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Spelling Matters: Haven’t or Havnt? Let’s Clarify

Spelling Matters: Haven’t or Havnt? Let’s Clarify

The difference between haven’t and Havnt is that the word haven’t is correct however Havnt is just a spelling mistake.

Yes. One is spelled correctly (haven’t) while the other one is spelled incorrectly (havn’t). The exact spelling of the abbreviation of the word “have not” is haven’t.

The only excluded letter, exemplified by the apostrophe, is the letter “o” of not. Contrarily, we would have to write hav’n’t, and that’s false, too. Soo ‘Haven’t” is a proper word. And “Havnt” doesn’t exist at all! It will be considered misspelled.

In any case, in written English, it is better to write out the full form, ‘have not’, rather than ‘haven’t’, which is utilized and accepted in the oral language.

Which One is Correct: Haven’t or Havnt?

A girl is choosing a book in which she can find out whether haven't word is correct or havnt.
Deciding whether haven’t is correct or havnt.

So basically, haven’t is the right word and is considered correct for the term ‘have not’ according to contemporary norms of informal prose, while Havn’t is incorrect. That’s the main difference between them.

Very vastly, because “havn’t” does not occur in any dictionary and in the English language. So it might just be a misstep. The word “Have not” is an auxiliary of the present perfect tense, and it’s utilized to say that you don’t have the knowledge of doing something or you have not (yet) completed a motion.

For Example, I have not visited Japan yet. Or, Why haven’t you completed your homework it has been delayed from two days?

In that significance, they are convertible. “Haven’t” is a short term used for “have not” for example; “I haven’t eaten yet.” On the other hand, “Havn’t” isn’t a word.

Girl holding a card that says "I haven't been everywhere but it's on my list. In short, you can make posts using haven't word
You can use haven’t in this form also.

The difference is that one is spelled correctly, and the other isn’t. Haven’t is spelled correctly. It’s, after all, the shortened version of ‘have not’. The apostrophe represents the missing letter ‘o’ = haven’t.

“Haven’t” is the accepted spelling of the contraction for “have not”. “Havn’t” is a typographical error.

The sole difference between haven’t and havnt is that ‘haven’t’ has another term which is ‘have not,’ which means [yet] accomplished or done [something].’ You can say from the context which meaning is aimed at by looking at whether an action or a thing interprets such a word. For example, I haven’t a clue is the same as I don’t have a clue.

Difference Between Haven’t and Have Not

People find many examples in which they can use haven’t. Here are some examples where you can use haven’t is;

“I have left my home a long time ago and have not returned home.” However, in this sentence, I can also say: “I have not been home for a long time.”

Though in my opinion, I can’t say: “I haven’t been home for a long time.”

Because “haven’t” means something which has not been completed.

However, the main difference between have not, and its constriction haven’t is the formality; constrictions like haven’t are deemed slight formal. But the meaning and method of both of them are the same. If you can easily say one, then you can easily communicate the other.

There’s no difference in saying between your paragraphs. The auxiliary verb “have” and the negative particle that is “not” can be rented without altering the meaning of the word and only rarely changing the practice.

We haven’t left the spot yet; we will be there in a short time. In my opinion, you shouldn’t use havnt in any case and after reading this article you will know that havnt isn’t found in any single dictionary and is grammatically incorrect. Other examples of haven’t are as follows:

  • I haven’t talked with him since we fought; should I?
  • I haven’t decided if I will choose biology or computer sciences for the Matric exams
  • I haven’t seen her since Monday morning

To know more about when to use haven’t and even understand the difference between haven’t and didn’t, here’s a video:

Didn’t Vs Haven’t? What is the difference and how to use them both correctly and fluently without grammatical errors?

Some Examples Where You Can Use Haven’t

Example of using haven’t in sentences
Sorry I haven’t answered yet.This explains that you are unable to answer the phone though you can also use have not.
Cade, I haven’t finished the dishes.The dishes were not being finished so the meaning of have not is yet to be completed.
Haven’t you ever made a mistake?This is a question that is asking if you never made a mistake?
We were requested to be at the spot before nine, yet we haven’t even reached midway.In this sentence, the word haven’t is used to tell that the task is yet to be accomplished.
You haven’t been good. We’ve taken you for granted, haven’t we?In this the person is using haven’t both as a question and as a statement
Haven’t you heard of him?You can use haven’t also as asking about the other person.
Haven’t used in sentences and its explanation

Final Thoughts

As I’ve mentioned above, the word Haven’t is correct while the word Havnt is incorrect as this word isn’t included in any dictionary. So if you write this spelling, the other person will automatically predict that it’s a spelling mistake.

It isn’t correct to write ‘havn’t.’ It would be best always to write ‘haven’t,’ which is a shortening of ‘have not.’ The question of distinction is raised when the current words must be appropriate. Here, the second word is completely incorrect.

So it would be better if you don’t confuse yourself with the difference between haven’t and havnt. As haven’t is the short form of have not and o isn’t included. Have not or haven’t basically means something is yet to be completed or something that needs to be done such as I haven’t cooked anything yet.

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