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What Separates VMAX from Gold Class?

What Separates VMAX from Gold Class?

V Max and Gold Class both are different as they both have different seats and screens also matter, the bigger the screen better the experience, mostly these seats are at the back or in the mid these are the seats that give the best experience of the movie. 

Standard seats are not that much comfortable as these V Max and Gold Class seats are mostly the gold class people get a separate room to watch a movie on a big screen with few seats so that people could enjoy the movie without any disturbance. 

Because of the amazing screen and seats, these class tickets cost a lot more than your standard local ticket, they have seats that are like sofas so soft and comfortable, in some cinemas they give discount on snacks if you show them a gold class or V Max class ticket. 

What Is V Max Class Experience? 

Stadium seating and enormous, cutting-edge digital screens that display the newest Hollywood blockbusters, seats have been specifically created with contoured high backs, tables, and twice as much leg room to promote more comfort. And also the Double Daybeds and Recliners, which will make your movie experience amazingly comfortable. 

With a crisp picture and spotless sound that follows the action in the theater, you’ll feel as though the movie has come to life. The newest advancement in sound technology, Dolby Atmos, is available in a few V-Max theaters

Vmax theaters offer improved film presentation, picture clarity, and digital sound. The Vmax screens are all 22 meters wide or wider (the largest is 28 meters wide at Westfield Knox), and they are all situated in spacious auditoriums with broader seats, stadium seating, and armrests. Dolby Atmos is also available in some places.  

A Room Full in V Max Class
A Room Full in V Max Class

Numerous locations of Event Cinemas, Greater Union, and Birch Carroll & Coyle also offer the Vmax format. These Village Vmax sites are: 

  • Centro Karingal (Vmax Karingal) (1 auditorium) 
  • Westfield Knox (Vmax Knox) (1 auditorium, 28m screen) 
  • Westfield Southland (Vmax Southland) (2 auditoriums) 
  • Westfield Doncaster (Vmax Doncaster) (1 auditorium, 22m screen) 
  • Westfield Fountain Gate (Vmax Fountain Gate) (2 auditoriums) 
  • Village Cinemas Hobart (1 auditorium) 
  • Crown Casino (Vmax Crown) (Features Dolby Atmos) 
  • VivoCity (GVmax VivoCity) (1 auditorium, 22.4m screen) 
  • The Mall Athens (Vmax The Mall) (1 auditorium) 
  • Palaio Faliro (Vmax Faliro) (1 auditorium) 
  • Mediterranean Cosmos (Vmax Mediterranean Cosmos) (1 auditorium 
A VMAX Experience at Event cinema In Sydney Australia a full-on experience

Pros and Cons of Watching Movies in a Cinema 


  • Major means of mass communication. 
  • Easy way of learning about the history  
  • A movie educates us about the virtues of teamwork. 
  • Popular media for information and entertainment. 
  • Helps promote patriotism and mutual harmony among people 


  • Loud People.  
  • Bad Seating.  
  • Availability Of Movies and Tickets.  
  • May Not Work with Your Schedule.  
  • No Way to Pause Movie.  

The Experience of Gold Class in Cinema 

The pinnacle of luxury in the movie industry is Gold Class. Get the VIP treatment today with exclusive lounge access, wall-to-wall displays, in-seat service, and fully reclining seats. Though with this much luxury it would cost you a hefty amount. 

Gold class tickets have a separate small room with few seats and a large screen, with seats that feel like a cloud. People would prefer the gold class due to the lack of people so that they could enjoy the movie, before the movie starts drinks are served as a compliment. 

In more affluent areas of Australia, Singapore, Argentina, and Greece, Village sites provide gold Class cinemas, a luxury cinema format. Additionally, it runs under license at CineStar in the Czech Republic and PVR Cinemas in India in theatres formerly held by Village. Cloakroom amenities, butler-served drinks, à la carte meal options, and reclining seats are available at Gold Class Theaters. 

A Projector is used to show the movie on the screen
A Projector is used to show the movie on the screen

While the former Village Roadshow Gold Class network in the United States operated in entirely independent complexes between 2008 and 2010, all Gold Class Cinemas are now operated in separate locations within standard Village Cinema complexes. Additionally, numerous locations of Event Cinemas, Greater Union, Birch Carroll & Coyle, and one rural Australian affiliate cinema offer the gold Class format. Gold Class Cinemas with the Village name is situated at: 


  • Century City Walk (Gold Class Century City) (2 auditoriums) 
  • Crown (Gold Class Crown) (6 auditoriums) 
  • Westfield Doncaster (Gold Class Doncaster) (3 auditoriums) 
  • Westfield Fountain Gate (Gold Class Fountain Gate) (3 auditoriums) 
  • Geelong (Gold Class Geelong) (2 auditoriums) 
  • Hobart CBD (Gold Class Hobart) (3 auditoriums) 
  • Albury (Regent Cinemas Gold Class) (1 auditorium) 


  • VivoCity (Gold Class VivoCity) (3 auditoriums) 
  • Katong (Gold Class Katong) (2 auditoriums) 
  • Grand World City (Gold Class Grand) (1 auditorium) 
  • Suntec City (Gold Class Suntec City) (3 auditoriums) 

And gold class is available in many different spots around the world making the company that provides gold class service a multinational company

A gold class experience at Village Cinema

Reasons Why People Prefer Watching Movies in a Cinema 

In many households there is a television bigger than their house wall and with crystal-clear quality, many people still prefer cinema and here’s why: 

Outstanding Presentation 

The sensory experience is amplified by the sheer size of a BTX presentation. Along with being larger, 3D action scenes are also more exciting and will have you on the edge of your seat. Your perception of the events in the movie is impacted by the extreme screen. Even a home theatre cannot compare to the intensity of this experience. 

Completing the picture with Dolby Atmos is the second unique feature. Dolby Atmos brings above speakers and audio objects to cinema sound, resulting in powerful and moving audio that is featured in the BTX auditoriums at the Ultimate Marquis 16 & BTX and Ultimate Annapolis Mall 11 & BTX. 

Culture of the Cinema 

A big group of friends or the whole family can get together by going to the movies. Additionally, you may enjoy your date’s company without having to endure awkward silences, which makes it a popular date concept. Plan activities before and after the event and devote the entire evening to the excitement of going to the movies. 

Popcorns on a tray
Many small cinemas use a server to serve popcorn on a tray.

The Comparison of Cinema Classes, Between Gold and V Max 

There are more people at VMAX, which means there is a greater likelihood of hearing irritating people talking, checking their phones, etc.  

Better seats with more room between them, fewer people, and those prepared to pay for the experience typically behave more courteously are all features of the gold level. The downside is that helpers may distract you from the movie because they are constantly coming and going. 

VMAX still offers a large theatre where you may sit, whereas Gold just has 32 seats or more. This means Gold is better for dates than VMAX, yet I prefer Gold because it’s much quieter and more soothing for me. 


  • In the end, both seats or class have their advantages and disadvantages it all depends on who either you want a much more peaceful experience or a crowd full experience. Cinema is also known for a date spot as it cancels all the awkward silence while watching the movie. 
  • In my opinion, I will opt for the crowded one as it is more fun and you can enjoy it with your family and friends.
  • The main reason is that more people more cheering, and only if the movie is some kind of action and thriller. 

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