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What Is The Difference Between Half SBS And Full SBS In Movies? (Explained)

What Is The Difference Between Half SBS And Full SBS In Movies? (Explained)

In this modern world or a world of tensions, as the luxuries increase in one’s life so as the tensions. The rich people are afraid that they might get robbed by the poor in the middle of the night, and take away their fortunes. That is why most rich people are uncomfortable because of their wealth.

The poor are also not very comfortable, not because someone might take away their belongings which they don’t have a lot of, but because they are worried about their tomorrow, whether will they be able to earn a good living the next day.

As the world has revolutionized and become much better and more advanced than it was just a few years ago, many studies show that people have started to live in more and more tense environments because everybody is concerned about their wealth. Most people turn to films and videos for entertainment.

Half Side-by-Side (SBS) refers to the subsampling of the left and right perspectives of a 3D movie to produce a backward-compatible full frame. Full SBS entails transmitting both views in their entirety; greater quality but larger file,

Learn more about their differences as I discuss the specifics through this blog post.

The Film Industry

Movies and the film industry are one of the most important aspects of today’s life. Without them, this world would leave a large empty space as well as the economic structure of a country would also face a certain loss.


It is important to release tension of any type because it can become the cause of many deadly diseases.

Psychologists have done many studies to come up with a good channel work to release tension. Still, human psychology differs from one another, so there is no permanent or national solution that can be implemented for everyone.

In this regard, the film industry plays a vital role in releasing everyday tensions. But again, it is necessary that everyone might get relaxation and entertainment.

Some of them might become nervous or angry because of the not satisfying ending.

But here are those people being discussed who can relax by watching movies. Now the other tension is of the quality. Some people want their films in 3D action, while some don’t.

Half SBS Movies

Half SBS means that you share your screen not with anyone else but with yourself only. It can be simply broken down as you are watching the same movie in double vision, but on the same screen; this improves the quality one has, and the resolution shoots up to greater numbers.

Half SBS Movies
Half SBS Movies

Imagine you are watching a series, and you want the 3D effect in it. You can simply just put the movie in half SBS compatibility, and then you have your very own 3D picture at home.

Half SBS (side by side) comparison means that the right and left views of a 3D video are subsampled at half resolution at each, and you get a backward compatible full frame.

For instance, let us consider an example let’s say you put each view in 1920 x 1080, and another one in 960 x 1080. Put them side by side, and then you have a 3D 1920 x 1080p full frame.

Full SBS Movies

Full SBS means the same as half SBS, and you share the screen in the exact same pattern; it requires the same amount of energy and resources to execute the program.

The main difference the individual might notice is that both screens are provided with the same picture quality. This creates the 3D experience a better one but to reach this sort of experience, you will need some advanced specification pc because the full SBS is considerably a large file and requires lots of free rams.

Full SBS is referred to as the full resolution means that you are capable of transmitting both screens at the highest resolutions. It has better quality but the file is a lot bigger.

In the beginning, half SBS was the requirement of YouTube 3D format. But now it is unnecessary because YouTube has added the new OU out and under.

Distinguishing Features Between Half SBS and Full SBS

Half SBSFull SBS
In the half SBS ( side by side), you can have both screens that will give you your 3D resolution screen. The resolution distribution will be half like you can get 920 at one and 1080 at the second and then you can have the 3D experience.  In the full SBS (side by side), you can similarly have both screens at the vertical split and have the 3D experience, but the twist is that you can have the resolution much higher, which means you can enjoy the real 3D experience at home.  
File size
In the half SBS, you can have much smaller files because the data is not so much to be processed because the resolution is not so big, and you can actually save the expense of expanding the RAM.In the full SBS, you have to have a large file because that’s one of the requirements, or you can not watch the picture on your desired high resolution. To watch the movie on high resolution, you can get your RAM< upgraded as the data is present in large quantity because of the large and big number of resolutions.  
Comfort on eye
The half SBS is very comfortable on the eye as the resolution is not that much down. It is at decent numbers that any typical man can afford. The screen time depends on you, but it is really comfortable in one’s eye.  The full SBS is also very comfortable on the eye. Still, it wins at this point because it is far more comfortable on the eye as it contains much more resolution, and this is a very decent experience that a person can have on the weekends.
Line visibility
In the half SBS, the separator line is not very visible, but yes, at some point, you will notice the visibility of the separator line. This happens because of the low resolution, but it is not irritating; it will catch your eye for a couple of minutes, but after then, you will settle as your eye will become clear with it.  In the full SBS, the separator line is transparent and will not bother you at any time because the resolution I s at a much higher rate. You will never notice a black line cutting through your screen. This is the reason why most people prefer the full SBS, as many people can get irritated easily by just smaller things.  
The half SBS is cheaper than you can expect as the file is not very big and can easily be stored t your conventional computer, and the screen requirement is up to the consumer, but you can also enjoy the low-budget screen. It is very price friendly, and the intermediary can easily afford it.  The full SBS is a little bit more expensive than the half SBS because you will need high memory to store and process the file. After all, the resolution is higher, and you must process more data at the same speed. The screening requirement is not much high, but if you are using full SBS, it is recommended that you use a big screen because that will give you the ultimate experience of 3D cinema.  
Half SBS vs. Full SBS

Full SBS vs. Half SBS

It should be clear now that the requirements and the results are different from each other. The is more demand for full SBS because people think that if you are buying something, you need to buy better at one time, and the experience is immense.

People often have their homemade theater, and they don’t have to go to an expensive movie theater for just one movie.

Half SBS is not bad at all; it is also very famous for its users, and it was the only thing that attracted people until the full SBS came. It is the primary requirement of YouTube.

It has to be preserved in mind that this all costs something. You cannot just turn your conventional TV into a half or full SBS; you have to maintain a setup that you are going to have to take care of.

This is the substitute for cinema halls. People find it expensive they pay more cash to watch one show, so the substitute provides them with unlimited hours to watch.

It is a one-time investment, and then you just have to maintain it so that you can get the mind-blowing experience; the if the investment is for just one time, it has to be top-notch that’s why most people choose full SBS.

If you want to have more facts about the half and full SBS, here is a video you can refer to.


  • The half SBS has its own advantages as it is light on pocket and common people can easily afford it.
  • The drawback is that you have to deal with a little bit of low quality, which is not that low, but some people like to watch at top-of-the-line resolution.
  • The full SBS provides their consumers with the closes 3D cinema experience that people can get.
  • The is more demand for full SBS because people think that if you are buying something, you need to buy better.

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