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Bloodborne VS Dark Souls: Which Is More Brutal?

Bloodborne VS Dark Souls: Which Is More Brutal?

There was a time when video games treated gamers like kids and didn’t trust them to figure things out unless it was shoved into their faces as an intrusive tutorial, multiple pop-ups, or something similar.

But Dark Souls changed everything. The game was the first one created by FromSoftware that let players decide what they wanted to do on their own without being spoon-fed. It was a winning formula since they released another game similar to this one, named Bloodborne. However, there are slight differences between both.

The most important one is the rewarded playing style. In Darksoul, you’re encouraged to play cautiously, mainly defensively. On the other hand, Bloodborne encourages you to play on an aggressive streak and attack your energy at the foot front.

If you’re interested in knowing more about these games, keep reading.

Dark Souls

Dark Soul is a video game introduced by the company named FromSoftware. It has already been published on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Playing Dark Souls is all about exploring dungeons and dealing with the tension and fear that arise when you encounter enemies. It’s a spiritual successor of the game Demon’s Soul. It’s an open-world game played from a third-person perspective.

A dark fantasy world challenges you to survive using various weapons and strategies. You can interact with each other online without talking directly due to its online features. Its two sequels have already been released in 2014 and 2016, respectively.


Bloodborne is a horror video game developed by the Japanese company FromSoftware and released in 2015.

It was exclusively designed for the PlayStation 4. It’s all about exploring Yharnam, an ancient city plagued with an endemic illness spreading like wildfire throughout its streets. The dark and horrifying world around you is filled with danger, death, and madness, and to survive, you have to find out what’s going on.

Image from Bloodborne
One of the significant differences between the Soul series seen on Bloodborne is its unique medieval setting.

While Bloodborne has similar mechanics to Souls games, it shows some departures from the Souls series. A significant change is the setting – it’s set in Victorian times with steampunk elements rather than the medieval setting of Souls games. Another difference is that there are no shields or heavy armor, and combat is more aggressive.

Difference Between Dark Souls And Bloodborne

Even though the same company produces both games and follows the same principle, there are slight differences that let you decide which game is suitable for you. Those differences are listed here.

  • Bloodborne is more aggressive and fast-paced, whereas Souls is less aggressive and slower-paced.
  • The bosses in both games also act differently. There is a pattern to their attacks in Dark Souls games, whereas, in Bloodborne, they are more randomly attacking enemies.
  • With shields, armor sets, defensive buffs, and poise, Dark Souls encourages careful play. However, Bloodborne encourages aggression and no guards, forcing you to use distance and dodging to avoid damage.
  • Moreover, the healing process in both games is different. In Bloodborne, you’ve to get near your enemy to heal yourself, while in Dark Souls, you’ve to retreat and rest to recover from your injuries completely.
  • Furthermore, Bloodborne is more smooth and fluid in comparison with Dark Souls.

Here’s a table comparing both games.

 BloodborneDark Souls
Release dateMarch 24, 2015September 22, 2011
DeveloperFromSoftware Inc.FromSoftware Inc.
Genreaction role-playing gamethird-person action role-playing
Rating (IGN)9.1/109/10
Bloodborne VS Dark Souls

Is Dark Souls the same as Bloodborne?

Dark Soul and Bloodborne are similar on a spiritual level but different on a technical level.

The same company creates these games to give their players something hard to crack. However, you cannot say that they are similar. There are differences between their combat styles, weapons, and healing process.

Bloodborne’s new combat elements are intended to reward aggressiveness and proactivity more than Dark Souls did. Dodges go further and burn less stamina, healing supplies are quick to use, gunshots may parry foes from afar, and lost health can be restored if players counter-attack adversaries quickly enough.

Is Bloodborne Easier Than Dark Souls?

a video game console
Bloodborne is considered a pretty challenging game.

Bloodborne is considered to be pretty tough as compared to Dark Souls.

It’s a widespread belief that Bloodborne is one of the most challenging games ever. The entire Dark Souls series is dubbed some of the most demanding games ever, but Bloodborne is tricky because of its fast-paced combat.

You can’t hide behind Havel’s great shield since the shields are useless in Bloodborne. And in Dark Souls, you can go all three games without parrying. You don’t have a shield in Bloodborne, so you have to dodge. It’s almost impossible to beat Logarius or Gasgoine without resisting. In Bloodborne, items like Insights and Bloodrock are hard to farm. Also, parries are limited in the game. The Defiled Chalice dungeon is also tricky.

Which Soul Game is similar to Bloodborne?

You can find eight other games that are similar to Bloodborne.

  • NieR: Automata.
  • Dark Souls
  • Hell Blade
  • Demon’s Soul
  • Resident Evil 4
  • The Surge
  • Devil May Cry (Reboot)

What makes Bloodborne distinct?

The aggressive approach of playing with a weak shield and quick game magnitudes make it quite different from other games of its series.

Bloodborne was launched after the winning success of the Dark Soul series. However, it’s pretty different in many things. This difference makes it more appealing to players. Especially ones that love fast-paced.

Bloodborne was a reply to Dark Souls’ armor-and-shield fighting, whereas Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was a reaction to Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3’s dodge-and-light-attack-spamming gameplay.

Which Dark Souls Is The Best?

The best one-on-one fighting game of them all is Dark Souls 3.

You get to collect a lot of weapons and armor. Though it has a slightly higher framerate than previous games, the combat is still incredibly fluid and responsive. You’ll have the best gaming experience among all games of this series while playing Dark Souls 3.

Is The Bloodborne Open World?

Yes, Bloodborne is played in a large and open-world environment.

You can experience the continuous open-world environment while playing Bloodborne. Like in Dark Souls, the world is interconnected, and some areas are open from the beginning while others are unlocked as you progress.

Which Is Better, Dark Souls Or Bloodborne?

It all depends on what you think is better. Yet, most players prefer Bloodborne to Dark Souls.

The majority of players consider Bloodborne better than Dark Souls. Dark Souls’ core concepts are refined and reimagined in Bloodborne to the point that it surpasses even the flagship game that made FromSoftware famous. Dark Souls is engaging from the start, but Bloodborne is even more so and commands your immediate attention.

Here is a short video clip about Bloodborne.

Reasons why Bloodborne is a better version of Dark Souls


a person playing on a computer
FromSoftware created both Bloodborne and Dark Souls.
  • Dark Souls and Bloodborne differ in combat, pacing, and strategies.
  • Dark Souls emphasizes cautious and defensive gameplay in a dark fantasy world. It comes with sequels and online interaction.
  • Bloodborne urges aggressive combat in a Victorian-era city. It lacks shields and focuses on survival against illness.
  • Bloodborne is faster-paced, lacks shields, and promotes aggressive play. In contrast, Dark Souls has a defensive nature.
  • Bloodborne promotes quick and aggressive combat. In contrast, Dark Souls favors defensive tactics with shields.
  • Bloodborne is seen as more challenging due to its pace and strategic differences. It garners player favor.
  • Many players prefer Bloodborne. It has a clear and engaging gameplay style.
  • Both games show FromSoftware’s legacy. They reveal different gameplay styles.

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