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What Is The Difference Between Bruce Banner And David Banner? (Explained)

What Is The Difference Between Bruce Banner And David Banner? (Explained)

Since the film industry was introduced, people started getting attached to it emotionally. Now that it plays an important role in the country’s economic growth, one cannot ignore it. There are millions of fans all over the globe for different programs.

The best rivalry in the film industry is between Marvel and DC comics. They have competed for nearly a century and have the most enthusiastic fan base in the entire film industry. The fans are so enthusiastic about the storyline of the movie and the sensitivity of the characters that they once came out to protest just for the delay in the movie date.

The comic book version is Bruce Banner. The TV version from the 1970s was David Banner. Kenneth Johnson changed the name of Bruce David because he thought the name “Bruce” was too homosexual when he was creating the 1970s television series.

Marvel is known for its funny, non-serious joke movies. At the same time, the DC comics are considered duller, darker, and more serious movies, and they both have been successfully entertaining their fans over the years. The rivalry has become more serious nowadays because of the delay in the Avengers’ new movie, and Marvel claims that the DC Comics Justice League can never secure such high ratings as the Avengers did.

Dark Days of Marvel Universe

Now that Iron Man was killed in the last part of the Avenger’s endgame, the fan base was so depressed as tony stark was the genius in the movie who invented the iron suit and time travel alongside the Hulk (Bruce Banner).

He is also considered a genius in the movie. His role is simple: he was injected with a virus and had an identity sitting under him that, when it came out, turned Bruce into a gigantic creature named Hulk.

Hulk’s First Appearance

Hulk's Appearance
Hulk’s Appearance

The enormous iconic character of Hulk has now maintained a huge fan following because of the multiple identities he has, firstly the Bruce Banner and then the Hulk. Bruce Banner is capable of tackling the physical law and understanding the scientific approach to defeating their mortal enemy.

At the same time, the Hulk comes out when the situation gets worse, and fighting remains the only option. Hulk is a member of the avengers and is fairly the strongest among all after Thor. Now the Hulk has created a special corner in the hearts of people. Incredible Hulk is an American comic character created for Marvel Comics by Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby.

The towering muscle-bound antihero debuted in the monthly series The Incredible Hulk in May 1962.

Reason for the Change of Name:

  • According to both Stan Lee and Lou Ferrigno, another reason for its change was because CBS thought the name Bruce sounded “too childish,” a rationale that Ferrigno thought was “the most outrageous and outlandish thing ever listened.”
  • Johnson claims in the DVD commentary for the pilot that he did it as a tribute to his son David.
  • When Hulk was first presented, many people were confused about whether they should accept him as the savior or as a threat to humanity.
  • But many people came forward to explain the appearance of Hulk as the savior of humanity.
  • Now, we consider Hulk as a friend and no threat. The question is if the savior is meant to be this destructive.
  • The answer to this query is simple the intention of the Hulk is always good. The problem was that he didn’t know how to act in the fight situation.

Distinguishing Features Between Bruce Banner and David Banner

FeaturesBruce Banner David Banner
PowersThe Bruce Banner, or the modern Hulk, has much more powers than the previous one because he has learned to control his powers and is now a sensible Hulk because he does not lose consciousness when he turns.The previous Hulk, David Banner’s Hulk, was known as the machine of destruction because he killed the man who gave him the virus. When David Banner turners, he forgets all the surroundings and everyone he knows and thinks that everyone is his enemy.
IntelligenceBruce Banner is shown as a genius in the avengers series, while the Hulk, known for its strength, has also been controlled by Bruce, and now he just turns into an enormous green creature, but the brain is Bruce, and he is the one who controlled it.  David Banner is an intelligent scientist who has achieved many things in his life. However, as soon as he turns into Hulk because of the anger, he loses all his intelligence and becomes an angry creature that destroys everything and everyone around it.  
FriendsBruce Banner has done many wonders and has fought the biggest enemies of all time just for the sake of the survival of humanity. Through this act of courage, he has made many friends, and the avengers, the team he works with, has also turned soft towards him.  David Banner was an iconic scientist who did many types of research to make a cure for the deadly disease spreading among humans. Still, as he turned into the Hulk, he sometimes attacked his own teammates without realizing their standing and causing some serious damage.  
WarsBruce Banner has been to some of the deadliest wars and even went to space and fought Thanos and was the one who warned people of earth about the incoming threat to their lives.  David Banner has been one of the prominent members of the team. He defeated the villain of his time but caused so much damage to the innocent people and the infrastructure of the fight scene.  
Bruce Banner vs. David Banner

Why Was the Name Changed From Bruce Banner to David Banner?

When he was not transformed, the Hulk’s name was originally set as Bruce Banner, but for a film, it was changed to David Banner because producers felt that the Bruce name would not be the best fit, and it is also used in Batman as its main character Bruce Wayne. This created a conspiracy about who was copying who.

In the comic book, the Hulk’s human version is named Bruce Banner (his full name is Robert Bruce Banner). For the show, however, the character was renamed David, leading to an urban legend that it was because the name “Bruce” was considered too girly.

The name was changed back to Bruce because it fit the role better, and the bond between Tony and Bruce is remarkable, as is how they collaborate to create scientific masterpieces. In the current movie, Bruce represents the Hulk, and the conspiracy of copying each other’s name between Marvel and DC comics has now come to an end.

Marvel has now decided to keep the Bruce Banner name for future Hulk appearances and movies.

If you want to have more insights about the physical and audible appearance of Hulk in the MCU universe, then the following is the link you can refer to.

Which name is real for Hulk?

Is Hulk a Hero or a Villain?

The 19th-century Hulk was meant to be a savior of humanity, but when he turns green, he forgets all of the differences between friends and foes and starts attacking anyone standing near him; many people gave him the reward of being both a human form, he tries to help but in the monstrous form he destroyed everything.

The modern Hulk is said to be a hero because Bruce Banner has achieved control over the Hulk, and now the Hulk is a responsible avenger who has gained a fan following.

Now the kids want to take pictures with him without feeling any sense of danger around him.

The Avengers were also scared of the Hulk at first, and we have seen fight sequences between the Hulk and Iron Man and also between the Hulk and Thor, but now things have turned for the good of the Hulk, and he is shown as the sensible creature.

Hulk is a Hero or a Villain?
Is the Hulk a hero or a villain?


  • Bruce’s name was changed for a movie because the leading actor was not in favor of having that name. After all, he thought that it was too girly. The name is now set back to Bruce Banner for good.
  • Bruces MCU arc has instead been spread apart into multiple appearances, with Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings revealing another massive twist for him: Bruce Banner’s human form returned after Avengers: Endgame’s Smart Hulk transformation.
  • The green color of the Hulk comes from gamma radiation; in comics canon, that’s simply the physical effect of gamma radiation, turning the Hulk’s skin, Doc Samson’s hair, and She-Hulk’s nails green with stored gamma energy.
  • Accounts differ as to why the name Bruce Banner became David Banner, though. Johnson, for his part, has claimed that he did it because Marvel heroes frequently have alliterative names to distinguish the program from the comics better.
  • Additionally, he said that his own son inspired the name, David.
  • At the time when the film set was ready to begging the shooting, the director realized that the name Bruce Banner might not be the greatest fit because it sounded too girly for a character that is going to be so destructive, so they changed it from Bruce to David at the very last moment.

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