Is There A Difference Between An Aksaray Malaklisi And A Turkish Kangal? (Answered)

There are differences between a Turkish Kangal and an Aksaray Malaklisi. Since they both come from the Molosser breed group and have been recognized for their devotion and guarding propensities, they differ in terms of personality and historical past.

Turkish Kangal and Aksaray Malaklisi are two widely recognized dog breeds that evolved there. These dogs have a well-deserved reputation for being reputable watchdogs; thanks to their dominating size and fierce defensiveness.

Considering their similarities, it is necessary to comprehend the distinctions between them to be able to make well-informed possession decisions.

Let’s look into the qualities, history, and distinctive features of the Turkish Kangal and the Aksaray Malaklisi in this article. Let’s get started and keep reading until the end of this blog post.

Characteristics and Origins

Aksaray Malaklisi and Turkish Kangal have different characteristics, abilities, and features.

The Malaklisi and the Kangal are both Turkish dog breeds, albeit the Kangal is thought to be taller and heavier.

Aksaray Malaklisi

The Aksaray region of central Turkey is where the Aksaray Malaklisi first came into being. It was mainly produced to protect livestock, especially from dangerous attackers like wolves and bears.

This breed stands out by its solid bone structure, powerful physique, and strong build. The normal Aksaray Malaklisis has a short, thick coat which assists them to endure their harsh environment.

They are renowned for their outstanding intellect, protective demeanor, and commitment to their families.

Turkish Kangal

The Turkish Kangal was originally raised in the Kangal neighborhood of Sivas, Turkey, hence its name.

The Kangal is a breed of Molosser produced for livestock protection, much like the Aksaray Malaklisi. With a robust frame and a recognizable broad head, canals are larger and more powerful than Aksaray Malaklisi.

They have protection from severe weather by their usually dense, medium-length coat. Turkish Kangals are widely recognized for having a peaceful and collected attitude as well as ferocious loyalty and strong defensive instincts.

Kangal vs. Malakli Dog Breeds

Unique Traits

  • Size:

Male Turkish Kangals usually weigh above 140 pounds (63 kg), which makes them bigger and more intimidating than Aksaray Malaklisis.

On another hand, Aksaray Malaklisis males typically weigh about 110 pounds (50 kg), which makes them slightly smaller.

  • Temperament:

Because both breeds have powerful defensive instincts, Aksaray Malaklisis are more aggressive and may be harsher towards strangers than Turkish Kangals. However, early interaction and training can help reduce any possible concerns with violence.

  • Coat:

Both breeds could potentially be trained with appropriate techniques because they are bright and anxious to please their owners.

However, because of their analytical skills and enthusiasm to pick up fresh commands and tasks, Aksaray Malaklisis are frequently thought to be extremely trainable.

  • Working Ability:

In comparison to the Turkish Kangal’s medium-length and dense coat, the Aksaray Malaklisi’s smaller thicker coat requires fewer treatments.

The Kangal’s coat may need to be combed more frequently to stop clumping and maintain its best condition.

  • Trainability:

Both breeds are outstanding at looking after cattle, however, they could have somewhat distinct working habits.

While Turkish Kangals have been identified for their calmer, more focused working demeanor, Aksaray Malaklisis are renowned for their agility and fast responsiveness to possible dangers.

Learn more about the differences between these two dog breeds in the table below.

AspectAksaray Malaklisi Turkish Kangal
TemperamentProtective and assertiveProtective and calm
Intelligence Highly intelligentHighly intelligent
Working Ability Suitable for livestock guardingSuitable for livestock guarding
AggressionMore likely to be aggressive towards strangersLess likely to be aggressive toward strangers
CoatShort and denseMedium-length and dense
Differences Between Aksaray Malaklisi And Turkish Kangal

Are Kangal Dogs Good Family Pets?

Kangal dogs were originally developed as working livestock keepers and have a strong guarding instinct.

Although they can develop personal connections with their families and make dedicated friends, they might not be right for all families. Kangals need knowledgeable owners who can give them the right training, socialization, and environment.

To make certain that they can adapt effectively to family life given their size, strength, and protective nature, early and lasting socialization is essential.

Kangal Dogs Need Special Training

Are Aksaray Malaklisi Dogs Good With Children?

Children and Aksaray Malaklisi dogs may create close relationships. They can be compassionate and accommodating with youngsters while still being generally watchful of them.

However, because of their size and defensive attitude, observing how Aksaray Malaklisi dogs act with kids is essential.

To make certain they are adequately socialized and trained from a young age, as well as to make sure they know how to act around children and other family members.

How Much Exercise Do Kangal Dogs Need?

Being an active breed, Kangal dogs demand daily exercise to keep their bodies and minds occupied.

They demand daily walks, plays, and the ability to run freely in a safe, secure environment because they have medium to high exercise needs.

Due to their inherent safeguard tendencies, it’s vital to keep them under constant control during exercise and in a safe setting to stop them from straying or acting territorially.

Do Aksaray Malaklisi Dogs Get Along With Other Animals?

When among other animals, particularly dogs, Aksaray Malaklisi dogs may be reserved or pushy.

Because of their strong safeguarding impulses, Aksaray Malaklisi dogs may be reticent or assertive around other animals, especially dogs.

To help them form wholesome connections with other animals, early interaction is crucial. They can get along with other pets in the same home with the right referrals and training.

It’s essential to keep in mind that every dog’s temperament is unique, and certain Aksaray Malaklisi dogs may be less tolerant of animals outside of their own family. This is because the dog’s behaviors may vary depending on various factors.

How Much Exercise Do Aksaray Malaklisi Dogs Need?

Dogs of the Aksaray Malakli breed demand moderate to intense exercise.

To maintain them mentally as well as physically active, take them for daily walks, stimulate them in play, and provide them with the chance to run in a safe, secure environment.

Regular physical activity stops them from getting bored and lets them put away their energy for good. However, it’s vital to take into account their health as well as the particular needs of each dog, as excessive effort might result in strain or issues with their joints.

Thus, it is essential to observe them and take note of how much physical activity or exercise they can handle over a certain period of time.


  • Both the Aksaray Malaklisi and Turkish Kangal are breeds that safeguard livestock in Turkey.
  • Aksaray Malaklisi seems to be more tiny outspoken, and aggressive toward strangers.
  • Larger, less noisy, and with a more calm disposition than other Kangals, Turkish Kangals are.
  • Turkish Kangals have a medium-length, thick coat, while Aksaray Malaklisi has a smaller, less thick coat.
  • Both kinds are easily handled and very bright animals.
  • Both breeds demand sufficient interaction, and training, along with accountable ownership.

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