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What is the Difference Between a Heart-Shaped Bum and a Round Shaped Bum? (Facts Explained)

What is the Difference Between a Heart-Shaped Bum and a Round Shaped Bum? (Facts Explained)

Everybody has a different body type and different bone structure. Not all bodies are the same and not all bum shapes are equal. There’s a variety of bum shapes all around the world, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that there is such a thing as different butt shapes.

Knowing about different bum shapes is important so that you can know what butt shape you have, and what can you do to have your desired bum shape.

Four main types of bum shapes are common around the world. Two of them are a heart-shaped bum and a round shape bum. Both of these butt shapes are different from each other due to the body’s structure and fat distribution.

A heart shape butt looks like an upside-down A. It’s considered to be the most attractive and desirable butt shape around the world and many women work hard to achieve this bum shape.

If you want to know more details about different bum shapes and want to know what is the difference between a heart-shaped bum and a round-shaped bum, then continue reading.

What Is a Heart-Shaped Bum?

A heart-shaped bum is also known as a pear-shaped bum. This butt shape is generally considered to be the most feminine and attractive bum shape by both women and men.

Women with this bum shape have a higher fat percentage around their lower portion of the bum and thighs and less fat around the waist. High fat distribution around their lower body results in glutes appearing wider at the base of your bum and tapering up into a comparatively narrower waist. A heart-shaped bum looks like an A or heart shape just upside down.

Even though every body type and shape is beautiful in its own way, still many women with heart shapes bum still want to make improvements. And even if you have an ideal body shape and glutes, you still need to keep it functional, and strong, and stay active so you don’t lose what you have.

Heart-shape Bum
A heart-shaped bum is considered to be the most attractive shape of bum

What Is a Round-Shaped Bum?

A round-shaped bum is also known as a bubble bum or a cherry bum or an O-shaped bum. A round-shaped bum has most of its fat in the center, and it sits high. This bum shape is very perky and full, it’s the second most desirable and attractive butt shape in the world after the heart-shaped bum.

There are a lot of celebrities who are popular for their round-shaped bum. Since it’s the second most attractive butt shape, people really work hard to achieve this type of bum shape and workout out a lot to make their bum looks like a round-shaped butt. Few celebrities with this type of bum shape are:

  • Sofia Vergara
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Beyonce
  • Jennifer Lopez

Even though this bum shape is very famous and people wish to have this type of bum, there are a few downsides to a round-shaped bum. Finding the right size of jeans, pants, and underwear that fit at full coverage can be a little challenging.

Moreover, unless you’re physically fit and have no extra fat around your lower body, having a round-shaped butt can make you look bottom-heavy. The key to maintaining this butt shape is to have a good and clean diet and work out regularly. By doing so you’ll be able to maintain your bum shape and also its perkiness and projection.

Round-shaped Bum
A woman with a round-shaped bum needs to exercise regularly to maintain the shape of the butt.

How to Tell the Difference Between a Heart-Shaped Bum and a Round-Shaped Bum?

A heart-shaped bum and a round-shaped bum are two of the most popular bum shapes around the world. These two shapes of the butt are considered to be the most attractive and desirable shapes. Women all around the world wish to have this bum shape and do different types of exercise to achieve that.

Although both of these bum shapes are most attractive and popular, they look different due to different body shapes and bone structures.

A heart-shaped bum is also known as an A-shaped bum and pear-shaped bum. This is the first most attractive bum shape and is considered to be the most feminine butt shape in the world. It’s the closest to bum shape to the ideal ratio of bum and people do weight training and glutes exercise to get this shape of bum.

A person with a heart-shaped bum has a thin waist and most of the fat storage is around the waist and thighs. Fat storage around the butt and thighs is due to the hormone Estrogen. Estrogen level in women’s body decreases its age, this cause fat around the waist and abdomen.

On the other hand, a person with a round-shaped bum has most of his fat stored in the center of the butt. This butt-shaped is considered to be the second most desirable butt shape.

People with this bum shape need to work out regularly and have a clean diet to maintain their body structure and bum shape. This bum shape is perky and this body type demands regular exercise, otherwise, it can lose its perkiness and shape.

Different Types of Bum Shapes

Apart from heart-shaped bum and round-shaped bum, there are other types of butt shapes that exist. Some other bum shapes are:

Square Shapes Bum

A person with square shape bum has prominent hip bones that are the result of square-shaped butts. This fat is stored around the sides, this causes love handles and gives them a square shape.

Inverted V-shaped Bum

This bum shape is most common in older women. Since estrogen level decreases with age, this causes fat storage around the abdominal and midsection which result in an inverted shape of butts. Another reason behind this bum shape is sagging, when the fat is accumulated at the bottom of the butt.

What Causes the Different Types of Butt Shapes?

Your bone structure determines the basic framework for your body shape, and the overall shape of your body is determined by your fat and muscle percentage and the fat and muscle distribution in your body.

If you talk about the bum, then the primary factor that determines your bum shape is your pelvis, followed by your fat distribution which is largely genetically determined.

Generally, people who don’t do specific glute training and weight training have underdeveloped glutes since they don’t have enough muscles to contribute to their bum shape and add muscles to their butt area.

Males and females have quite different butt shapes since they have different bone structure and their fat and muscle percentage also vary.

How To Determine Your Booty Type?


There are different types of butt shapes around the world. Everybody is unique and have a different body structure which causes different bum shapes and size. Knowing what bum shape you own is important since it helps you in finding the correct clothing for your body type and if you don’t have your ideal bum shape, then you can work on achieving it.

The two most desirable and attractive bum shapes are a heart-shaped bum and a round-shaped bum. These two bum shapes are different from each other due to their fat distribution. A person with a heart-shaped bum has less fat around his waist and a person with a round-shaped bum has most of the fat at the center of his butt.

Apart from that, there are two other bum shapes also. Everyone has a different bum shape because of their fat and muscle percentage. No matter what type of bum shape you have, you shouldn’t compare yourself with anyone and should feel comfortable in your own body. Everyone’s body is beautiful in its own way and you shouldn’t follow the beauty standards set by society.

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