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Amazon Essentials Vs. GeGekoko Women Jacket (Comparison)

Amazon Essentials Vs. GeGekoko Women Jacket (Comparison)

Jackets are an all-time favorite extra layer for everyone, and women are not behind in showing their inclementness towards jackets.

There are many brands out there that are solely focusing on women’s wear, and when it comes to an extra layer of protection in winter, a jacket is the perfect solution.

Jackets are not only practical but look great as well, and now, with advancements in almost everything, we see different kinds of jackets out there in the market.

With this much liking for a clothing item and so much demand for it, the manufacturers are increasing in number with every passing day.

Those manufacturers who promise quality and serve it well are the ones who sustain in the market. For this article, we have our eyes glued on the women’s jackets Amazon Essentials and GeGekoko have to offer.

Amazon Essentials and GeGekoko have got the attention of most of their target audience. Let’s figure out why!

Black Jacket
Black Jacket

Amazon Essentials vs. GeGekoko Women Jacket

As I always say, Amazon Essentials has everything for everyone. When the retailer launched its essential extension, it aimed to provide something for everyone. So, the product range of them is huge.

Amazon was established back in 1994, which is unbelievable, right? The brand was not recognized until recently. The growth that Amazon reached is due to its constant struggle to lead the market with innovative ideas.

While GeGekoko solely focuses on women’s attire, this brand also has sweatshirts, summer tops, cardigans, and dresses in very comfortable fabric.

GeGekoko is a relatively new brand with the potential to skyrocket itself with time and through learning from the market itself. GeGekoko sure has some great reviews from the buyers. One of the reasons behind the success of this brand is its association with Amazon itself.

Difference Between Amazon Essentials and GeGekoko Women’s Jacket

A woman wearing a puffed Jacket
Pink Puffer Jacket

Amazon Essentials is a private label by Amazon itself, and GeGekoko is a relatively new brand with no actual private website to cater to its market.

These brands are very different from each other yet have similarities. Let’s see the difference between both the retailers of women’s jackets.

Types of Jackets

Amazon Essentials

Amazon Essentials has a great variety of jackets. The customers of this label like the fact that this retailer has so many options from which people can choose.

The following types of jackets are available on Amazon Essentials.

  • Denim Jackets: Denim jackets are a must, given their classic look and stylish feel. Denim jackets are an all-time thing!
  • Puffer Jackets: Puffer jackets are puffing and comfortable ones. The puffed material makes the jacket lightweight and easy to wear.
  • Fleece Jackets: Fleece material is warm and comfortable. These jackets are worn in extreme cold conditions.
  • Softshell Jackets: Softshell jackets are used to protect the actual dress from dust and other harm to the environment. These jackets are the ones that people often wear for camping or while riding a bike.
  • Rain Coats: Raincoats are a must for the regions where it often rains. Hence, Amazon Essentials does have these jackets for their beloved audience.
  • Windbreaker Jackets: Windbreakers are somewhat like soft-shell jackets. These jackets help the wind to stay outside. These jackets are often worn to protect the formal wear from damage before the actual event.

Check this review about women’s jackets by Amazon Essentials.

Should you buy Amazon Essentials women’s fleece jacket?

GeGekoko Women Jacket

GeGekoko is a relatively newer brand than many in the market. Hence, the producers of the brand are playing on a few grounds.

GeGekoko only has one sort of women’s jacket: a Puffer Jacket with Long Sleeves. GeGekoko jackets have many color options to choose from, but the design and material are the same.

Puffer jackets are extremely comfortable and warm. These jackets are often warm in very cold weather. The material of the jacket is puffy and gives a feeling of a comforter.

These jackets are water-resistant, long-sleeved, lightweight, and made with 100% polyester. The sizes are available from small to extra-large, making it convenient for any woman to shop from this brand.

JA black puffer jacket
Grey Long Jacket


Amazon Essentials

The main focus of Amazon Essentials is to sell goods that are light on the pockets of their customers, and the brand, like everything else, managed to get its way by bringing its ideology into reality.

The pricing of Amazon Essentials is what general people can afford. So, one can get the best at the best price with Amazon and its newly launched label.

Amazon Essentials has great reviews from people, especially in this context, which is saying something in the era of booming inflation.

GeGekoko Women Jacket

The GeGekoko women’s jackets are one of a kind, with amazing quality and moderate pricing.

The price of all its jackets is the same as all of them have the same features with a color change. The jacket by GeGekoko will cost you $55.90, which is not as expensive as a high-end brand is offering.

However, when comparing the prices of GeGekoko and Amazon Essentials, the latter proves to be cheaper.

Though the quality of the GeGekoko jackets is quite impressive, we do not see many reviews on their jackets. Maybe this is because of their limited target audience and the fact that the brand is still struggling to reach its audience.


Amazon Essentials

Amazon Essentials is a personal brand of Amazon, which we all know is an online retailer. Just like all the other stuff, Amazon Essentials can be bought on Amazon’s official website.

Amazon is not affiliated with any third party for selling its goods. However, if a dealer is doing so, they must be doing it without authorization and must be charging extra as a commission.

Amazon is operative in most parts of the world. Still, some regions are waiting for Amazon to start selling its commodity in their region.

GeGekoko Women’s Jacket

GeGekoko does not have a separate web page to sell their women’s collection or their women’s jackets if talking particularly about them.

The following table will enlighten you on the platforms the brand uses to sell its jackets.

Platforms GeGekoko Uses to Sell Women’s JacketDetails
AmazonAmazon is one of the best distributors of this brand and many others.
UBuyUBuy is becoming more and more common but the operations of this retailer are not widespread on a big scale. The target market of the retailer is still to be expanded.
eBayeBay is a name needs no introduction. GeGekoko is also using this means to sell their women’s jackets and more.
Private SellersSome retailers privately buy the branded jackets and sell them personally. Small businesses do that often because big names can catch attention more easily.
Platforms GeGekoko Uses to Sell Women’s Jacket


  • Amazon Essentials and GeGekoko are two brands that have quality women’s jackets to offer to their clientele.
  • The audience they target is mostly the same.
  • One thing that gives Amazon a bit of an edge is the fact that they have more options to give to their people, while GeGekoko does not have that much to offer.
  • When it comes to pricing, both brands are not very pricey, but Amazon Essential is a bit more pocket-friendly than GeGekoko.

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