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Deciphering the Distinctions: Googler, Noogler, and Xoogler

Deciphering the Distinctions: Googler, Noogler, and Xoogler

Google, which has more than 70,000 employees worldwide, is no exception and has countless unique terms employees use with one another.

These unofficial funky-sounding words are actually terminologies used in the IT world, especially by google employees, to describe the status of a person who works at google. Think of them as nicknames attributed to levels in a game, except in this case; the level is the amount of experience of the employee.

In short, these are what the terms individually mean.

  • Googler: Is given to a person who is currently employed and working at Google.
  • Noogler: This title is given to people who are currently working and employed by google; however, they are newly hired and have been working for under a year, essentially classifying them as “new googlers,” aka “Nooglers.”
  • Xoogler: These are the people who used to work for Google and are currently ex-employees of google. This title usually means that the person connected with it is relatively experienced in the IT world.

Now that we have gotten the terminologies out of the way join me as we dive deeper!

What is a Noogler?

A Noogler is an endearing nickname given to interns or employees that have recently joined Google.

It is a quirky way to celebrate their achievement of joining such a reputable company, alongside the funny nickname they are also provided with colorful hats that are fitted with propellers. Now that’s one way to make a first impression.

How long is Someone a Noogler For?

Every Noogler is paired with a mentor who has achieved success within the company. It is someone who has taken a pre-planned course on typical new hire needs and assimilation.

At first, the mentor is just a friendly face to meet them at the end of their first day that explains to them the facilities of their workplace. Their formal relationship, on the other hand, lasts an average of three months

After that, it depends on how quickly the “Noogler” adapts to their team and the work culture. Furthermore, there is no official difference between Noogler and Googler.

There is no specific length of time before you’re no longer a Noogler ( an upper bound of 1 year is agreed on). If something is only available to Googlers (for example, certain mailing lists), Nooglers are also eligible for the same facilities.

However, the average “Noogler” stays a Noogler for around half a year to a full year. Also bear in mind that, Noogler is not an actual designation or status.

Here’s a video that perfectly captures the exciting entrance of Nooglers into Google:

It’s pretty interesting!

What is the Noogler Hat?

The first day at a new employer can be daunting wherever you work. At Google, new starters’ first week means being called a Noogler. which is a bit more challenging. Wearing a rainbow hat with a propeller on the top and the word Noogler embroidered across it.

Luckily for them, they only have to wear their Noogler’s hat at their first TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday) meeting. It’s a fun way to welcome the nervous software engineer into the legendary workspace that is associated with Google.

What is Googler?

A Googler as aforementioned is the nickname given to a person that currently works at Google. It is a full-time employee at the company. Even though Google employs around 135,000 employees.

Googlers are rare to come by, as Google has extremely rigorous checking and screening criteria they use to filter out all incompatible applicants. So it’s no surprise that the tech giant receives roughly three million applications per year.

With an acceptance rate of 0.2%, you’d have a better chance of getting into an IVY League university like Harvard or MIT. So if you do come across a googler, take a selfie with them, they’re rarer than unicorns.

What is a Xoogler?

An Ex-Googler (or Xoogler) is a former employee of Google. The term is typically used positively, such as when referring to new ventures by Google alumni, rather than derogatorily to belittle, say, terminated employees.

Xooglers, that have worked at google are practically able to get a job in the IT industry everywhere. After all, someone who has worked for Google is bound to be experienced and intelligent. Two traits that almost every IT company in the world looks for in an engineer.

How Much Do Googlers Make?

Google Salaries
Google Salaries!

The highest-paid job at Google is Director of Finance, which pays $600,000 per year, and the lowest-paid job is Receptionist, which pays $37,305 per year.

At Google, the highest paid job is a Director of Finance at $600,000 annually and the lowest is a Receptionist at $37,305 annually.

Average Google salaries by department include: Finance at $104,014, Operations at $83,966, Marketing at $116,247, and Business Development at $207,494. Half of Google’s salaries are above $134,386.

With a company as large and technologically advanced as Google, it’s no surprise they pay their employees handsomely.

Here’s a data table depicting the average salary by departments:

Department Average estimated salary (annual)
Product Department$209,223 
Engineering Department$183,713
Marketing Department $116,247
Design Department $117,597 
Operations Department$83,966 
Admin Department$44,931
Hope this helps!

Why Do Many Googlers Become Xooglers?

Google offers some of the highest salaries in the IT world. As well as provides a hospitable and friendly work environment, that people would die for. It’s not surprising to hear that many Googlers choose to quit their prestigious positions.

After only a few years of working at Google. Why is that?

There can be many reasons, such as:

  • They want to take on more responsibility and have determined that Google would not provide them with that opportunity.
  • They’re not interested in any of Google’s products, and would rather work on something else.
  • They want to specialize in a particular domain and have determined that they don’t have that opportunity at Google.
  • Someone else offered them more money.
  • They had a bad experience with their manager or HR, and they no longer want to work for a company that tolerates such behavior.
  • They’ve realized that they don’t actually enjoy software engineering, or don’t find it meaningful.
  • The workload and stress had made them feel burnout which causes them to feel unsatisfied with their current position

Can Xooglers Become Googlers?

Handshaking in job application
Handshake for a done deal or job application.

Well, we have talked about how googlers go on to become Xooglers, can the opposite happen? Is that possible or leaving Google for other opportunities a permanent decision?

When they leave, their manager and others in your direct management chain will make a decision about whether or not their resignation was “regretted” — i.e., whether or not the manager believed the employee should have stayed or not.

If their resignation was regretted, then rejoining as an SWE at their current level within some reasonable amount of time (a small number of years) will be pretty easy and generally won’t require an interview.

The usual process is to reach out to their ex-manager. If their attrition was non-regretted, then rejoining will be very difficult.

Even with a successful interview day, the fact that their old managers don’t necessarily want them back weights a lot when deciding whether or not to rehire a Xoogler.

But daunting as it may seem, It is quite possible for Xooglers to get re-enrolled into Google. Google also gives extra attention and care to bringing back Xooglers that had high potential.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, the things to remember from this article are:

  • These terminologies are unofficial nicknames used to describe the status of an employee at Google, they are an endearing way to refer to someone and these nicknames help build up trust and familiarity in the various teams of google
  • Googler is a person who is a current employee at Google.
  • Noogler is also a current employee, however, has recently joined the Google team.
  • Xooglers are ex-employees of the company.
  • Google’s work culture promotes the usage of such terms, Google is said to be one of the highest-ranking IT companies in terms of work ethics and a friendly working environment.

I hope this helps you know the differences between those three terminologies.

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