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What’s The Difference Between Installment And Instalment? (Lets Explore)

What’s The Difference Between Installment And Instalment? (Lets Explore)

English is an ancient language, meaning it has been written and spoken in many different ways over the centuries. As it evolved, different spellings for the same word appeared.

This happened because each person spoke English in their way. As people from different parts of the world began to speak and write in their own dialects, the spelling of words changed, leading to the emergence of different spellings for a single word.

Two such words are “installment” and “instalment.”

The main difference between installment and instalment is that the former is used widely in America and Canada while the latter is used in other parts of the world, mainly Europe.

For a deeper understanding of these words, keep reading.

What Is the Meaning Of The Word Installment Or Instalment?

The word installment is used in several contexts, but it always refers to a sum of money paid back over time.

For example, when you buy a car on credit, the dealer might ask for an initial down payment and monthly payments over several years; this is referred to as a “payment plan” or an “installment plan.”

Meanings From a Dictionary

When you purchase something on installment from a store, they’ll offer payment plans that let you pay off your purchase in installments over time. This means you’ll have more flexibility with your finances because you won’t have to determine the entire amount at once.

Installment plans can also be applied to other forms of debt, like mortgages and student loans.

Know The Difference Between Installment And Instalment

Installment and instalment both have the same meaning. It’s the process of paying money in small portions over a long period. You can also refer to it as a process of installing something like software, etc.

The only difference between “installment” and “instalment” is that of an “L.” The word “installment” is used more often in the American and Canadian English language and literature, whereas “instalment” is used in the British language and literature.

Which Is Correct: Installment Or Instalment?

The words “Installment” and “instalment” are both correct.

In Britain, people prefer to use the word “instalment,” while in the USA, people use the word “installment” when referring to payments made in portions rather than larger sums.

Having different words with identical meanings in English makes learning pretty complicated and challenging. You cannot just do it through rote learning. However, you can use different techniques to enhance your vocabulary.

Here is a video clip showing some easy ways to increase your vocabulary and become fluent in English

Is It Correct To Say, “Pay In Installments”?

The phrase “pay in installments” is a bit of an odd one; it’s correct, but it’s not precisely a commonly used phrase either.

When you say “pay in installments,” you’re referring to making monthly payments on something. For example: “I paid the car off in installments.”

Now, here’s where things get a little weird: the word “installment” doesn’t just mean one of something. When we talk about installment plans for other types of purchases, we don’t use the word “in” before them.

Instead of saying, “I paid for my car in installments,” you could say, “I paid off my car.” And when you talk about paying for furniture or appliances with payments over time, you wouldn’t say that you’re doing it in installments—you’d say that you’re paying for those things over time.

So if someone asks you what kind of plan your furniture purchase has (or any other type of purchase), and your answer includes the word “installment,” it would be better to say, “It has an installment plan.”

Examples Of The Word Installment in Sentences

An installment is a payment made in periodic installments over time.

You can pay for a car in installments, or you can pay your rent in installments. You can also borrow money and make installments on loans. When someone is paying off debt, they are making installment payments.

Here are a few examples of the word “installment” in sentences:

  1. The rent is due in two installments: the first on the first of the month and the second on the fifteenth.
  2. I’ll pay back my debt in installments—one hundred dollars every three months.
  3. We’re buying our house in installments: it’s going to take us five years to pay off our mortgage!

What Are The Synonyms Of Instalment?

Synonyms for instalment include installment, installment loan, and payment plan.

An image of a grammar book in the hand of a child.
To be proficient and fluent, we must know the accurate use of grammar

An installment is an amount that is paid in installments throughout a time. It can also refer to the payment schedule itself. Installment loans are loans that are paid back in several payments over time.

In business, payment plans are used to spread out large payments into smaller ones that can be more easily managed by the company or individual who has to make them.

Types Of Installment?

In the case of installment plans, the consumer is allowed to pay for the goods or services in several payments instead of one large sum.

There are two types of installment plans:

  1. The first type is a deferred payment plan where the consumer receives a low-interest loan from a bank or credit union. The consumer then pays off this loan in regular installments over time with interest added on top.
  2. The second type is an open-end plan with no fixed date for repayment and no pre-set limit on how much can be borrowed.
Installment PlansTypes
One that is paid in full at the end of the contract periodDeferred installments
One that pays off your purchase over time without incurring interest charges or feesFlexible installments
One that is paid off over time without accruing interest charges or feesInterest-free installments
Here are some other types of installment plans

Final Thoughts

  • English is a language spoken all over the world. Different people speak English in different dialects.
  • The English language has evolved over time to accommodate words from various other languages. You can find many words with the same meanings but different spellings and pronunciations.
  • Instalment and installment are two words with the same meaning, with only a slight difference in their spellings.
  • The main difference between installment and instalment is that of the single “l.” “Instalment” with single “l” is used in Britain while “installment” with double “l” is used in the USA.
  • Installment means to pay your dues in short portions over a long time.

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