Difference Between A Psychopath/Sociopath And A Person With Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

It may surprise you that 30 to 40 percent of the crimes in the U.S.A. result from psychopathy. Sociopathy and narcissism are personality patterns where a person with these also tends to go violent. Violence is common in all personalities, but you might wonder what sets these patterns apart. Here’s a quick brief;

Narcissism and psychopathy fall on the same spectrum while differentiating on one trait. Both narcissists and psychopaths are haughty, entitled, and like to seek validation. 

As compared to psychopathy, the only trait that is missing in narcissism is that they feel ashamed when they get caught after harming others. Narcissists don’t like being around those who can see through their personalities. But the psychopaths are aware of how to keep their real personalities hidden. 

The major contrast between a psychopath and a sociopath is that psychopathy is genetic, and sociopathy is developed over time. 

As you continue reading, you’ll see detailed insights into these personality patterns. I’ll also discuss if a psychopath can also be a sociopath.

So, let’s fall into it and grab some facts…

Who is a Psychopath?

Who is a psychopath?
Psychopaths are the most charming people on the planet

This personality trait is genetic, which means a psychopath comes as a psychopath. It is hired wired into their systems by birth.  If you ask about their external personality, you’ll find them the most charming, smart, intelligent, and violent people on the earth. 

If someone goes against them, they don’t think twice before hurting that person. It means they wouldn’t consider the consequences. 

Therefore, they won’t feel bad after harming others. They have no sympathy for others because they lack the sympathetic nervous system that increases our blood pressure and heart rate. 

This is what makes them get away from the police because they’re great liars. They don’t see anything wrong with them. 

Who is a Sociopath?

Sociopaths have almost the same traits as a psychopath. The only difference is that sociopathy is injected into a person over time. They’re not born with this. They turn out this way because they have either faced abuse in childhood or might have learned it from their surroundings. 

Like psychopaths, most people with sociopathic personalities are successful and charming. Such people have empathy for others but they don’t show off. Additionally, they learn to cope with the emotion of feeling bad.

They believe they can get whatever they want. Like psychopaths, they also don’t think about the consequences. They’re often quite socially awkward, resulting in difficulty holding a job for longer.

Who is Narcissist?

What are the traits of a Narcissist?
Narcissists are the most insecure people.

A person with a narcissistic personality disorder doesn’t value other people’s opinions, thoughts, and needs. They will keep reminding you how great they are and why they deserve everyone’s admiration. Also, they’re great at manipulation. 

Let’s have a quick look at the traits of this disorder;

  • Envious
  • Grandiose
  • Exploitative
  • Entitled
  • Manipulative
  • Superiority complex 
  • Insecure

Recently, a great surge in narcissism has been observed. Majorly, the reason attributed to this rise is the use of social media platforms. A study shows that people using image-sharing apps such as Twitter and Instagram are likelier to build narcissistic traits. The ever-increasing number of followers boosts their self-esteem, which ultimately grows into narcissism.

How to differentiate a psychopath and a sociopath?

They’re born with this conditionThey develop this over time
Calm personalityAnger problems
Have no empathy Have little empathy
Psychopath Vs. Sociopath

Holding a slight difference, both are antisocial personality disorders. Since psychopathy has genetic roots, you can say that the person is born with psychopathy in his blood. While societal behavior negatively impacts and develops a sociopath. 

It’s not easy to spot a psychopath in real life. They go with proper planning, while sociopaths don’t get into it due to their impulsive behavior. They don’t get emotionally attached to a person.

You’ll find psychopaths the most calming people ever. They know how to trap people and make them do what they want. 

On the other hand, sociopaths have anger problems. They have a hard time interacting with others. They’ve emotions that they like to keep hidden. 

Another major difference is that psychopaths aren’t familiar with empathetic feelings. However, sociopaths have little empathy towards other people. 

A detailed video on the patterns of Narcissism, Psychopathy, and Sociopathy.

Do Psychopaths or Sociopaths Fall In Love?

It’s not easy for such people to feel a connection with the emotions of others. These people will fall in love but on their own terms, in their own distinct ways. They find it hard to connect emotionally, so they would rather push that person away. 

And if, by chance, they begin understanding their own emotion, they will still be unable to communicate them with the person they love. I believe these people can make a good couple with someone with the same personality. 

What do you think about Narcissists falling in Love?

Do narcissists ever fall in love?
Narcissist and Love

A narcissist believes in a relationship that stands on a 100/0 scale. It means they’re unlikely to invest in a relationship but want to take the maximum advantage of it. 

They don’t know that a relationship always works when both parties put in equal effort. So, someone with a narcissistic personality would want you to give your 100 percent while wanting you to expect nothing in return. 

It’s also possible that such people may make you feel inferior and think they’re compromising with you by not leaving you. 

They’re full of themselves and are busy bragging about their accomplishments. Therefore, they have no time to listen to you. 

At the beginning of the relationship, they’ll be completely different people. As time passes, symptoms such as arrogance, cheating, abundance, and lack of empathy will start appearing. 


  • Psychopaths are born with their condition. They exhibit charm, intelligence, and a lack of empathy from an early age. So they can be violent without remorse.
  • Sociopaths develop their traits over time. It is often due to childhood abuse or environmental factors. They may also be charming but tend to have difficulty maintaining stable relationships.
  • Narcissists have an inflated sense of self-worth. They have manipulation skills and a lack of empathy. Their traits can be exacerbated by social media use.
  • Psychopaths and sociopaths fall under the antisocial personality disorder category. Psychopathy is genetic, while sociopathy develops from societal influences. 
  • Psychopaths are typically calm and emotionally detached. In contrast, sociopaths may struggle with anger and hidden emotions.
  • Psychopaths lack empathy entirely, while sociopaths may have some degree of empathy.
  • Narcissists prioritize their needs and often struggle with equal partnership in relationships. It eventually displays traits like arrogance and lack of empathy.

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