Amazon Essentials Vs. Sexycherry Women Jacket (Compared)

Covid-19 has brought not only a virus with itself but many other things as well, such as inflation, a sense of remote working, and online stores.

Amazon was introduced to people in 1997. Can you believe it? This online retailer was in the market long before getting recognition, and once it got the hype, the brand kept on succeeding with its innovation and constant change process.

Amazon Essential Women's Jacket
Get the Best With Amazon

Amazon had many competitors in Covid, and the competition is only getting fiercer with time. One of the online clothing retailers that go by the name “Sexycherry” has been operating in the market for not long, yet it has made its place through quality products and a good range of women’s clothing.

However, the main platform the brand chooses to sell its products on is Amazon itself. You are not going to even find an official page for their products.

Amazon Essentials and Sexycherry both have a variety of women’s clothing items in their stores, but today, we are going to discuss their range of women’s jackets specifically.

Interested in knowing more? Read ahead.

Amazon Essentials vs Sexycherry

Amazon Essentials and Sexycherry are both online retailers that have a variety of products to offer to their customers.

The one difference that comes to the top of my head is that Amazon sells everything for everyone. Meanwhile, Sexycherry only sells clothing items for women, and that, too, is very, very alluring.

A woman wearing a camouflage jacket

Both brands offer good quality jackets.

Amazon Essentials and Sexycherry both have some exclusive women’s jackets in their stocks, and people are flaunting them. The target audience for both brands is somewhat the same and somewhat different.

Types of Jackets

Amazon Essentials

Amazon Essentials have a good variety of women’s jackets in their stock.

  • Fleece Jackets: Fleece material is a good choice for cold weather as it helps the body to stay warm. The Fleece jackets are comfortable, soft, and warm to keep their owner happy.
  • Rain Coats: Coats for rainy weather are a must, and some regions of the world are always rainy. Amazon Essentials has everything for everyone.
  • Softshell Jackets: These lightweight jackets are used as a soft shell, as goes by the name, to protect the dress you are wearing. These are mostly the ones that you see bikers wearing.
  • Windbreaker Jackets: Windbreakers are also casual jackets worn by people to stop the wing from affecting the dress.
  • Denim Jackets: People also know this material as jeans fabric. This one is a classic and can be worn in moderate cold.
  • Puffer Jackets: This quilt kind of jacket is soft, puffy, and super comfortable. The puffer jackets are puffy in appearance.

Here is a review of one of the jackets by Amazon Essentials.

Amazon Essentials’ Puffer Jacket

Sexy cherry

When it comes to the women’s fashion retailer Sexycherry, it does not have as much variety in its jacket section as Amazon Essentials has.

It is possible that the brand’s target audience only requires the two types of jackets they are offering, or maybe the brand does not feel the need to enhance its product line with more variety.

Whatever it is and whatever the brand is serving, they are serving in the best quality. The following category of jackets is what Sexycherry is offering.

  • Denim Jackets: With denim, nothing can go wrong. Sexycherry offers some amazing articles for its denim jacket range.
  • Camo Jacket: This military-inspired print is meant to empower women and let them believe in themselves. Also, this print sure is an all-time favorite and is a safe purchase for customers and a safe product for producers.


Quality matters the most, no matter what you are up for buying. The same goes for the Amazon essentials and the women’s jacket by Sexyheery.

Amazon Essentials

Amazon Essentials intends to provide the best of things to its people, and when the brand is up for providing the best, quality is assured to be good.

One thing that Amazon focuses on and prioritizes over everything is that the product is pocket-friendly. Because of the brand’s emphasis on keeping the pricing low, they somehow keep the manufacturing budget low, too, because, obviously, no one wants to be at a loss.

However, this does not in any way mean that the Amazon Essentials are not good in quality. The women’s jackets available by Amazon Essentials are great in quality, it is just, that they are not as good as some high-end brands that we know of and which are hell expensive.

Sexy cherry

Sexycherry is a well-recognized brand of women’s fashion, and its jackets are, without a doubt, one of the best in the market.

The brand has the quality to offer but in limited capacity. This means that the range of women’s jackets from Sexycherry ends in two variations. Although its camo jackets are subdivided into multiple categories, the options are minimal.

However, the quality of their jackets is amazing and caters to a specific target audience. Also, the jackets, their design, and the material used are very basic.

The brand sure is alluring and sexy, but the material is somewhat something you will find in every other brand.


Amazon Essentials

As said before, the main focus of Amazon is to produce women’s jackets that are light on the pocket. The products in the list of Amazon Essentials are not very costly like other fancy pant brands are charging their buyers.

The price range of Amazon Essentials women’s jackets varies from jacket to jacket, depending on different variables.

Sexy cherry

The Sexycherry jackets start from as low as $17 and go up and beyond till $40 plus. We have seen brands charging more than this amount.

The price of the women’s jacket by Sexycherry is justified by all means, given people love their products, especially their jackets.

Whenever you plan on buying anything online, check the reviews. Sexy Cherry has got some good ones.

Denim Jacket
The Classic Denim


Amazon Essentials

Amazon Essentials are available on Amazon and in certain countries only. There is no way you can get an Amazon Essential from someplace else unless an unauthorized seller is acting like a middle-person.

Sexy cherry

Sexycherry is an online women’s apparel seller. The brand does not have a website of its own, but it uses different platforms to sell its jackets and more.

Platforms that Sell SexycherryDetails
AmazonAlibaba, too, has Sexycherry’s product line for sale in their listings.
UBuyUBuy is another platform that has authentic Sexycherry jackets and more.
AlibabaAlibaba too has Sexycherry’s product line for sale in their listings.
Other UnknownOther authorized and unauthorized websites also sell this online seller’s products but those people keep a chunk of their profit added to the actual price.
Platforms that Sell Sexycherry and Their Details


  • Both Amazon Essentials and Sexycherry are online retailers.
  • While Sexycherry only has a women’s range, Amazon Essentials does have something for everyone.
  • Amazon Essentials sells its products on its platform, while Sexycherry uses Amazon and a few other platforms to sell its women’s jackets.
  • The cost of both the seller’s jackets is not as much as other fancy brands.
  • The quality of both brands is good as they almost have the same target audience.
  • When it comes to the types of women’s jackets, Amazon has more options, while Sexycherry has only two jacket variants to offer.

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