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White Martians vs. Green Martians in DC Comics: Which Are More Powerful? (Detailed)

White Martians vs. Green Martians in DC Comics: Which Are More Powerful? (Detailed)

The world of comics expresses ideas and spreads entertainment through characters, visuals, etc. In comics, cartooning and other types of illustration are the most prevalent image-making techniques.

For most of its history, the comics world has been associated with low culture. Nevertheless, by the 20th century’s close, the general public and academia started to regard comics more favorably.

A part of comics, Detective Comics, has gained massive popularity because of its stories and characters. It’s an American book series that became the source of the Detective Cartoon series, later abbreviated to DC Comics.

This article discusses a subject that isn’t being brought up as much in comics today. It points out the difference between White and Green Martians and where they come from.

The White Martians were a venomous, unpleasant, brutal species; they always wanted to involve themselves in fights. On the other hand, Green Martians were peaceful creatures; they didn’t like war.

Let’s discuss the differences between the two Martians in depth.

Justice League Superheroes

The Justice League, a film that premiered in 2017 and was produced by Warner Bros, entertained the world by starring powerful heroes.

The team consists of superheroes famous in American comic books by DC Comics. The seven members of this team are the Flash, Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, Aqua Man, Martian Manhunter, and Green Lantern.

These members devoted their lives independently or by assembling to fight against some villains. They were compared to specific other heroic teams, like the X-Men.

Their heroes were made mainly to be group members whose identity was centered around the unit. People praised the cast’s performance; however, the film received mixed reviews from critics.

Who Are The Martians?

The Martians are the inhabitants of Mars and extraterrestrials in general, similar to human beings in terms of language and culture.

Mars: The planet of Martians
Mars: The Planet of the Martians

These Martian residents have been portrayed as wise, vicious, and decadent. They appeared in fictional stories since the time the planet Mars was featured in works of fiction. Martians have three different skin tones: green, red, and white.

The Martian Manhunter

One of the Justice League’s characters was Martian Manhunter, first cast in the story “Manhunter from Mars,” developed by Joe Certa, an artist, and authored by Joseph Samachson.

He was one of the stronger and more powerful personalities in the Detective Comics (DC) universe. He fully appeared and played the role of Martian in Zack Synder’s Justice League in 2021.

A Glimpse of Manhunter’s Story

This Manhunter (John Jones) came from Mars after the Martian holocaust sentenced his wife and daughter to death. He was the last one who survived his race. He lost his mind and was driven crazy until he was accidentally transferred to Earth by the scientist Saul Erdel.

Before reaching Earth, he was a law and enforcement officer on Mars. However, he turned his designation into a police detective on Earth and was pictured as a superhero.

Green and White Martians

Different-colored Martians can conceive live children who will either be that hue or a different color. They all have innate talents such as incredible strength, speed, shape-shifting, and telepathy.

Green and White Martians
Green and White Martians

Martians have three categories: green, white, and red. Since the main topic revolves around the green and white ones, let’s find out who they are and how they differ.

The White and Green Martians were part of the burning Martians race. They were aggressive towards everyone and used fire for asexual reproduction. It became the ultimate reason why the Guardians of the Universe genetically separated Martians into two races: white and green.

The Guardians took this step to prohibit asexual reproduction out of dread of the viciously and violently mighty Martians. Then the Guardians also gave them an innate fear of fire to forbid either of these two new races from ever reaching their full potential.

The White Martians and Their Abilities

  • The White Martians belong to the shapeshifters’ personalities from Mars. They set up their physiological powers to mirror their philosophy.
  • These White Extraterrestrials visited Earth in the distant past and conducted genetic tests on terrestrial creatures and ape-like people. The White Martians used these tests to identify the human meta gene that confers meta-human abilities.
  • They possess a destructive nature and often try to conquer and destroy the world.
  • In addition, the White Martians developed a meta virus, a meta gene that was transferred from host to host by contact.
  • These Martians reappeared when a White Martian force known as the Hyper clan conducted a sophisticated invasion of Earth in which they successfully displaced the Avengers of America in the hearts of the inhabitants of Earth.
The White Martians
The White Martians

The Green Martians and Their Capabilities

  • Like the white ones, the Green Martians also belong to the burning race. They are an endangered humanoid race that originated on Mars. In almost every natural manner, they are superior to humans and have comparable superpowers.
  • Green Martians have green skin and brilliant red eyes and resemble humans in many ways. They have an oval-shaped cranium and other physiological characteristics that are unheard of.
  • Whenever they are in contact with their homeland, their abilities are at their highest, and they get more vigorous as they age.
  • These creatures have longevity, can live more than 100 years, and have a life far longer than human beings. Therefore, they are long-time survivors.

Relationship of Martians with Fire

Both Martians have unique capabilities even though both belong to a similar burning race. They both took part in the world’s war; White Martians tried their best to destroy the peaceful Green. Martians are far more susceptible to fire than the average Earthling.

Due to their membership in fire races, they can catch fire more quickly. It has been described as either physical, cognitive, or a mix.

“Relationship of Martians with Fire”

White Martians vs. Green Martians

Are these creatures distinguishable just because of their color? Well, not at all. Therefore, to get information about what other points make them different, let’s head toward the distinction between them.

White Martians Vs. Green Martians
White Martians vs. Green Martians
FeaturesWhite MartiansGreen Martians
BehaviorWhite Martians are warriors and aggressive. They indulge themselves in the war against each other or with Green entities. Their negative actions haven’t left a positive image in the world.They are peaceful and philosophical and love to spread peace, calmness, and tranquility in the world.
StrengthAs they are eager to use violence, their aggression and propensity for war give them the appearance of power. Their nature grows them more robust, not because of psychological impact.Green Martians may be equally as outstanding in battle if they put enough effort, time, and training into it. They can play well by training their conscious mind.
SizeWhite Martians are enormous, bipedal beings that stand around 8 feet tall, but they can change their appearance.The Green Martians are the tallest race on Mars, with men reaching heights of up to fifteen feet and females reaching up to twelve feet.
Comparison Table

Are White Martians Stronger Than Kryptonians?

It is a complicated question as it depends entirely on the scriptwriter. People in the comic industry can quickly grasp this point of view. However, you are also the one who can understand it very well.

The feat and defeat can be narrated by understanding the writer’s vision. So it’s an assumption that Kryptonians are more vigorous, yet Martians have a more comprehensive range of abilities.

As Martians are vulnerable to fire, a touch of it can defeat them. It can be vice versa, too, depending on the plot. If Kryptonians could not utilize their heat vision, Martians would grow stronger. Therefore, it’s challenging to say that one is more potent than the other.

Why Did White Martians Kill Green Martians?

As aggressive creatures, White Martians are harsh and nasty beings that believe they are a dominant race over all other races.

They killed every one of the “lower beings” to demonstrate their superiority over them, and they even enjoyed other people’s pain.

A Green Martian

Many Green Martians were kidnapped and placed in camps where women, children, and useless men were burned alive. The survivors served as enslaved people. A council of white extraterrestrials oversees them.

However, despite their devastating nature, there were few exceptions. Some White Martians prevailed in justice, honor, and good morals, such as M’gann M’orzz.

Concluding Lines

  • Due to the storylines and characters they feature, Detective Comics, a subgenre of comic books, have become extremely popular.
  • This article explores a topic that isn’t frequently covered in contemporary comics because of their clashing lore. It highlights the distinction between White Martians and Green Martians.
  • These Martians possess intrinsic abilities like telepathy, superhuman speed, invisibility, and strength. They are inhabitants of Mars, generally, extraterrestrials who share our language and culture. They have been represented as being intelligent, vengeful, and decadent.
  • The White Martians were a venomous, unpleasant, brutal species; they always wanted to involve themselves in fights. On the other hand, Green Martians were peaceful creatures; they didn’t like war.
  • They either elevate themselves or bring others down. Even more so, viewing this loss in a terrible way.

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