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What Is The Difference Between High-Rise And High-Waist Jeans?

What Is The Difference Between High-Rise And High-Waist Jeans?

Honestly, no one knows the right measurements of the pair of jeans they might fit in. Even though you’ve spent a lot of money on a particular item, if you get the wrong size of jeans, it ultimately has to be donated as it is going to be very uncomfortable for you. Altering is also an option but that is an additional expense and more often than not altering doesn’t resolve the issue completely. Therefore, you should choose your pants considering the size of your rise and your body shape. 

There is no difference between high-rise and high-waist jeans, they both are the same. This type of jeans goes past your navel. Do you know, these pants were in fashion in the 70s

You may have seen that most brands offer pants with longer legs and a higher rise, though brands have started offering pants with all rises, leg lengths, and widths.  Some brands only offer 10-inch rise jeans, which makes them high rise. While some only offer jeans with 12-inch rise jeans, in this case, a pair of jeans with 10 inches rise will become mid-rise pants. 

In this article, I’m going to discuss different rise in pants. Also, there will be some discussion on why people don’t like high-waisted pants.

So, let’s dive into it… 

High-Rise Jeans 

Since high-rise jeans sit past your hips and belly button, those with bigger hips and smaller waist do not need to worry any longer. With the said body measurements, wearing low-rise jeans can be very uncomfortable. Moreover, you don’t feel like your pants are falling off. 

Let me tell you that this type of jeans won’t look great on every body type. If you have got a slightly shorter torso, the high-rise jeans will go up to your chest. 

Concluding, these can go well on those with shorter legs and a long torso. Also, these jeans would make you look thinner. 

Low, Mid, and High-Rise Jeans – Difference

Low, Mid, and High-Rise Jeans – Difference
Different colors of pants

Before I tell three types of jeans apart, it’s important to learn about the rise. It’s the distance between the waistband and crotch. 

These pants lay 2 inches below the navel. This type of pants is what most men and women commonly wear. They sit on your hip bone.High-Rise jeans go up to your navel. They’re also known as high waisted pants. 
It’s hard to find these pants.These pants are easily available in stores. They easily go out of fashion and so from the stores. 
Different types of pants

Why Are High-waisted Pants Not High-Waisted For Some People? 

What most people complain about high-waisted pants is that they’re not high-waisted for them. High-waisted jeans are supposed to cover your belly button. It happens because the size of the rise is different in everyone’s case. 

The high-waisted pants sit past your belly button, therefore it’s essential to know the distance between crotch and waistband. You should buy pants with the right size of rising. 

Do People Like High-waisted Pants? 

Do People Like High-waisted Pants? 
High-waisted Pant

The most criticism high-waisted pants get is from men. Yes, they do not like women wearing these pants. This is because they believe these pants make their appearance less appealing. You’ll even find harsh comments on different forums regarding those who wear these pants. The disappearance of the torso is also one of the reasons for this negative criticism. Though, these pants won’t cover the torso of the women with larger torsos. 

In my opinion, what you wear has nothing to do with other people’s opinions. So, you should always prioritize your comfort over other things.

Why Do Only Teen Girls Wear High-waisted Jeans With Crop Tops? 

You will rarely see any woman between the age of 20 to 30 wearing high-waisted jeans with crop tops. They make you look like a teen girl. Those with a baby face have an advantage and can wear these. 

Since crop tops expose your body, those who have stunning bodies even in older age can wear these comfortably. Also, it depends on how religiously you follow a trend or fashion. 

Alternatives To Jeans and Tops 

Denim Jacket 

  • An oversized top is something you can wear under a jacket.
  • The jackets also go well with a maxi.
  • It also does justice with a skirt.
  • A comfy sweat-suit also is a cooler option. 

Midi skirt is also a good option. This video shows 12 ways you can style midi skirt.

Final Thoughts

  • High-rise and high-waist jeans are essentially the same, sitting past the hips and belly button.
  • They offer comfort, especially for those with bigger hips and smaller waists.
  • High-rise jeans may not suit every body type. These are not particularly for those with shorter torsos.
  • Understanding the rise measurement is crucial for finding the right fit.
  • Low, mid, and high-rise jeans differ in the distance between the waistband and crotch.
  • High-waisted pants may not cover the belly button for everyone due to variations in rise sizes.
  • Criticism of high-waisted pants is common, particularly from men. However, prioritizing personal comfort is key.
  • Alternatives to jeans and tops include denim jackets, and oversized tops. Midi skirts, and comfortable sweat-suits are also a nice alternative.

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