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What Is The Difference Between Fox-shaped Eyes And Cat-shaped Eyes? (Reality)

What Is The Difference Between Fox-shaped Eyes And Cat-shaped Eyes? (Reality)

Daniel Gill, a psychologist at the University of Winchester, conducted research that found that your eyes are the most important feature of your face. Interestingly, both men and women took part in the study. The results further showed that hair and lips are one of the most important features of the human face.

It is considered and well-accepted that one of the most important ways to read someone’s emotions is through their eyes. Although eyes vary, their shapes and sizes are what make them attractive

A study shows that bigger eyes are a sign of cuteness no matter what your age or facial expressions are. 

When it comes to eye shapes, fox-shaped eyes and cat-shaped eyes are the most common angles. If you’re wondering whether these shapes of eyes are the same or not, here’s a short answer:

Fox-shaped and cat-shaped eyes share great similarities. Fox-shaped eyes are thin and extended, while cat-shaped eyes are wider than foxy eyes. 

Interestingly, the application of the liner can also help you achieve these shapes.

If you’re interested in some more interesting facts about these eye shapes, stick around and keep on reading. Let’s dive into it… 

Fox-shaped Eyes

Fox-shaped eyes are very much similar to almond-shaped eyes. People with this eye shape have thin and elongated eyes. 

Those who aren’t born with this shape can also achieve this by using some makeup techniques. Interestingly, this makeup look became the new trend on TikTok.

The fact that this eye shape is a trend on TikTok doesn’t mean it would suit everyone. This look, for example, will make east Asian eyes even thinner since they already have thinner eyes. 

This video shows how you can apply foxy eyeliner

To get foxy eyes, you need to give your eyebrows a lift. You also need to draw a longer and lifted wing with eyeliner. The liner applied to cat eyes needs to be more exaggerated to achieve foxy eyes.

Just go more upward and create a thicker wing. You also need to apply a liner on your inner eye corner.

Cat-shaped Eyes

Cat eyes or upturned eyes also look similar to almond-shaped eyes. Though the difference between an almond shape and a cat shape is that there’s an upward lift at the outer edge.

Additionally, your lash line is also curved. This eye shape is very common and people with this eye shape can create other shapes as well.

To create cat eyes, you need to apply the liner upward. 

How do cat-shaped eyes look like?
An Image of a Woman With Cat-shaped Eyes

Differences Between Fox-shaped and Cat-shaped Eyes

Fox-shaped EyesCat-shaped Eyes 
It is very similar to almond-shaped eyesThis eye shape is also known as upturned eyes
You put straighter leading to winged eyeliner that goes in an upward direction to pull this off You can achieve cat eyes by putting on the winged liner
It gives you a slanted and upturn look The great thing about cat eyes is that they lift your face and eyes by giving you a rounded effect 
It’s a weekend look Not suitable for everyday 
East Asians are born with this feature You can see Bella Hadid doing this weekend look all of the time
Easy to attain on extended eyes Putting this on rounded eyes would be a tough nut to crack
Comparison of Fox-shaped Eyes and Cat-shaped Eyes

Why Does Fox-shaped Eyeliner Offend Asians? 

East Asian Woman with Fox-shaped Eyes

Do you know that many East Asians get offended by the fox-shaped eye makeup trend? 

East Asians are offended by this viral TikTok trend because they think those who mock them for their thinner eyes are now achieving the same look. As a result, many consider this to be a racist trend. 

Since a Serbian Volleyball player has been banned for giving a racist salted eye gesture to a Thailand player, people are offended on a whole new level. It’s fine to put on fox-shaped eyeliner if your intentions are not to promote racism. 

Why Do Babies Have Big Eyes?

It seems that babies are born with bigger eyes, which is incorrect. The size of our eyes is smaller when we are born, and it keeps growing until the age of 21.

Babies don’t have bigger eyes, though they look bigger because of their smaller heads and bodies. Their eyes are 80 percent larger at birth than they will be as adults.

The eyeball size of a human baby at the time of birth is 16.5 mm. It’s worth mentioning that not only your eyeball size increases over time but also your ability to focus

The eyeballs can be of different sizes from 21mm to 27 mm. 

Does Eye Size Leave Any Effect on Your Vision? 

The size of eyeballs can leave serious effects on your vision.

For instance, having a longer eyeball can result in nearsightedness. When a person has myopia (nearsightedness), they are unable to see distant objects clearly without blurriness. This symptom is so common that 10 million adults have this eyesight problem. 

Interestingly, your pupil size also changes based on the situation of how distant or closer the object you’re focusing on is. 

If you’re focusing on a distant object, the size of your pupils widens. While focusing on a closer object makes your pupils smaller. 

Common Eye Shapes

Apart from the two eye shapes mentioned above, there are two more that are quite common. Let’s know a bit about them too.

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are more common in Asians, though you can see this eye shape in other ancestries as well. Those with this eye shape have skin tissue down to the lash line. 

How do hooded eyes look like?
Partially-hooded Eyes

Like other eye shapes, these eyes are also genetic. This means that your kids are more likely to have this eye shape if you or your partner have hooded eyes.

Additionally, your eyes automatically become hooded when you age. Your eyelid is covered with soft tissues around your brows. 

The skin from your brow lines folds down, making it impossible to find your natural crease. One can have fully or partially hooded eyes. 

Taylor Swift and Robert Pattinson have hooded eyes. 

Almond-shaped Eyes

In comparison to other shapes of eyes, almond-shaped ones have smaller eyelids and wider eyes.

Regardless of your eyeshadow look, these eyes are most likely to look great.

Applying thin eyeliner and curling your lashes can enhance the attractiveness of these eyes. People of Caucasian descent are naturally blessed with this type of eye shape. 


  • In this article, you learned the difference between fox-shaped eyes and cat-shaped eyes. As far as eye shapes go, there isn’t much difference between them. 
  • Cat-shaped eyes are more similar to upturned eyes.
  • While fox-shaped eyes are similar to the east Asian eye shape. 
  • In some cases, these shapes are innate, while in others, they are achieved with the use of makeup. 

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