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What Is The Difference Between Leopard And Cheetah Prints? (Difference Explained)

What Is The Difference Between Leopard And Cheetah Prints? (Difference Explained)

Exotic animal prints and designs have enhanced our creativity for centuries. It has entered fashion since the 19th century.

However, it was a sign of authority before it became a fashion statement. Royal families owned animal print rugs and carpets to show social status.

They also embraced precious animal skins into their interiors to express their wealth, position, and power. Some pursuers believe that the animal print gives them the power of that animal.

A cheetah has a coat that is tan, typically a few shades cooler than a leopard’s, and uniformly covered with black dots. As you now know, a cheetah’s spots are solid black, whereas a leopard’s patches have a brown center. The less complex of the two motifs is a cheetah.

Learn more about their differences by reading this blog post till the end.

Animal Prints

The introduction of animal prints as a fashion statement in the 1930s from the Hollywood movie character Tarzan. After that movie, the designers were influenced by this character’s costume print and fashion designer Christian Dior created collections using animal prints in a very sophisticated manner.

It became popular among women in the united state in the late 1950s. When it started incorporated into female clothing, it could signify self-confidence, sexuality, and independence.

Later, animal prints became a symbol of luxury look men’s and women’s sported their best animal prints impressions, like zebra, cheetah, cow, tiger, giraffe, and leopard prints.

Animal prints are also used in house decorations, handbags, footwear, hats, bangles, earrings, tattoos, furniture, etc.

In the modern world, animal prints are widely accessible and still a favorite. People love to wear animal impressions with so many affordable options.

The most popular animal prints are jaguar, cheetah, zebra, and leopard. They are always trendy and have a timeless beauty.

Types of Animal Prints

So many animal prints can amaze you and enhance the beauty of your home and personality. Any print has meaning and nature; wearing animal prints can deliver many messages. So, choose the print that goes with your personality.

  • Cheetah print lets people know that you are independent and confident.
  • Zebra print acknowledges that you are self-possessed and like to live your own life without interference.
  • Dog, cat, and horse prints show your love for animals and humans.
  • Leopard print expresses your spirit and power.
  • Crocodile and snake prints symbolize creativity, cleverness, and self-confidence.

Cheetah: A Carnivore Animal

The cheetah is a large species of the cat family. They have slim, long, muscular legs and slender bodies. Its head is small and rounded with a flexible spine, deep chest, and unique foot pads for traction. 

Cheetahs are the fastest animals in Africa. They run at a speed of up to 60-70 miles (97-113 km) an hour.

Cheetah Print

Cheetah has Black Spots on their Body
Cheetah has black spots on their body.

A cheetah is a wild animal that lives in America. They have black spots on their body, white stripes down their back, and compact round, oval spot shapes. These patterns are called cheetah prints.

More than 2000 solid black dots and a tan base create the cheetah pattern. It is still trendy in today’s fashion and decorations. It is cooler-toned colors and is elegant; their spots are more uniform because they are entirely black with no colors in the spots middle.

Cheetah prints are used in many things, such as dresses, shoes, bags, shirts, rugs, furniture, cushions, jewelry, etc.

Cheetah Print in the Fashion Industry

Cheetah prints always emphasize and have been in fashion for a long time. It displays style, elegance, and versatility. Animal prints are always in fashion. It doesn’t fade and still running in the fashion industry.

They are found and used in many ways, like party dresses, coats, jackets, handbags, skirts, lingerie, shoes, watches, hats, and jewelry.

Usually, cheetah fabric is manufactured with a lighter color background. This fabric is perfect for wearing with pastels, and blue look fantastic.

Cheetah Print Pattern

This pattern is made up of thick black patches and tiny black dots. This design conveys a sense of modification.


Cheetah Print Shoes
Cheetah Print Shoes

Cheetah print shoes are still a significant fashion trend. They represent power, strength, and grace.

It’s fibula with black, brown, and badge base. It is used in sneakers, cut shoes, and slippers as well.


In the 80s, cheetah print handbags gradually became a status symbol. It is a timeless fashion print and enhances the beauty of personality.

Cheetah print handbags come in various colors such as brown, black, badge, and bright metallic colors.

The great thing about this pattern is that they always coordinate with the outfits. Finally, they are super trendy, and recently Christian Dior launched their collection, and cheetah print bags are also included.

Home Decorations

This pattern is also used in home decorations, such as bed sheets, cushions, curtains, rugs, carpets, flooring, etc.

Leopard: A Powerful Creature

They are graceful, powerful, and solitary creatures; they belong to a cat family. Leopards live in Africa, North Africa, Central Asia, India, and China.

However, their population is endangered, especially in Central Asia. They have short legs, long bodies, broad heads, and an enormous skull allowing mighty jaw mussels.

Leopard Prints

Leopard Print
Leopard Print

The leopard print has been in fashion since the Egyptian era. In the modern world, Christian Dior first introduced this print. Style icon Josephine Baker, Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Kennedy, and Edie Sedgwick wore this pattern.

The leopard prints radiate sophistication, style, and adaptability. This pattern gives a beautiful look in jackets, informal dresses, maxis, skirts, handbags, shoes, watches, belts, etc.

Leopard Print Pattern

It has been the most popular animal print. The leopard print is made up of rosette spots (because they resemble the shape of a rose shape). The circles are thick with a lighter core.

Leopard Print Sneakers

Leopard Print Sneakers
Leopard Print Sneakers

They are not only stylish but also comfortable. To achieve a casual and classy style, combine them with a pair of blue jeans or even informal dresses.

The possibilities are unlimited when it comes to animal print sneakers.


Well-known businesses utilize leopard print in their jewelry and accessories.

Leopard print earrings, bracelets, hair pins, pouches, bangles, and other fashion accessories are available worldwide. They are not only expensive but give you an elegant and stylish look.

Leopard Print in Home Decor       

The animal prints give exotic looks to the home interior, and leopard designs always look trendy and grace. This print signifies power, confidence, and independence.

And when it comes to home decor, it gives a meaningful change and class. Leopard print is available and used in a wide range of items, such as cushions, rugs, curtains, bed covers, sofa covers, table covers, etc.

Leopard Print Never Goes Out of Style

Leopard print is always in style
Leopard print seems to be always in style.

So many animal prints come and go, but leopard patterns are still unmatched. It is still in fashion with different colors mixed and matched. Perhaps statistics go with everything, every design, and every color.

Difference Between Leopard and Cheetah Prints

FeaturesLeopard PrintsCheetah Prints
SpotsThey have black rosettes with light brown spots in the center.They have black round-oval spots on their bodies.
LookThis print can help to soften the look of the cloth and accessories.This print of clothing and accessories is often seen as destructive.
UsesIt can be used everywhere, from wall art to fashion design.It can be used in clothing and decor it is the perfect pattern for pillows and curtains.
ColorsThe color of the leopard allows for flexible uses.If you want something bold, go with this print.
BodyLeopard has a slim body with tiny legs.The cheetah is long, flexible, and the world’s fastest animal.
First ChoiceThis print is the first choice for fashion and decor.Cheetah print is primarily used in the winter seasons.
Difference Between Leopard and Cheetah

Which Print is Better, Cheetah or Leopard?

It depends on your style and both choices look stylish.

If you are looking for something bold and bright, consider leopard print; it has its characteristics and charm. And if you want something more sophisticated and graceful, then consider cheetah print.

Let’s clarify the difference between the two.


  • The main difference between them is their signature spots. The base of a leopard’s coat is generally a warm golden tan with rosette shape spots, and cheetahs have round-oval black spots with light brown backgrounds.
  • Cheetah spots are smaller than leopard rosettes and are frequently placed close together. Leopard print can look extensive or modest, based on how you wear it.
  • The cheetah print has a cooler, more fawn tone. Leopard print is warmer and more yellow in type.
  • The cheetah prints are often seen in black-and-white combinations. Leopard print is still in fashion because it is made up of impartial color tones; it can be very versatile.
  • The leopard print is designed with different colors and shades. As Compared to cheetah print, leopard print is more versatile.
  • Cheetah and leopard are the two most exotic animal prints in today’s fashion industries. The beauty of the prints will appear if they are used and attire the right way.

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