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What’s the Difference Between Pokémon Sword and Shield? (Details)

What’s the Difference Between Pokémon Sword and Shield? (Details)

The “Pokémon Sword” and “Pokémon Shield” are actually two separate versions of the same game. Each game consists of a set of exclusive Pokémon. These Pokémon are the monsters you’ll have to catch in each gamer.

Therefore, you could say that the apparent difference lies in the difference in Pokémons. However, there’s actually more to it. This is not new for the Pokémon gamers, but it might be to you if you’re new to the gaming world.

In case you’re someone new, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s get into details.

How Do You Play Pokémon?

Basically, the original Pokémon is a role-playing game based on building a small team of monsters. Then, these monsters battle each other in a quest to determine who is the best.

Pokémon are divided into many types, which include water and fire. Each of these has different strengths. There can be many battles between them and even as simple ones, such as a game of rock-paper-scissors.

Pokémon games are considered a thought journey that is challenging and exciting. It introduces values of tolerance, cooperation, persistence, long-term achievement, pride, patience, and respect. This makes Pokémon help people make sense of information.

Pokemon Cards.
You can play Pokémon by drawing cards too.

Why is Pokémon so Popular?

You all must’ve heard of Pikachu! Well, Pikachu is a yellow mouse-like creature who is the face of Pokémon. It has helped the series become a worldwide phenomenon.

Pokémon has inspired many things such as cartoon series, movie books, a toy line, sequels, spinoffs, and even a clothing line. Moreover, it became a popular trading card game. People were way too invested in this!

As time went by, Game Freak also introduced the Pokémon video game in 2006. And it was produced exclusively for a new handheld console, the Nintendo DS.

The game is so popular that Game Freak developed the mobile application known as “Pokémon GO.” It was a blockbuster success as soon as it was released in 2016.

This game used GPS data and a mobile device’s camera to create an alternate reality. This allows the users to capture Pokémon from real-life locations.

What are Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield?

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield are role-playing video games from 2019. These versions were also published by the Pokémon company and by Nintendo for the New Nintendo Switch.

The main objective of these games is to determine the Pokémon league champion, Leon. This would happen in a tournament where other Gym leaders and rivals also participate. They then deal with Team Yell and a conspiracy within the league.

Pokémon Sword and Shield can be played like the traditional Pokémon RPGs that people have grown to love. These games are newer versions with newer Pokémon, new gym battles, new cities, and new awaiting challenges.

These game versions introduce the Galar region in the UK. It’s filled with the idyllic countryside, contemporary cities, vast plains, and snow-covered mountains.

The creators say that there’s a lot one can explore in this new region. It includes an expensive Wild area where you can encounter many different Pokémon.

Version Exclusive Pokémon

Here’s a list of the names of a few version exclusive Pokémon that are available in each of the games:

Pokémon is only available in Sword:Pokémon only available in Shield:
Galarian Farfetch’dTyranitar
Sirfetch’d, ZweilousVullaby
GothitaGigantamax Lapras
Galarian DarumakaGoodra
Gigantamax CoalossalOrangaru
Galarian DarmanitanGigantamax Appletun
Indeedee Toxicroak
All these sound pretty cool, don’t they!

Do I Need Both Pokémon Sword and Shield?

It depends on you. However, you’ll only enjoy a specific version if you have an expansion pass.

The Sword and Shield games are the first to contain downloadable content or DLC. This can be accessed by buying the expansion pass in the Nintendo E-shop. The Pokémon company thought it would be better to add DLC rather than make an entirely new game.

Sword and Shield each have their own DLC Expansion pass. The Sword expansion pass will not work for the Pokémon Shield, and the Shield expansion pass will not work for the Pokémon Sword.

Moreover, in terms of version exclusive Pokémon, Sword players will be able to catch Omanyte, Omaster, Bagon, Shelgon, and Salamence. In comparison, Shield players will be able to watch Kabuto, Kabutops, Gible, Gabite, and Garchomp.

There are often 10 to 15 Pokémon you can catch in one of the games. However, these Pokémon won’t be available for you to catch in the other. This isn’t mainly done for commercial purposes but more to force one to socialize with others and trade with them.

For example, Farfetch’d evolution, and Sirfetch’d are already revealed to be only available in Pokémon Sword. There’s also a difference in the catchable legendries that the game offers. For instance, the Sword version has the dog carrying a sword, whereas the Shield version has the shield dog.

In addition, these game versions also feature their own distinct gym leaders. I’ve summed up their other differences here:

  1. Gyms:
    There are two gyms which change the type and Gym Leader. This depends on the game you’re playing. In Pokémon Sword, the Fighting-type gym leader is Bea in Stow-On-Side, and Gordie, the Rock Type gym leader in Circhester. While in Shield, the Stow-On-Side’s Ghost-type gym leader is Allister and Melony in Circhester.
  2. Legendary Exclusives:
    In Pokémon Sword, you get the legendary Pokémon, Zacian. On the other hand, in Pokémon Shield, you can catch the legendary Pokémon, Zamazenta. Zacian is considered a Fairy, while Zamazenta is considered as Fighting.
  3. Non-Legendary Exclusives:
    Each game consists of its own set of exclusive Pokémon. For example, you can catch Galarian Darumaka and Galarian Farfetch’d in Pokémon Sword. In Pokémon Shield, you can get Galarian Ponyta and Galarian Corsola.
Pokemon game on phone.
The Pokémon GO mobile app.

Which One is Better, Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield?

Many people consider the Pokémon sword to be better than the Pokémon shield. This is because of its more muscular fighting type.

They believe that Sword is superior because it has a new type known as “Spectral.” On the other hand, many others believe that Shield is better because you can catch wild monsters in your own house in this version!

However, the choice between Sword and Shield always comes down to the kind of player that you are.

Many gamers believe that the Pokémon sword could’ve quickly been dropped on the Nintendo 3DS instead of the Switch. Despite it being set in the UK, the game world of this version isn’t much different from the previous series. They believe that having it on a newer system doesn’t do much.

But this doesn’t mean that Pokémon sword isn’t fun. The combat flows really well, and the new Dynamax mechanic gives each battle a fresh spin without slowing them down.

Which Pokémon Game Will You Choose? Pokémon Sword or Shield?

The only reason that people prefer the Shield over the Sword is that Sword doesn’t have many interesting new features to keep things fresh.

On the other hand, even though the Pokémon Shield is set in the same region, it feels like a huge step up from the Sword version. It has the addition of new Fairy-type Pokémon and brand-new characters, which give this version a lot more charm.

Moreover, this version has a lot of attention to detail as well. For example, weather effects and areas that depend on day and night are way more in touch with the natural world in Pokémon Shield.

People also believe that this version has more challenging battles than the other. This is highly attractive for many gamers looking for newer and more competitive games.

I hope this video will help you decide which version is for you:

This could help you become the best Pokémon monster. Getting different elements and gym leader adds to the excitingness of the game.

Pros and Cons of Pokémon Shield and Sword

One fantastic thing about both games is how accessible they are. For a very long time, the franchise has focused on handhelds. For this reason, many gamers we’re unable to play these games because they don’t own a dedicated gaming device.

However, that has changed because these games are being made for Nintendo Switch. This lessens any barrier for anyone, and everybody can enjoy it.

Moreover, the graphics of these versions are pretty amazing as well. The Pokémon designs are way more diverse than they have ever been. A bonus is that you can play these games on the go, which many wanted as a feature.

While these games have their advantages, there are also some problems in these versions. One major issue that many have faced so far with this version is that they feel incredibly familiar with the past entries in the series. Everything from gameplay mechanics to environments and even a general flow is like the previous series.

However, despite this problem, these game versions are played by many!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the main difference between both the versions of the Pokémon game is the exclusive Pokémon that one can catch. For example, the legendary Zacian is available in Sword, and Zamazenta is available in the Shield.

These newer and latest versions are inspired by the Galar region, based in the UK. They have many new distinct features along with new Pokémon and gym leaders. Many people prefer Pokémon Shield over Sword as they find it better in graphics and more challenging than its counterpart.

However, it’s up to you to choose between the two. It depends on which gyms and Pokémon you prefer. I hope this article helps answer all your questions about these newer game versions of Pokémon!

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