extreme. Still, it is most popular in moderate regions where the temperature does not reach extremes while it operates very nicely and keeps the engine smooth and keeps it running like the brand-new one.The 10W graded oil is as popular as its competitors, but it is slightly thicker than the 5W graded oil, which makes it suitable for not over the top temperatures. Still, it can handle very near extreme temperatures, like if the temperature reaches for a normal oil to cause the engine to knock, whereas the 10W oil keeps the car smooth, idle, and silent or knocking-free.  
BrandsNumerous brands make the 5W-graded oil fully synthetic. Still, the owner must give priority to the company its car manufacturer has recommended, but if somehow you don’t know the recommended brand, it does not, matter as long as you know the grade for your car. There are very leading brands like Havoline and Shell. These are the companies whose products are most popular in the car industry and motorists trust them blindly.  There are also numerous companies that make the 10W-30 oil which is considerably thick. Still, the companies claim that this has the technology for performing the best in both conditions and accordingly. This makes the motorist or the heavy machinery drivers trust the 10W  because it is thick enough for commercial-rated machinery to operate. The same brand makes the 10W graded oil, and because of the brand’s goodwill, it has the best customers and products, and the customers have never complained about its thickness.  
SwitchingIf you have been using the 10w graded oil in your car and want to switch from it to 5w grade, many people are confused that it might damage their engine, or the car will start smoking badly, but fortunately, as the difference is not a major one the switching is very simple and smooth if you use the best procedure as leaving your car idle for first 15 minutes as the engine is learning the new oil.  If the owner has been using the 5W graded oil and wants to upgrade, then it is entirely okay and is not harmful to your car engine in any way as you are just upgrading your motor oil which is a very good thing, but you should always pay attention to the compatibility 0of your engine if it is capable of upgrading while the 10 W is not very different from the 5W and many cars digest the change very easily.  
Comparison Table: 5W-30 Motor Oil And 10W-30 Motor Oil
Let’s watch this video and find out the differences between the two types of engine oil.


  • The gist of our research tells us that both oils have their customers and both are very popular with their target audience. The difference between the two is the thickness and the temperature they are capable of operating.
  • The 5W oil is potentially best for everyday home cars and small machinery. At the same time, the 10 W is capable of handling large and heavy machinery because of the capability thickness it has.
  • The price difference is not big, and they both are very reasonable and very popular in the industry.

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