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Amazon Essentials vs. Luvamia Women Jacket (Compared)

Amazon Essentials vs. Luvamia Women Jacket (Compared)

The Internet is a solution to all of our problems. After the Coronavirus and whatever the pandemic brought upon us, there was one thing that opened the gates of an extraordinary world: the Digital World.

Social media was always there, but shopping through digital means was not that common. Now that the masses appreciate the concept, we see everything on sale on the internet.

Amazon is not born just a few days back. The brand started its journey back in 1994 and made its way to where it is today. We all are aware of what Amazon is and what it does, but one thing that is still unknown to some people is its label, Amazon Essentials.

Amazon Essentials, as it goes by the name, has everything that can be counted as an essential to a human. In this article, we are particularly going to talk about Amazon Essential’s women’s jacket.

Another brand that this article will shed light on is Luvamia.

Luvamia is a women’s fashion retailer that has many things to offer in women’s clothing. The jackets in its outerwear range are amazing. Just by the look of them, you can tell that these are the choices of a modern and confident woman.

If we look closely, there are more similarities than differences between these brands. Curious to know them? Keep on reading.

A woman wearing a black denim Jacket
Denim Jackets in Different Styles

Comparison Between Amazon Essentials vs. Luvamia Women Jacket

It is likely to get more differences in brands when comparing than similarities. However, when we compare Amazon Essentials and Luvamia, there are more similarities than differences on the list.

Puffer Jacket
Comfort and Warmth at The Same Time

Let’s check out the similarities between the two brands.

Similarities Between Amazon Essentials and Luvamia Women Jacket

Similarities by Type

Browse around the official web pages of Amazon Essentials and Luvamia, and you will see that the types of jackets they offer are almost the same. The design is not the same, but the type sure is.

If you look at the table below, you will know what I am talking about.

Types of Women’s JacketAmazon EssentialsLuvamia
LeatherAmazon Essentials does have its fair share of stock of leather jackets.Luvamia has some great leather jackets that add style to your outerwear collection.
BomberBomber jackets are lightweight and easy to carry. Amazon Essential has some pilot-style bomber jackets for sale. Luvamia has short and ripped-from-the-collar bomber jackets. These jackets are opened from the front and have cuffs too.
DenimDenim is an all-time favorite jacket with slight changes in its design now and then. Denim fabric, generally known as jeans material is a highly demanding fabric for jackets. Now, denim jackets come in different colors too.
Blazer Amazon Essentials has blazer jackets for formal and informal wear.Luvamia makes all sorts of blazers that can be worn on special occasions or meetings.
TrenchTrench coats never go out of fashion. Amazon Essentials does have a good variety of trench jackets. Luvamia has some lightweight and modern-looking trench coats that promise style. These jackets are often worn in mild cold and to make a fashion statement.
ParkaThese jackets are worn in extreme climates. The hooded parka jackets are insulated with warm material.Parka jackets are somewhat long and so much warm. Furry hoods along with the entire jacket are very comforting.
PufferPuffer jackets give a feel of a comforter and Amazon Essential has these.These jackets come in different designs with the same feel.
Similarities by Type in Amazon Essentials and Luvamia’s Women’s Jacket

Amazon Essentials does have some more jackets than these, or you might say that the label has some different jackets with the combination of these jackets. Like button-down jackets, zippers, and hoodies.

Similarities by Price

When it comes to pricing, I find the Amazon Essentials and the Luvamia almost have the same price.

Amazon promises its customers to give deliverables at the best prices and the best possible quality. The focus of the brand is on controlling the price to the extent that the quality somewhat gets compromised.

Luvamia, on the other hand, has the same design and almost the same quality of product. The brands focus more on fashion and looks than anything else.

Check out this video and see some features of some of the Luvamia Women’s Jacket.

Luvamia Women’s Jacket

Differences Between Amazon Essentials and Luvamia Women’s Jacket

Means of Selling

Both brands are selling their products online and have no physical outlet anywhere whatsoever.

Amazon Essentials uses one platform alone, and that is its official web page. The brand does not use any third party or any other social media channel to sell out its commodity. If you have to buy an Amazon product, you have to go to their e-store to buy it.

Also, if there are people who are selling Amazon Essential’s women’s jackets out of the web page, they are doing it privately without any association with Amazon itself.

As for Luvamia, this brand has a private website but also has a store on Amazon, eBay, Ubuy, and Walmart, and private distributors are selling their jackets and more.

Luvamia is also not much into other social media channels and focuses all its energy on the web page and store it has. I am not sure if the brand is thinking of getting itself into the physical market or not, but it is doing quite well in the online world.

Leather Jacket
Classy and Modern Leather Jackets


When it comes to designing, I see many differences in both the brands’ jackets.

Amazon Essentials does have the basics in its hand that are designed with consideration for sure, but the brand is not focusing on fashion, which is evident.

Meanwhile, Luvamia is very particular about style and fashion. The main purpose behind the establishment of the brand is to elevate women’s fashion.

There is one thing that gets your attention when you go through the women’s jacket: the style of the collar in all of the jacket ranges is almost the same in every article. It looks like the brand is keeping its collar look as its signature.


  • Comparison does not necessarily mean comparing the differences. Sometimes, it’s about the similarities, too.
  • Amazon Essentials is a label by Amazon that has everything for everyone, including women’s jackets.
  • Luvamia is a women’s fashion brand with an impressive women’s jacket range.
  • Both brands almost have the same sort of jackets, with Amazon Essential having an edge in the variety of jackets.
  • Also, the pricing of both brands is almost the same. Not to ignore that the quality of both the brands is acknowledged by the customers too.
  • The focus of Amazon Essentials is on the pricing, while Luvamia focuses more on style.
  • Amazon Essentials and Luvamia are different. Like in their selling means. Amazon only sells through its platform. While Luvamia uses its portal, Amazon’s platform, and other private sellers to sell its goods.
  • The design of Amazon Essential is good but basic. Whereas the design of Luvamia is quite different and particular.

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