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What’s The Difference Between Accent And Partial Highlights? (Explained)

What’s The Difference Between Accent And Partial Highlights? (Explained)

Accent highlights are around the face. They’re different from partial highlights in the sense that hairdressers use a set number of foils. These foils are placed according to your face shape. While partial highlights are done from the top section of the head to the bottom front. There won’t be any dimensions in this type of highlight

The way your hair looks leave a huge impact on your appearance. With everyday advancement in fashion and style, you’ve to move along with trends. If I talk about highlights, let me tell you that they never go out of fashion. Therefore, you’ll notice that every woman in your workplace has gotten highlights done.

You’ll notice that highlights give a visual depth and texture to hair and they also give a very younger look. The reason why people prefer them is that it lightens the hair which is way healthier than bleaching the head. 

There are always good and bad highlights. Though, the natural-looking highlights that complement with your skin tone are always good. If you want to know the pros and cons of highlights, this article might help you.

Let’s get into…

Pros and Cons of Highlights


Most people wonder why they need to get highlights done. There are so many good reasons;

  • They give you a different appearance
  • You see an instant volume in your hair
  • You start looking younger and fresh


Here are the cons of getting highlights done:

  • Highlights are not for everyone. They give some people a stressed and messy look if not taken proper care of
  • The blonde color looks unnatural
  • Can damage your hair
  • Make hair breakable 
  • Make your hair dry 

Partial Highlights Vs. Accent Highlights 

Partial Highlights Vs. Accent Highlights
Partial Highlights Accent Highlights
Partial highlights give a sprinkle of lightness to your hair. There will be beautiful darkness underneath partial highlights. They’re suitable for those who want to transition from full color. 
Instead of fully highlighting the hair, only a few sections are being highlighted based on your choice.
The highlights done by placing a few foils around your face are accent highlights. You can get them to give a frame to a specific haircut
It gives a bounce to your hairstyle making it more visible and obvious.
Partial Highlights Vs. Accent Highlights

How To Take Care Of Your Hair After Getting Highlights?

The best way to maintain highlights is to keep your hair from any further damage. It’s worth mentioning that more damage comes from hot tools and blow-dryers. Furthermore, using local and cheap products on your hair can also make the condition of your hair rough. 

After getting toner, you shouldn’t wash your hair for at least 24 to 36 hours. The process of highlighting increases the PH level of hair more than its normal range. It leaves a negative effect on your hair, especially when you use hot tools for hairstyling.

Hair Mask

Many people use gloss on their hair after getting highlights, which adds shine to their hair. Since salons charge up to $100 depending on where you live, most people do it at home. If you do it yourself, it won’t cost much, but it won’t last very long either. Another option to give your hair shine and maintain your haircare is a hair mask. 

You’re probably wondering which mask you can go for. You can follow the steps shown in the video;

Purple Shampoo – What Does It Do?

Purple or violet shampoo helps mask yellow tones on two hair colors – silver and white. It’s an essential need for those with blondes as it helps keep your hair healthy. It comes on the market with different names, violet shampoo and silver shampoo. 

In case, your stylist hasn’t told you how often you’re supposed to use it. Let me tell you that you can use it once or twice a week.

Even though it helps you get rid of yellowness, it dries out hair. Therefore, I would recommend you to go for a purple conditioner as well. 

The quality of shampoo and conditioner also leaves a huge impact on your hair health. Cheap shampoos cause you scalp itchiness and dryness. 

Purple Shampoo - What Does It Do?
Hairdresser Washing Hair

How To Fade Highlights? 

If you want to go back to your original color, the best and most quick way would be to dye your hair. Honestly, there’s no way you can fade your highlights away overnight. It’s a slow process and can take a good amount of time.

Though if you still wanna try a remedy to remove highlights, you can follow the following steps;

  • Take baking soda and shampoo
  • You should take the same quantity of both
  • Now mix them well
  • Apply on your hair and leave it for a few minutes
  • You can do this process for a few days 


  • Highlights give your personality a new charm.
  • Highlights don’t suit everyone. So, it’s really important to take an appointment to discuss the details with your hairdresser to get a better idea. 
  • Partial highlights don’t show dimensions.
  • While accent highlights show dimensions around your face. 
  • These dimensions vary depending on your face shape.
  • If you’ve lighter eyes, you should consider the option of lowlights instead of highlights. 
  • It’s always best to choose a licensed hairdresser. 

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