Maul or Warhammer? Exploring the Contrast

Straight answer: a maul is a different name given to a variety of hammers.

Doesn’t it get frustrating when you decide to repair but can remember the name of the tool you’re supposed to use?
We’ve all been there, and I know I can relate. Recently I wanted to put up a frame, and as I picked up the hammer, I got confused was I using a maul or a war hammer?

When you dig deep into the details of different types of weapons, how they are used over the years, and how they have evolved it really builds up your curiosity.

Let’s jump into the details and learn the difference between a Maul and a Warhammer.

Is Maul A Weapon?

A maul was used as an improvised weapon by some armies during World War II, such as the Red Army that invaded Finland in 1941.

There are all kinds of a hammer, but the ones with a heavy head and long handheld wooden sticks are called mauls. 

A maul is a type of medieval weapon that is similar to a hammer. The head can be either made from metal or stone. It is shaped like a hammer and has spikes on the side to penetrate armor.

Typically the head can be of iron, lead, or wood. Having an average length between 28 to 36 inches mauls are best for splitting wood pieces.

Mauls were used as a farming tool, but now they are used in combat sports. A maul is a heavy weapon that is swung in an overhead arc.

Types Of Mauls

A maul commonly known as a large hammer is of four typesA medieval weapon, a sledgehammer, a hand tool, and a splitting maul.

  • A medieval weapon is called a Warhammer used by cavalry and soldiers.
  • A sledgehammer is called a post maul used to put force in a smaller area. Due to its swinging motion, it’s mostly used as a hammer to put the nail in the wall. Heavy hammer with two identical flat faces. Where the soil is not rocky and relatively soft, the post maul is used to drive sharpened wooden fence posts into the ground.
  • A hand tool is called a spike maul used in designing and joining the railway tracks.
  • A splitting maul can be referred to as an ax. It has two sides, one that looks like a sled hammer and the other that looks like an ax.

Measurements Of Different Types Of Mauls

Warhammer10.16 cm4.5 Kg
Sledgehammer45.72 cm2.7 Kg
Spike Maul 90 cm 4-5 Kg
Splitting Maul81.28 cm2-3 Kg
chart of kgs and cms of maul hammers

Different Ways Maul Can Be Used?

A heavy Maul requires two hands. However, it compensates your body weight for the potential damage it may cause. Your standard maul can be used to slam damage to your foes, which is great for foes that need to be hit.

Mauls have a wedge-fashioned head. However, some variations have conical heads or swiveling sub-wedges. The authentic maul resembles an ax with a broader head. 

The head design is perhaps the biggest difference between these Mauls.

The Splitting Ax is a better choice for smaller pieces of wood. It’s more lightweight, has a pointed head with sharper blades, is easier to swing, and allows it to split and chop wood.

For very slippery trees it’s best to use the 6-pound maul.

Splitting Maul also known as an Axe
A splitting Maul for Wood

How Is A Warhammer Different From A Maul?

Maul is a long-handled hammer with a heavy metalhead. It differs from the Warhammer, which has a shorter handle and often has an ax blade on one side of the head.

Mauls are bigger and heavier than a Warhammer.

Warhammers are heavy, with mass concentrated around the head, and therefore can deliver very powerful punches. At the same time, this hammer recovers quickly if the first blow does not fall. 

They offer different grips, in general, I prefer to hold the grip away from the butt, although I can move the grip a bit if needed. I usually use this as a one-handed weapon (along with a shield or shield, or while holding the reins of a horse), but two-handed attacks are possible in certain close-up situations.

The hammerhead has a pyramid-shaped with its front face and back spikes, which concentrates more force on a small area. but spikes on both sides of the head are very sharp. There is also a large spike which makes it very flexible.

It’s a very interesting weapon, the lines of the steel parts are smooth and sharp. The Warhammer is designed to crush shields and break bones.

A Warhammer is also like a hammer, but it has a long handle and two short spikes on the top of the head. This weapon was usually used by knights in battle because they could use it while riding their horses.

If you want to learn more about the difference between an M4 and an AR-15, you can have a look at my other article to satisfy your hungry brain.

Was Warhammers Actually Used?

Warhammers were used by the fighters. They used to wear a belt where they used to fix the Warhammer under it. So, it wasn’t seen by the enemies, and it was much more convenient to access it.

As the name suggest war, Warhammers were used during the Viking era by the soldiers and calvary to injure the head of their enemies.

During that time there wasn’t much safety they could do to protect themselves. So, they had to make their weapons for fights which is why they invented Warhammer.

Considering the way it was made it was very much effective as a weapon to hurt the enemy and quickly defeat them. In the 15th and 16th centuries, the war hammer became a widely used handsome weapon.

Who Made Warhammers?

Warhammers were purely the craft of the blacksmith who used to wrought the metal to give it the look of a hammer. 

  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Overall length: 62.23 cm
  • Spike length: 8.255 cm
  • Face to spike: 13.97 cm
  • Haft length: 50.8cm

The long hammer is a pole or point weapon intended for use on foot, while the short hammer is used for horseback riding.

A spike on one side of the head, making them more versatile weapons. Sometimes their effects transmit through a helmet and cause a concussion.

Wow, we can also make a Warhammer using his guide!


Warhammers can hit the work surface without leaving a mark, which is their main advantage. It can drive nails, reshape metal, and tear things apart.

It’s best for anything that doesn’t require light work and is one of the best weapons, and they look great. At $270, that seems like a very reasonable price too.

The splitting maul is not as strong as a standard hammer, neither heavy nor wide. But with a slightly longer handle. These tools are used for wood-splitting and Split Mauls cost around $165 online.

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