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As you can see, we cover a wide range of topics on

Occasionally, a brand might ask us to feature them in one of our articles.

If that happens, we make sure that the brand understands that, even if they pay, we reserve the right to report honestly about the product or service, including how it compares to a competing product or service. Our assessment might not be favorable for them, but they get what they get and they don’t get to influence the article.

We don’t accept payment to give an endorsement of any brand, product or service. If a brand pays to be featured, that’s all they get. We will feature them in an article, but we reserve our editorial right to give an honest and unbiased assessment of that brand, product or service.

Honesty and integrity is more important to me than making an extra few dollars to promote something that I don’t actually believe is good.

This is the editorial standard that you can expect from

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