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In the World of Fiction: Attack Potency vs. Striking Strength

In the World of Fiction: Attack Potency vs. Striking Strength

The popularity of VS games is skyrocketing over time. If you’re a fan of Versus games, you should know that a few terms are significant in this gaming field.

Two of them are attacking potency and striking strength.

The striking strength of a fictional character shows how much damage it can cause to its enemies with physicals blows or punches. Attacking potency is the total damage caused by a character, including its striking strength and other things like energy attacks, weapons, etc.

Let’s dive into the details of these terms.

What Is Attack Potency?

In simple terms, this is the amount of destruction that the attack can produce or is comparable to.

Characters with particular attack potency can’t do destructive feats on that level but can hurt characters that are able to withstand that kind of damage.

You could destroy a compressed star with attack potency, even if they couldn’t destroy a fully formed one.

You can do it another way, too.  For instance, if a character can survive the explosion of a universe or anything else that makes them durable, but another character can hurt them, they’d have universal attack power.

What Is Striking Strength?

Striking Strength is how much physical force can be delivered. You can think of it as physical attack potency.

Strength describes how a character’s blows are powerful.

In general, anything, where the character is active and not just passively holding things up, is in this category. It relies on “action,” a mixture of speed and mass.

An image of few famous arcade games packs
Few famous arcade games.

What Is The Difference Between Attacking Potency And Striking Strength?

Both terms are mixed up a lot, people think if the attacking power of a character is universal, then the striking strength is also universal, but it’s not the case. Although both are related, they still have different ranges and cannot be mixed.

Here is a table showing the differences between both terms:

Attacking PotencyStriking Strength
It is the total amount of destruction caused by an attack.It is the amount of destruction caused by physical blows.
It includes laser beams, energy attacks, and all other weapons.It includes punches, claws, and weapons like swords.
You measure it by its energy damage equivalent.You can measure it in terms of speed and mass.
Differences between attacking potency and striking strength.

Is Striking Strength Stronger Than Lifting Strength?

Striking strength is often considered stronger than lifting strength. However, you cannot compare striking strength to lifting strength. They’re two pretty different things.

The striking strength measures speed and mass, while the lifting strength measures force and energy.

In fiction, it’s common to find characters capable of far more significant energy outputs than what they would need to lift weights that they are repeatedly shown to have trouble with.

Characters’ Lifting Strength measures how much they can lift, determined by how much force they produce.

Therefore, it measures two different physical things. Moreover, it’s not logical to assume that someone who can physically generate the energy needed to lift an object can also lift it.

What Is The Difference Between Attack Potency And Destructive Capability?

Attack potency and destructive capability are often thought of as the same thing. It’s how much damage you can do with one attack or technique.

The two are measured in damage caused by characters, but there is a slight difference.

A character’s attack potency tells you who they can hurt, while the destructive capacity tells you who they can destroy.

The attack potency also includes the destructive power, but it doesn’t matter the other way around.

For attack potency, you measure only the effect of a single attack, regardless of what area it affects. Still, for destructive capacity, you have to account for the area of impact.

Here is a short video comparison of attack potency and destructive capacity.

Attack Potency VS Destructive Capacity

What Is Universal Attack Potency?

The universal attack potency means they’re powerful enough to destroy the universe with their power.

You already know that attack potency is the total damage caused by the character’s attacks on anyone or anything.

So, if the attack of any character can destroy a whole universe, it means that character has universal attack potency or AP.

What Is A Difference Between Attack and Strength?

Strength is how hard you hit and how often you get hit; attack is how often and how well you hit.

The attack is not just about the accuracy of your hit; It’s how well you’ve locked your aim at your target and how resilient you’re in your attack.

Meanwhile, Strength is a power show and it shows the extent of damage you can cause through a single hit to your opponent.

Which One Is Better, Attack Potency Or Striking Strength?

Well, attack potency and striking strength both have their worth. So, you can’t decide which one is better than the other.

Both of these things are interdependent. Striking strength is a part of action potency. It’s the measure of the damage caused by the physical blows.

On the other hand, attack potency includes any damage caused by a character. It signifies the power of a character.

However, striking strength comes in handy when you have no powers like a laser beam, energy blasts, etc.

In this case, you can rely on the striking strength of how much damage you can cause by packing a punch or using your claws or sword.

So, both have their importance and are pretty significant for any character during their battle.

Final Thoughts

The attacking potency and striking strength are two crucial aspects of versus games. You can determine the strength and power of any character if you know their attack potency and striking strength.

Attack potency is the accurate measure of destruction caused by a character in its attack. You can measure it as energy damage equivalent, whether caused by physical blows, weapons, or laser beams.

The striking strength is just a part of attack potency. It is the measure of damage to a character only by physical blows like punches, claws, swords, etc. You can measure it regarding speed and mass.

This is the primary difference between terms and a few other related things.

I hope this article caters to your needs and clear all your doubts.

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