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What Does A 5’10” And 5’6″ Height Difference Look Like? (Explained)

What Does A 5’10” And 5’6″ Height Difference Look Like? (Explained)

Well, when a two or an inch height difference is quite noticeable then 4 inches will be highly differentiable.

If a guy is 5’10”, his nose will be at the top of the head of the 5’6″ woman. This height difference is more common in couples these days. 

If you encounter a couple where the lady is 3 or 4 inchs taller than the man then the man may get titles like girly, undesireable and less masculiine.

According o official numberaverage height index for American men is 5’9″ inches, and 5’4″ for women. Let me tell you that more than 70 percent of women, whether taller and shorter, prefer men of taller height. On the other hand, surprisingly men are more likely to get attracted to shorter women. And unsurprisingly, even women below 5 feet are likely to prefer taller guys.

In this article, I’m going to deep dive into the factors that affect your height and what is the ideal height difference in couples. 

Let’s get into it…

Ideal Height Difference For Couples

Ideal height for couples
There’s no ideal height for couples. It depends on your personal preference.

According to research, several factors determine whether a relationship may work or not and to your surprise, height is one of them. 

Everyone has a height preference that they consider before dating a person. For this very reason, dating apps have a height filter among other factors.

If you’re wondering what height difference is ideal for couples, you should note that there’s no formula, and it varies from person to person. 

The couple height difference you’ll see in classical Hollywood movies is 2 to 3 inches. Women with a taller height preference are left with very few options because there are very few men above 6 feet. 

When you prefer any variable, you’re limiting your options for which you sometimes blame God for not sending someone suitable in your life. In reality, it’s your strict preferences that need to be blamed. But what is seen usually is that masses are not ready to compromise even on such miniscule matters. Additionally, height comes secondary in the matter of hearts. 

Why Do Women Prefer Taller Guys?

It’s important to mention that the majority of women prefer taller guys. You’re probably wondering why women don’t prefer shorter guys. Here’s what I’ve found;

  • They won’t get approval from people
  • They feel less feminine and acknowledged with shorter guys
  • They can’t wear heels
  • It is to believe that larger guys can protect them because they’ve more strength

Now, let me tell you that these concerns are only legitimate when you care so much about your self-image and want to please people. 

It’s not always accurate that only a big guy can protect you. I’ve seen some short guys stronger than big guys. Lastly, height cannot affect your masculine energy. 

Does height really matters?

What Factors Affect Your Height?

Our average height has increased from what people used to be in the 18th century. There’s a 4 inches increase in the height of the people. 

Though, the reason why a huge evolution in height has been witnessed is somewhat related to wealth. The average height in developed countries is higher than in under-developed countries. This is because people in developed countries have access to a better quality of life with nutrient rich diets that lead to optimum growth of body.

Average Height (Female)Average Height (Male)
South Africa5’2″5’6″
United States5’4″5’9″
Average height in different countries

After genetics, nutrition plays an essential role in how taller you’ll grow. This table is a perfect example that children in low-income countries have to rely on a poor nutritional diet, which ultimately results in affecting their height negatively. 

Your income, health history, and genetics are a few factors that may affect your height. 

Is An Inch Difference Noticeable?

An inch of height difference isn’t noticeable. A person having 5’10” height will look equal to someone 5’11” taller. 

The difference will only be noticeable when doing a side-by-side comparison. Even a 2 inches difference is barely noticeable. However, a height difference of 3 or 4 inches is highly noticeable. 

What Is The Most Attractive Height For Women And Men?

According to YouGov, a survey site, men with an average height prefer women with 5’6″, a comparatively tall height.

Men Women
Too Short5’3″4’11”
Too Tall6’3″6′
Ideal height for Men and Women

According to the table, women consider men below 5’3″ to be too short and 6’3″ and above too tall. While men think a 4’11” woman is too short, and 6′ is too tall. 

Is 5’2″ Height Short For A Girl?

Is 5’2” height short for women?

The height 5’2″ of a woman is not too short when average height index is 5’4″. It’s important to mention that this height is considered the average height for women in some countries. 

Height indeed has a lot to do with your personality, though you can’t do anything about it. In the end, your height shouldn’t stop you from becoming intelligent and adorable.

Keeping these complexities aside, you should get the most out of what life gives you. Keep in mind that you still have an option to increase your height by wearing heels and insoles.


5’10” and 5’6″ height difference is a lot when the taller partner is woman and the shorter is guy. However, when comparing a 5’10” guy with a 5’6″ woman, the difference doesn’t seem a lot rather it appears o bequite ideal.

You’ll find a lot of people that put height first on their priority list. Let me tell you that women are more attracted to taller guys. 

The factors that can affect your height include the nutrition you eat in childhood, medical history, and genes. The average height of men and women in a developed country is more than that of a developing and under developed country. 

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