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What is the Difference Between an “Easter Worshipper” and a Christian?

What is the Difference Between an “Easter Worshipper” and a Christian?

The differences between Easter Worshipper and Christian maybe aren’t really what we might imagine. Many aspects can be presented to distinguish these two.

One of the parts of Christian tradition is to commemorate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ which is commonly known as Easter wherein there is the celebration of the defeat of death and the hope of salvation.

As the Christians are involved in Easter celebrations, they might be considered believers or so-called “worshippers”. But what are the hidden differences behind the term “Easter Worshipper” and “Christians”?

You might ponder the differences between being an Easter Worshipper and a Christian. But you might also be confused when someone is Christian, does it surely mean that he or she is an Easter Worshipper?  Or is an Easter Worshipper really also classified as a Christian?

To simplify, are all Easter Worshippers all Christians? Or not all Christians are not Easter Worshippers at all times?

Let’s begin!

Easter Worshipper vs. Christians

Holy cross with red cloth
The Holy Cross

Easter Worshipper is a euphemism used by “people who don’t want to say ‘Christians’ while Christian is someone who believes in Jesus Christ and follows his teachings.

From this simple definition of differences between an Easter Worshipper and a Christian, it can be said that an Easter Worshipper is a Christian but cannot consider themselves as one, and a Christian that cannot be possibly considered themselves an Easter Worshipper.

For example, an Easter Worshipper must go to church or any sacred place to worship and they are considered worthy of an act of devotion.

Meanwhile, Christians are not obliged to go to sacred places or churches, however, it still involves praising and attending holy ceremonies.

It may sound that Easter Worshipper and Christian might be the same but let’s dig deeper into other things to know about these two.

What is an Easter Worshipper?

I hope this helps!

Easter Worshippers are those who not only go to Church every Easter Sunday but also who have focus and thoughts on the idea of Easter and the joy of resurrection.

The word Easter Worshipper became the center of thoughts by many as people showed concern with this word. This matter arises when Barack Obama, together with Hilary Clinton and other victims of bomb terrorists in Sri Lanka who are Easter Worshippers, became mindful of the word Easter Worshippers itself.

The attack of this bombing activity was not just an ordinary attack but it happened during Easter whereby it affect the services and worship of Christian and Easter Worshippers. However, some Christians were not celebrating on that same day.

From this event, the term Easter Worshipper is not really new to us. Easter Worshipper becomes part of tradition wherein they are referred to as those who serve and worship in Church every Easter.

An Easter Worshipper is like an egg.  “The Easter Worshiper, who likes the Egg, is quite likely to be impure within, while smooth and beautiful without.”  

What does it mean to be a Christian?

holding a bible
Holy book

Christian refers to one who professes belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

You are bound by the definition of Christians as those who go to Church as usual and believe in the existence of Jesus Christ. These acts for people like them make themselves considered Christians.

If you’re a Christian, faith in trust is somehow associated with it as Jesus Christ crosses life and death situations and as he resurrects.

Christians are acting towards having an attribute of reflecting on the presence of Jesus Christ.

Is Easter the Same for all Christians?

As the month of March and April comes, you probably commemorate the celebration of Easter, especially Easter Sunday. Some of you might be prepared by having one of the most necessary things in Easter like baskets full of eggs.

Despite all the things being performed or made during Easter, it turns out that Easter is not the same for all Christians. Basically, the date of Easter can be as complicated as what you’ve imagined.

Do you know that the celebration of Easter becomes one of the most controversial issues? Now let’s discuss how this issue affects Easter.

There is a miscommunication that leads to schism. In fact, most historians are arguing about this controversy to the point that they are also looking for someone who’s at fault.

Catholic Church and Orthodox Church have split their perspective on the date that Christians celebrate Easter. These matters affect not just only the church itself but the whole Catholic community.

How is Easter celebrated in different Christian Denominations? (Catholics, Orthodox, Anglicans, baptists, Pentecost, and others)

The celebration of Easter may vary and differ depending on the Christian denominations. However, the beliefs, perspectives, points of view, and principles are all associated with each other. The only goal is to commemorate Jesus Christ’s resurrection in an orderly manner.

You’re aware that the traditional way of celebrating Easter is through feast and exchanging eggs by those people involved in Church services and worshipping activities.

It’s important for most Christians to celebrate the festivity of Jesus Christ as it serves as a sign of faith after a life and death situation. You are not blinded by this idea of Jesus Christ’s resurrection after being crucified on the cross.

When it comes to the date of the Easter feast, it’s not the same at all but all Christian denominations such as Catholics, Orthodox, Anglicans, Baptists, Pentecost, and others celebrate it with an uncommon date.

For Catholics and Anglicans, they begin with lent and after the 40th day of Ash Wednesday. This is traditionally made because of the days and nights suffered by Jesus Christ in the desert from the part of crucification until his resurrection.

Holy week is being observed. It’ll start on Palm Sunday followed by the last supper on Thursday and the inclusion of the ceremony of foot washing.

Penance and Fasting. This is marked on Good Friday as a sign of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion before the Easter Vigil mass is celebrated on the night of Saturday as it is the sign of resurrection.

Mass on Easter Sunday and exchange of Easter Eggs. Not only do the Protestant churches observe Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday but also the Baptists and Pentecost.

To compare it with Orthodox, Green Orthodox and Russian Orthodox churches also celebrate Easter. However, they celebrate it on different dates.

Celebrating Easter with preparation begins 40 days after Easter Sunday like Catholics and Anglicans. Fasting and Holy Fire Ceremony. It is performed every Saturday night to commemorate the beliefs on nights that Jesus Christ rose from death.

Laying Easter Eggs and bread to deceased persons, especially to their relatives. It marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Rubbing their hard-boiled eggs. They are doing it against their friends and the one who cracked the egg lastly is considered lucky.

Every food used in the celebration is blessed during the occasion. In addition to this is fasting with meat and other products.

You can now say that there are many traditions and practices that Christians do during the Easter season.

How is Easter related to Christianity?

Easter not only honors the Resurrection of Jesus but also the triumph of life over death and the promise of eternal life.

According to Christian tradition, Jesus’ death atoned for humanity’s sins, and his resurrection symbolizes the hope that believers can have in their own resurrected selves.

What does Easter mean to Christian?

easter eggs on a basket
Easter eggs

For Christians, Easter is:

  • Promised of life
  • Feast of Religious Resurrection 
  • Perfect Spot for Sacrifice and Sufferings
  • Belief in Jesus Christ’s existence and death

Easter Sunday is the most well-attended gathering or church service for the whole year as the Christians attend mass to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his death and as he rose again from the dead. 

Unlike Christmas which developed in an early period, Easter is not clearly stated in the bible. In the past, there was no celebration of church resurrection since accordingly not presented in the holy book.


  • Easter Worshipper and Christians are two terms that are being used interchangeably. However, these two terms differ from each other in their indicators such as their characteristics, attributes, acts provided, principles, beliefs, timely basis, and ethical teachings.
  • Easter for Christians is the most important celebration of the feast as related to religious matters.
  • Maybe you think about what is better between Easter Worshipper and Christian. Though they might not be the same in common and they definitely have a lot of differences from each other, as long as it is merely associated with the existence of Jesus Christ, then nothing would be best and better.
  • Easter is really essential to the faith of Christian people. As long as there is a faith of reaffirmation among Easter Worshippers and Christians, then they may not really differ on some parts.
  • Easter Worshipper as a means is not a state to remove Christians. The most important thing is that it is better to build a relationship in line with doing spiritual goodwill. Our aim should be centralized by being either an Easter Worshipper or a Christians.

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