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Sent vs. Delivered: Facebook Message Insights

Sent vs. Delivered: Facebook Message Insights

Facebook is perhaps the most recognized social media app, which many people have used for conversations with each other. Facebook Messenger has risen in vogue over recent years. Yet, sometimes, its aspects might not be apparent to new users of Facebook.

People often get confused about the difference between Facebook sent and delivered. This article will demonstrate the difference between Facebook sent vs. delivered.

What Is a Facebook Messenger?

facebook messenger
You can interact with anyone using Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger allows people to interact with each other and chat with users personally.

When Facebook was just commenced, posting on peoples’ profiles was the only way to communicate. At that period, the interaction system was based on the people’s posts.

In any case, with the headway of innovation, it is presently credible to send and receive messages through the Facebook Messenger app. Facebook Messenger allows you to communicate with family members and friends personally. You can also deliver messages, videos, images, and documents on Messenger.

Occasionally, we install the Facebook messenger app on our mobile phones. So when we do that, this Facebook messenger app allows us many features, including sending SMS messages along with Messenger.

Sending and delivering messages on Facebook are not the same thing. There’s a slight difference between Facebook messages which are sent and delivered.

It relies on whether you read the message, accept it, or put it aside. Let’s now discuss the difference between messages sent vs. delivered on Facebook.

Facebook Sent vs. Delivered Icon

Beneath are some icons to help you specify the difference between messages read, sent, and delivered on Facebook.

Some Facebook Messenger icons

Meaning of Different Icons on Facebook Messenger

  • A simple blue circle icon implies that the Facebook server sends your message. You must ensure your computer is connected to the Internet when sending the message. If the internet connection is not steady, your message might get lost.
  • This is the sent icon if you see a tick inside the blue circle. It implies that the message is sent. Even if you disconnect the internet connection or switch off your computer, it no longer entails the message. So when the recipient is online or connected to the Internet, your message will be automatically delivered to them.
  • A filled blue circle containing a tick implies that the recipient sent and received the message. Yet, probably, they have not seen the message.
  • When you see the recipient’s profile picture next to your message, it implies that the recipient has read it. If you want to know the date and time the recipient read your message, you can click on the message to see that. But it would be best to remember that you could only examine the recipient’s seen period within 24 hours.
  • If you notice an exclamation mark inside a red triangle, the Internet is disconnected, and your message was not sent.

Using the above icons can comprehend the difference between Facebook sent vs. delivered. If you send a message in a Facebook group chat, you can see who read your message.

What Is the Main Difference Between Facebook Sent vs. Delivered?

“Sent” essentially means that Messenger has received your message and is prepared to deliver it to the user. “Delivered,” on the other hand, means that the viewer can now see the message on their device.

Sent and Delivered does not imply that the user has read the message. When a person has read the message on Messenger, it will appear as “Read. “

What is the difference between sent and delivered on Facebook?

What does it mean when a message is sent but not delivered?

The sent message means that such text message is sent from your account and is now inclined to be delivered to the other person.

However, the delivered message means a Facebook message has been downloaded on the other person’s device. Later, the message is delivered, and the person can receive and access it.

Delivering a message implies that the message has reached the recipient’s side. If your message isn’t sent, the issue is with the receiver. It can be a server problem, a problem with the Internet, your settings, or various probable causes such as:

  • An apparent reason may be a server problem, an internet problem, a setup issue, or something related to the recipient’s side.
  • There might be a time uncertainty between sending the message and receiving from the receiving side, even if the recipient has received the messenger message.
  • A poor internet connection on the sender or the receiver side also takes time to revise the message’s status.
  • The receiver can be connected with Facebook but doesn’t view your messages. The message will be shown as delivered until the person opens the message from the chat.
  • If you send a message to a person not included in your Facebook friend list, the message will be cataloged in the Message Request folder. This message will be shown as a sent message to the sender until that person accepts the message. When the person accepts the message, it will be marked as a delivered message.

So, the main difference between Facebook sent vs. delivered is just the blue circle icon filled, as I’ve explained above.

Facebook Sent vs. Delivered Issues

Facebook sent vs. delivered problems

Why are some Facebook messages sent but not delivered?

It has become a popular issue that the message is sent but not delivered. This means that the person can’t read the messages.

Here are a few apparent reasons for that:

Internet Connection

A bad internet connection is the most widespread reason for Facebook messages being sent but not delivered.

So first, check the internet connection before sending your message.

The message isn’t read.

Occasionally, The message is sent correctly from your side, but the person hasn’t read the message. The message will stay undelivered if the person doesn’t open the message. Even if you sent it to your Facebook friend, the message can’t be read if they haven’t installed the Facebook Messenger app.

The receiver isn’t your FB friend.

In the event that you are not companions with the individual, then (even if you click on the send button from your side) the message will stay just sent and not as delivered. The person can’t read the messages from their chats as you are not included in their Facebook friend list.

For this, the person has to accept the message request first. After accepting the request, they can easily read the message from chats.

If you are interested, check out my other article, “ vs.” here.

Final Thoughts

  • Facebook Messenger allows users to communicate and send messages. But there’s a difference between sent and delivered messages.
  • Sent messages indicate that Messenger has received your message. It is ready to deliver it. 
  • Delivered messages mean the message is now accessible to the recipient. However, it doesn’t necessarily imply it’s been read. 
  • Understanding message status is important. Icons on Messenger help clarify whether a message is sent, delivered, or read.
  • Issues with message delivery can arise due to factors like poor internet connection. It also involves the recipient needing to read the message. Additionally, it applies when the recipient is not a Facebook friend. 
  • To troubleshoot such problems, check your internet connection. Ensure that the recipient has the Messenger app installed. 
  • If you’re not friends with the recipient, they may need to accept your message request. It must be marked as delivered. 
  • Facebook messaging is convenient for communication. Understanding the difference between sent and delivered messages helps users chat more effectively. 

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