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What Is The Difference Between A Tragus And A Daith Piercing? (Explained)

What Is The Difference Between A Tragus And A Daith Piercing? (Explained)

In the early times, a new sense of fashion was created, and people started grooming themselves according to it. It has been the trend of almost every community apart from its religion that women dress well in order to attract males or to look good as there is serious competition among women themselves.

First, there was a competition for clothing or the sense of the combination of colors that an individual chooses because there were no ready-made clothes selling in the market as we see today that are available for us. In early times there was just a big pile of clothes set to sell, and people bought from them and got them stitched according to the designs they had in their minds.

Then after some time, women’s makeup was invented in order to brighten their original complexion. This also applied to some trendy men but not to all of them. There was another trend among women, which was ear piercing. In this trend, women put a hole in their ears and wear earrings in them, which is now a part of their attire now.

A cartilage fold located above the ear canal is called the daith. The triangular piece of cartilage on the side of the aperture below the diaphragm is called the tragus. In order to pierce either location, a needle must be inserted through the cartilage and a stud or hoop must be inserted into the hole.

If you want to have more insights about ear piercing and daith or tragus piercing, then have a look at this article!

Ear Piercing

  • The first ear piercing was limited to one hole that was pierced in the lobe of the ear, which is the softest part of our ear.
  • Then some women tried to upgrade the number of holes and made it to two per ear, and then this grew so much that now most of the women are out of space to hang their earrings in their lobes because of the massive number of ear piercings they have done.
  • But women and fashion designers thought outside of the box and saw the lobe running out of space as no problem as the thought you have the tragus and daith still left empty.
  • Now, most fashion enthusiasts are debating and are now piercing their tragus and daith for more earrings.
  • Some normal people think that it is way over the top and does not see it as a necessity of modern days, but every person has their own way of thinking.
  • Nowadays, the main debate is which one hurts the most, the lube, tragus, or the daith, in terms of piercing it.
Daith and tragus piercing
Ear Piercing

Tragus Piercing

The tragus, which is part of our ear, is located on the outside of the ear canal or tunnel. It is the most outer part of the human ear.

The piercing of the tragus is the fashion of the 21st century. It is pierced for the purpose of wearing more ear jewelry or to locate the ear jewelry on the most visible part of one’s ear.

It is painful as you experience slight crashing of bone, but it is not unbearable, and everyone can bear it very easily, depending on your capacity to tolerate the pain.

There is a risk of producing lumps and bumps, in addition to which it can also cause keloids, bumps, and much more. And when you are wearing more jewelry, the chance of getting a skin allergy is high because our skin is sensitive to nickel which is an essential part of the production of jewelry.

If you have bumps formed in your healing process after you had your ear pierced, they might be hard to remove, and some of them require surgical removal.

If your ear cause keloids in some other piercing, then there is a serious threat to your ear health when you try to get your ear pierced.

Daith Piercing

Daith can be found in the inner part of your ear and is just near the ear tunnel. This is also a trend of this century when women are out of space to hang their earrings. Daith piercing is another type of ear piercing that is pierced through the daith in the inner part of your ear towards the front.

This type of piercing is done with a straight, not too big, and sharp needle that cuts straight through your daith. The pain is more than any other piercing as the drill has to cut through a tough spot that is thicker than any other part of your ear. The rate of resistance will be high as the amount of skin is more, and the piercing will take its time and pain.

This type of piercing is rated as one of the most painful piercings, rating 5 on a scale of 10 pain measure scale. The piercing has its own pain, but it is not only a disturbing thing that you will experience. In addition, after getting your ear pierced, you are likely to catch an infectious disease and make the symptoms of migraine more noticeable and worse in the long run.

Daith and tragus piercing
Daith and Tragus Piercing

A common question that people ask is which side they should get pierced, as it is very painful to be done twice. The best answer to this is to consult your doctors.

If someone is trying to pierce their daith as a treatment for migraine, then you should consider the side you think you experience the headache the most. And for a normal person, it can be either side.

Distinguishing Features Between Piercing the Tragus and Daith

FeaturesTragus PiercingDaith Piercing
PainTragus piercing can hurt more than a lobe piercing as the movement of the needle varies the angles. But the main lasts just a couple of minutes. This piercing is the rising fashion in today’s industry. It is considered a stylish look among influencers. It is not the most hurtful piercing that an individual experiences and scores low on the pain scale and is generally scored/rated 4 out of 10.Daith piercing is not the most painful piercing, but it does hurt a lot to a normal person. Daith piercing will hurt you during and even after the procedure. The pain felt is different, and it varies from person to person. The survey reports that those who get their daith pierced will feel like they have been shot by a sharp bullet that went through their ear. It isn’t that painful that anyone might fall or feel dizzy; it rates just above the tragus-piercing pain scale, rating 5 out of 10.  
Side effectsThe tragus piercing comes with its own risks, and they are open in front of the customer; the risks are that during or after the procedure, you might get lumps and bumps in your ears.
It is just starting, and of course, the pierced person will wear jewelry in the hole, which might cause allergy as nickel can trigger sensitivity of human skin.  
Daith piercing is also not 100% safe. The precautions and dangers are that the user will first bear the pain of piercing, and after the treatment, it might hurt for several days. And the people who are doing this piercing as the treatment for their migraine problem might just make it worse than it already is.  
CostThe tragus piercing treatment is expensive, but it can be budgeted as the cost of the treatment depends on various factors.
The piercing treatment should cost you from 25$ to 50$, and the cost of jewelry and the aftercare products add up to 105$ to 120$ depending on the metal and style you have chosen for your jewelry.  
Daith piercing is much more expensive than any other piercing as it is a time taking procedure consuming 20 to 50 minutes and the cost also depends on the studio you have chosen to get your daith pierced. The average cost that involves the piercing procedure is 30$ to 100$, and you add jewelry to that.  
Tragus vs. Daith Piercing
Let’s watch this video.


  • It all depends on what you prefer, whether it’s lobe, daith, or tragus piercing; these all are artificial things and will not add to your beauty.
  • According to nature, the most beautiful is the one whose soul is clean and beautiful.
  • The tragus piercing remains low from the daith piercing as the cost and pain level are lower. Although daith piercing is known to be more painful, it still enjoys the advantage of being more popular than the tragus as most of the influencers are daith pierced.
  • There are still some exceptions between the daith and tragus piercing regarding the pain level and look.
  • A normal person with only his lobe being pierced never understands the need for another piercing. Yet it is true that people will push their limits and will bear incredible pain just to look good, which ultimately makes them look frustrated.

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