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The Atlantic vs. The New Yorker (Magazine Comparison)

The Atlantic vs. The New Yorker (Magazine Comparison)

The Atlantic and the New Yorker are two magazines in the US. Both can be considered repositories of a lot of great reporting.

There are many differences between the two magazines. These include different audiences, journalistic strategies, and content. Both magazines are individual publications with differing focuses.

For instance, one main difference between the two is that the New Yorker has more articles related to fiction, poetry, humor, and arts. Whereas, the Atlantic started as a literary magazine and is now related to more general interest articles.

If you’re thinking of subscribing to one of them but can’t make a decision, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll be highlighting all the differences you need to know between the magazines The New Yorker and The Atlantic.

So, let’s get right to it!

What are the Differences Between The New Yorker and The Atlantic Magazine?

A major difference between the Atlantic and the New Yorker magazine is in the content they produce. While the New Yorker covers news as a part of daily life, the Atlantic covers more general interest topics.

The New Yorker is known for having a better relationship with fiction, poetry, humor, satire, and art when compared to the Atlantic magazine. However, the Atlantic covers this subject as cultural news.

The difference also lies in their audiences. The New Yorker was created for specifically the urban and urban population. Its main target was a subset of people who are smart and literate.

On the other hand, the Atlantic focused on a wider audience. This magazine was edited for all smart and literate people everywhere who cared about important things.

Moreover, according to a few reviews, the Atlantic is thought to be more provocative. This means that people believe that this particular magazine is more aware of the need for change or action. They believe that it’s more valuable.

Whereas the New Yorker is believed to be more thought-provoking.

The New Yorker’s content has always been highly subjective. People appreciated the fact that this magazine never pretended to be unbiased. Rather, it provided verifiable facts for its extreme satire.

Divergent Editorial Directions and Author Profiles

Although, many people believe that over the years, the New Yorker has lost its charm. They believe that now it’s a leading post-modern hysteria.

Rather than providing its own take on a subject, the New Yorker now succumbs to a particular audience in order to please it.

Furthermore, the Atlantic wants to be more accessible to a wider audience. This is why it also focuses on a wider spectrum of issues. According to reviews, throughout the 1990s, the Atlantic was thought to be the finest cultural interest magazine.

However, it has also collapsed due to its recent publishing of baseless propaganda and unsupported verifications.

Lastly, the difference also lies in their writers. The New Yorker has an all-star lineup of writers.

They’re very recognizable, such as Vladimir Nabokov and Annie Proulx. The magazine also publishes non-fiction pieces written by Edwidge Danticat.

On the other hand, the Atlantic isn’t providing a spotlight to the established writers, rather, it’s offering work for the up-and-comers. Many of its authors are emerging.

However, while many people find this impressive, others believe that the magazine is losing its credibility.

Who is the Audience of The Atlantic Magazine?

According to the Atlantic, their content is aimed at people who have brave thinking and an appreciation for bold ideas.

The Atlantic is an American magazine and multi-platform publisher, which Laurene Powell Jobs owns. It was founded in 1857. At the time, its main aim was to cover topics like slavery, Education, and other political affairs.

However, over the years the company expanded to topics like culture, news, health, and politics. This was due to the low sales and conversion rates in the late 20th century.

A businessman, David G Bradley, purchased the Atlantic and rebuilt it into a magazine. Their target demographic was people who were “serious natural leaders” and “thought leaders”.

The Atlantic has a male viewership of 59% and a female viewership of 41%. The age median for this magazine is 50 years. Take a look at this table of statistics about this magazine’s readers:

PercentageViewership Status
77%Minimum college degree
41%Postgraduate degree
46%Household income of $100,000+
14%Household income of $200,000+
Above is the breakdown of The Atlantic magazine’s viewership.

The Atlantic believes that its readers come from affluent and accomplished backgrounds. It refers to its viewers as those who are a part of the country’s most influential thought leaders. They believe that these people are representative of a vital audience in the country.

A conclusion reached based on its mission statement is that the magazine targets industry leaders. It wants to gain recognition from those who are in power and have influence.

Why is the New Yorker Magazine so Popular?

The New Yorker is regarded as one of the most influential magazines in the world today. It’s popular for its in-depth reporting as well as political and cultural commentary. It also provides stories related to fiction, poetry, as well as humor.

New Yorker magazine is also very popular for its illustrated and often topical covers. These covers are very well designed.

People appreciate its attention to modern fiction. This is because it includes short stories and literary reviews.

This American weekly magazine is well known for providing a variety of literary fare and humor.

It has also gained immense popularity because of the fact that it’s considered very ethical. The magazine is rigorous in fact-checking and copy-editing. This adds credibility and validity to their stories.

New Yorker’s Credible Journalism and Entertainment Mix

It goes on to show that the magazine holds journalistic integrity over important issues like politics and social affairs. As they were able to build this trustworthy rapport with their viewers, the magazine became one of the most popular ones.

The magazine is extremely prominent worldwide. The New Yorker offers a wide range of reporting, cultural explanations, and political criticism.

It’s considered one of the best. Not only because it provides relevant news information but also offers journalistic entertainment. For instance, poems, fiction, and comedy.

Moreover, the New Yorker doesn’t compromise on its stories and makes sure to offer excellence that will inspire readers.

If you’re thinking about this magazine being worth your money or not, then I would say it is! It’s one of the only few magazines which fulfills its responsibility of providing accurate and true news.

Vogue Magazine
Vogue: A famous magazine for entertainment and news.

Who Typically Reads the New Yorker?

The New Yorker always aimed for an elite readership. Even though it was created by a bunch of editors and writers who themselves came from middle-class America. They wanted to reach a significant audience of middle-class readers with upper-class aspirations.

Many people believe that this magazine is for a sophisticated, educated, and liberal audience. This is because of its erudite articles, which range from politics to culture.

Although their cartoons are famous, even these cartoons are usually quite intellectual. They can only be truly appreciated by those who have a rare taste.

Moreover, the poetry is also difficult to read. If this magazine only wants to target a specific audience that’s elite in nature, then what is its appeal?

Well, the reason why this magazine is popular is that it’s unique. It’s considered a very well-informed magazine with all cultural listings from theatre to exhibitions. Furthermore, it also has very reliable reviews.

So, while it may target a narrow demographic, the magazine still managed to build a trustworthy reputation.

Is The Atlantic Scholarly?

Well, the Atlantic approves unsolicited manuscripts. Due to this, there’s potential for LIS authors to offer library news and events to a general audience. The Atlantic isn’t a scholarly journal.

However, it has been in publication for over 160 years and has established itself as a prestigious magazine.

These popular magazines publish writers who are experts in their field. The Atlantic is one of the good examples of such magazines. Due to this magazine’s authorial expertise, it can be regarded as a scholarly source.

This is because the articles published are in-depth and well-researched. They can be used as useful secondary resources.

Many factors distinguish the Atlantic from other magazines. Firstly, it’s a bold and sophisticated magazine.

Its articles have wittiness and references to political trends. The magazine is well-known as a news source.

Academics and other experts write scholarly sources. These contribute to knowledge in a particular field. This is because they share new research findings, theories, insights, as well as news.

Now, scholarly sources can be either primary or secondary research. While the Atlantic isn’t a scholarly journal, it can be used as a secondary resource!

Take a quick look at this video reviewing the Atlantic magazine:

It’s quite informative!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the important details of the article are:

  • The New Yorker Magazine and The Atlantic have different content.
  • The Key Difference is they target different people and talk about different things.
  • New Yorker is for city folks who like stories, humor, and art.
  • Atlantic Magazine is for lots of different smart people all over the world.
  • The Atlantic is perceived as more daring, and the New Yorker as more thinking.
  • People say the New Yorker changed over time, and the Atlantic worsened.
  • Atlantic readers are smart and rich leaders.
  • New Yorker is popular among people as they like it for true stories and good writers.

I hope this article helps you decide which magazine is worth your money.

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