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What’s the Difference Between Washboard Abs and Six-pack Abs?

What’s the Difference Between Washboard Abs and Six-pack Abs?

The abs are the most difficult to achieve. It works against your body’s natural condition, and that is to retain mass in the center for later use.

Toning our bodies enhances not just our appearance but also our health and self-confidence. Exercises strengthen our bodies while also calming our emotions and minds. But when comes to workouts, the majority of people want abs and six-packs.

So, you need to keep in mind that in order to have abs there are processes to be considered. If you are a gym rat, you know how important working out is.

A washboard is flat and lacks six distinct blocky bulges. So, a flat stomach is a washboard, whereas one with six bulging muscles is a 6-pack. As a result, “washboard” is more commonly used to describe women, while “6-pack” is more commonly used to describe men, though there is some crossover in both directions.

There are several body parts that you can work out inside a gym. But if you love to focus on your core, you are probably confused between washboard abs and six-pack abs.

Well, don’t worry, I got you! In this article, I’ll explain the difference between the two.

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Are Abs and Six-packs the Same?

person with six pack abs in a swimming pool
Man with six-pack abs

To answer, no. The key difference between abs and six-packs is that abs refer to abdominal muscles that have been worked out, whereas six-packs refer to the development of large muscles over well-toned abs.

It is possible to have abs while also having fat in our stomachs, but in order to have six packs, the fat layer must be completely burned and decreased.

When we are talking about abs and abs workouts, it focuses on toning abdominal muscles rather than fat burning in the stomach. Abs are a vital aspect of our bodies since they help us breathe and retain our posture. As a result, exercising out our abs benefit not only our appearance but also our wellness.

With that being said, there are a variety of ab exercises, but crunches are the most popular. It flexes the spines and includes action in four abdominal muscles. There are many beneficial abs workouts that you can try, here’s a list of ab exercises:

  • Reverse crunches
  • Plank
  • Cycling crunches
  • Russian twist
  • Flutter kicks

On the other hand, when you say six-pack abs it refers to the four to eight visible muscle sections in a physique with low-fat levels. It looks more like low-abdominal abs.

There are numerous exercises to try for six-packs, but lifting weights is the most essential. Lifting weights, according to gym coaches, puts strain on your core and abdominal muscles, which burns fat. So, when you enroll in the gym and decided to focus on your abs journey, expect that you’ll lift weights as gym coaches consider this kind of workout.

The little-known secret about six-packs is that they aren’t developed through abs workouts, because they are already present in our bodies, and the fat layers that cover them prevent us from seeing them.  As a result, working out does not build six-packs, but rather, it burns the fats and makes the six-packs visible.

Now, I can say that when you want to have six-pack abs, you need to burn those fat layers so that you can achieve six-pack abs. To do so, here’s a list of fat-burning exercises that you can try in the gym:

  • Barbel floor wiper
  • Sandbag sit up
  • Hanging leg raise
  • Barbel roll outs
  • Dumbbell dead bugs
  • Cable crunch

What Does it Mean to Have Washboard Abs?

an old washboard
Here’s what the literal washboard looks like

Before I tell you what it means to have washboard abs, I’ll define first what washboard abs mean. The term “washboard abs” refers to an ancient tool called a washboard.

Since there were no washing machines, this uneven board was used to wash clothes. Abs with a lot of definitions have a “ridged” appearance, similar to the ridges on a washboard.

Having washboard abs means that you don’t have much fat muscle in your abdomen which makes the washboard abs look like what a literal washboard has.

If you want to have washboard abs, there are two things to consider. Well-developed core muscles are one of these things. The second factor is a low body fat percentage.

If your core muscles are covered beneath a heavy layer of fat, you probably wouldn’t be able to see washboard abs, regardless of how well developed they are.

Therefore, the very first step towards achieving washboard abs is to reduce stomach fat. Which may take two months, six months, a year, or more. All of that depends on where you begin and also how fast you can lose fat in your abdomen.

However, losing fat is only one-half of your journey. If you reduce fat without strengthening your core muscles, you’ll probably end up with just a flat tummy instead of rough washboard abs.

To conclude, just like any muscle, having washboard abs takes time, patience, and perseverance. The two things to consider as I said earlier are a must in order to achieve washboard abs.

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Are Six-pack Abs Genetic?

Here’s a video of a home workout to have six-pack abs

Is it possible for anyone to get ripped abs with the appropriate diet and trainer? Well, the appearance of a person’s abdominal muscles is influenced by a number of things.

One factor is your diet which involves your diet plan whether you are in a calorie deficit or surplus. Others, on the other hand, are entirely genetic.

To put it another way, how fat is distributed in people’s bodies is genetic. Someone’s abs may be visible at 15% body fat, whereas another’s abs may be visible even though they’re heavier. So, it means that it really depends on how your genes are built.

Researchers in Germany discovered “strong evidence that body fat distribution (FD) is regulated by genetic variables” in a 2014 study of 360,000 participants.

Abdominal segmentation is also genetically determined. Tissue termed tendinous inscriptions make up the pattern that forms the “pack” in a six-pack.

Comparison Table Between Washboard Abs and Six-pack Abs

Here’s a comparison table to better understand the differences between the two abs.

ParametersWashboard abs Six pack abs
DefinitionAbdominal ridged muscles are toned.Muscle segment with 4-6 visible rows.
Fat burningNecessaryNecessary
Diet foodsFoods that are high in proteinGreen veggies, fruits, fish, milk
Exercisesplank, Russian twist, crunchesbarbel roll-outs, cable crunch, handbag sit up
GeneticIt can beYes
washboard vs. six-pack abs

How To Get Abs Fast?

To get abs fast, you must reduce your body fat percentage by eating healthy and exercising and get a six-pack. You must strengthen your abs with exercises such as Russian twists and leg lowers.

Improved posture, fewer injuries, and less back pain are all advantages of having a strong core.

To build abs, you must follow an exercise regimen that incorporates both strength and cardio exercises. In addition, eating more lean protein, whole grains, and vegetables can help you achieve your six-pack goals.

However, concentrating solely on your appearance can lead to unhealthy habits. Instead of focusing on appearance, consider your health and how training can help you feel your best on a daily basis.


To conclude:

  • The main difference between the two is that washboard abs refer to abdominal muscles that have been worked out, whereas six packs refer to the development of large muscles through well-toned abs.
  • Without a six-pack, you can have well-toned abs and a flat stomach. However, six-packs are impossible to achieve without the development of abs. In a summary, washboard abs are well-toned core muscles containing fat deposits, whereas six-packs are abs with little fat.
  • Workouts such as crunches and reverse crunches can help you to lose fat for well-toned abs, however, a six-pack would require extra exercises such as weight lifting and equipment exercises. As a result, both washboard abs and six-packs improve your overall health and appearance.

I hope this article helps you in determining the differences between the two abs, if you want to know more about differences of the same interest, read more through the links below.

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