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What Is The Difference Between A 36C And 36D Bra Size? (Explained)

What Is The Difference Between A 36C And 36D Bra Size? (Explained)

The bra’s size, which is determined using a specific formula, is where the distinction lies. One size down from a 36D is a 36C. As a whole, 36D is 20% bigger than 36C.

Women have a variety of body types; some are petite or slim, while others appear to be healthy or robust.

The sizes of the exterior bodily organs vary right around the difference in body kinds. Depending on genes and dietary habits, some people might have large breasts while others might have relatively small ones.

Bras have become a staple for females in terms of providing an accurate shape and helping the breast stay intact for as long as you want them to. However, bras differ in size, shape, and color according to your body type.

The labels on a bra can be defined by your torso being measured under your breasts to determine your band size, which is 36. The C/D designation denotes a ‘cup’ size, indicating a larger breast.

Keep reading to know more about bras, in terms of their use, benefits, disadvantages, and differences between sizes.

What Is A Bra?

The bra is a piece of clothing that a woman wears to cover and support her protruding bust.

Traditional bras are form-fitting and function far beyond simply providing support. Bras have changed throughout time from being purely practical clothing to becoming fashion statements.

Although there are many different bra designs available, they can all be divided into three categories:

  1. Full
  2. Medium
  3. Low

The Demi-Cup bra, which offers medium coverage but practically full support, is one of the most popular styles.

Women can also wear a seamless bra, which provides top wear for women with a smoother and rounder finish. Because of this, these full-cup bras are appropriate for donning under dresses and t-shirts.

Key Fit Areas Of A Bra

Underbands should always be bent down for a smooth-flattened look.

Because of the many essential components created in methods that can make the impact happen, bras help maintain breasts intact.

Let’s examine the four main fit regions that were identified after a bra was disassembled.

Key Fit Areas Description/Function
UnderbandThe region in question hugs your bust line. Never let it arch upward; it should be horizontal across your back. It is in charge of giving the breasts the most support possible.
UnderwiresA thin, bendable wire is sewn into the cups’ base. The underwire gives the breasts a more defined appearance by helping to lift, shape, and support them.
CupsThese are the molded, front portions of the bra—which can be either padded or unpadded—that support the breasts.
StrapsThe straps are in charge of supporting the cups and maintaining them upright. They ought to be lengthened so that the bra may be worn comfortably on the body.
What is a bra made of?

What Is A Bra Size 36C?

Your band will normally measure 32 to 34 inches if your bra size is 36C, and your bust dimensions would be 38 to 39 inches.

Your band size will normally be three inches smaller than your bust size because you wear a C cup. Sister sizes for you are 34D and 34B.

A 36C breast cup size is not typically regarded as being larger. This bra size is more typical in fit.

For females with average-sized breasts, such as 36C, and average-sized frames. The 36C breasts are larger than the 32C and 36B cup sizes, though not noticeably so.

Take a look at an overview of the measurements of a 36C bra size.

36C Bra SizeDetails
Underbust32-34 inches
Overbust38-39 inches
Size down34D
Size up38B
Measurements of a 36C Bra Size

36C Breast Size

Compared to C-cup bras with lesser band sizes, 36C breasts typically appear bigger.
When sized up, it is similar to 38B, and when sized down, 34D.

The look of 36C breasts depends on your physique and body type. Breasts with a 36C cup size will appear smaller on ladies with larger hips.

When worn by ladies with smaller, more delicate frames, 36C breasts will appear larger.

By observing how tightly your present bra must be fastened, you can estimate which sister size will fit you the best. Try size 34D if you have to use the tightest hooks, and the 38B if you have to use the loosest hooks.

What Is A Bra Size 36D?

36D Bra Size
Females with heavy or large breasts should go for a size 36D.

Your bra band should be 35 to 36 inches if your bra size is 36D, while your bust should measure 40 inches on average.

Your band measurement should be four inches smaller than your bust measurements if you wear a D cup. 34DD and 38C are the sizes of your sisters.

You could require a C cup if your breasts aren’t big enough to fill out a 36 D bra cup. C cups are going to be a little smaller. See how a 38 C fits by trying it on.

If your breasts are too enormous for the D cup, DD cups, which are an inch larger, will work for you.

Take a look at the chart below to further understand the measurements of a 36D bra size.

36D Bra SizeDetails
Underbust32-33 inches
Overbust39-40 inches
Size down34DD(E)
Size up38C
Measurements of a 36D Bra Size

Overall, a 36D is a larger breast size. Most women are either an A cup, B cup, or C cup, with only 1% of women being larger than a D cup.

Difference Between A 36C And 36D Bra Size

A 36C bra size is, in general, a bit smaller than a 36D bra size, and the size is typically bigger and offers greater coverage.

In terms of measures, the band size under the bust and around the body is 36.

With D, your band measurement is often four inches less than your bust measures. C is measuring a cup size or the measurement around the breasts.

Compared to C-cup bras with smaller band sizes, 36C breasts tend to appear larger, although 36D breasts can differ depending on a woman’s shape, the style of the bra, and the clothing she is wearing.

The breast size chart shows that 36D is on the larger side and will require more support than smaller breasts.

How to get the best-fit bra for yourself?

What Is A Bigger Bra Size, C Or D?

You are an AA cup for less than an inch, an A cup for an inch, a B cup for two inches, a C cup for three inches, a D cup for four inches, and a DD cup for five inches.

Just as every bra is designed to suit a different woman, so too should its meaning be unique and genuine to you as a person.

Women’s bra sizes vary depending on their posture, DNA, food preferences, health, and other factors. Breast size is notably impacted by this.

Fortunately, bras come in a variety of sizes depending on the cup size. You should be familiar with your cup size as well as the other dimensions shown in the table below.

The U.S.32C32D34B34C34D34E36C36D38C38D40C40D
Find your Bra Size

Alternatives To A 36C And 36D Bra Size

36A Bra Size

Females with small, petite breasts often go for size 36A as it appears to be the smallest on the list of sizes.

You get a somewhat wide band and a relatively modest cup size with a 36A bra size. Wear a 36A bra if you have a 37″ bust and a 36″ underbust.

Try sister sizing if you discover that a 36A fits nearly but isn’t quite right. The bra sizes 30D, 32C, and 34B are also similar to 36A.

I would advise having a great push-up bra for women with average-sized frames and extremely small breasts, such as a 36A.

36B Bra Size

The 36B size works well for normal, average-size females.

Your bust should measure between 37 and 38 inches if you wear a 36B bra. Your torso should measure between 32 and 33 inches. Your bust size is two inches larger than your band size if you wear a B cup.

The breasts in a 36B bra are typical of average size. One of the most typical breast sizes is this one.

Your sister sizes 36B are 34C and 38A. If the band on your 36B is a little loose, you should try a 34C.

A 36B bra size has a larger cup size than a 36A. The rib cage measurements immediately below the bust are 36 inches in both instances, which is a resemblance.


  • The undergarment, known as a bra, was created specifically to support the breasts. It might reach down to the lower torso.
  • There are more than 100 different varieties of bras on the market, and it is one of the most well-liked and important items of knickers for women and girls.
  • As the band sizes are the same but the cup sizes change, 36D is a larger size and has greater capacity than 36C. The 36C cup is smaller than your D cup, so it’s crucial to keep that in mind. A better option would be to check your sister’s size.
  • Simply said, a woman with huge breasts will appear to fit well in a 36D bra size, but a woman with lower hips and a petite appearance will appear to fit well in a 36C.

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