What Is The Difference Between A Cat Face, Puppy Face, Dinosaur Face, Fox Face, And Horse Face? (Answered)

People with a fox face are similar to those with a cat face because of their sharp eyes and clean-cut features, but people with a puppy face are frequently distinguished by wide doe eyes, a small snout, and soft facial creases.

Many people have distinctive features and fascinating personalities, similar to dinosaurs, however, people with cat faces have angular, angular traits on their faces.

Typically, a horse face is described as being lengthy, unattractive, and has coarse features. These characteristics are frequently linked to unlikability.

According to the proportions of the eyes, nose, mouth, and facial lines, people in Korea frequently categorize their features—typically those of women—as having cat faces or puppy faces.

Being likened to an animal might initially sound strange, but the creatures these idols are compared to are pretty cute.

To succeed as an idol, one must undoubtedly conform to a particular aesthetic. This norm inevitably results in many parallels, whether they be in ideas, conceptions, hairstyles, or even jawlines in terms of fashion.

Find out which animal face type best describes your looks and which group your favorite celebrities fall into.

What Are Facial Features?

Have you ever chosen a cut or style keeping in mind your facial shape? Your facial shape has a big impact on how your clothes and hairstyle look on you.

When combined, several facial aesthetic traits can beautify a face. People often notice and perceive attractive people with big, attentive eyes; a small, proportionate nose; perky cheekbones; a well-defined jawline; or full lips.

Many people are unhappy with the way their features look and frequently seek techniques to look more attractive, younger, and healthier. Cosmetic plastic surgery, injectables, and makeup can help you achieve your goals.

There are seven fundamental face shapes, and different looks suit each one. I’ll go into further detail about each fundamental face form.

Oval, round, square, diamond, heart, pear, and oblong are the seven primary facial shapes. That’s fantastic, you might be thinking, but which one do you have?

Different Types of Facial ShapesDescription
OvalIt has a jaw that is narrower than the cheekbone and is longer than wide.
RoundA broad hairline and fullness below the cheekbone are its defining features.
SquareIt is distinguished by a broad jawline and hairline. The square face needs to be taller up top and narrower on the sides.
DiamondIt is distinguished by a thin chin, broad cheekbones, and a broad forehead.
Heart It is distinguished by a larger forehead and a smaller chin.
PearIt is sometimes referred to as having a triangle face because of its small or narrow forehead and broad jawline.
Different types of facial shapes and their description

What Is A Cat Face?

Cat face
Ahn So Hee has a perfect cat face that gives off an adorable look.

Eyes that are slanted upward at the edges or that may have a sharper form are more common in people with cat-like faces. As long as they appear sharp overall, their eyes can be large or small.

They frequently exude a strong, sensual, female atmosphere because of their well-groomed features and they are occasionally perceived as being aloof and pompous.

Korean actresses with cat-like features include Jennie Kim, Han So Hee, Seo Ji Hye, and Kim Da Mi.

The actresses have a large following and are praised for having piercing eyes that resemble cats. She has persisted in winning over people with her unending charms and their open and sincere performance.

What Is A Puppy Face?

Puppy faces are characterized by soft facial features and large, occasionally downward-looking eyes. They are known for being adorable and may appear young and fresh.

Sometimes individuals with puppy features have droopy eyelids, giving them an adorable and approachable appearance. They appear younger than they are because of their soft-looking faces.

Attention is being drawn to two Korean actresses: Nana, who has a kitten face, and Park Shin-Hye, who has a puppy face. Through official events, they particularly displayed their sense of elegance and gorgeous beauty.

Additionally, it is a human facial expression derived from canine expressions. When the head is cocked downward and the eyes are upward in dogs and other animals, the expression is expressed.

What Is A Dinosaur Face?

Dinasour Face
Korean actor Wonpil has a dinosaur-shaped face.

Dinosaur-like faces have exceptionally high cheekbones or more widely spaced eyes, which give them a diamond-shaped appearance.

The cheekbones frequently play a role in the distinctive, charismatic appearance of features. Overall, these faces have a powerful, menacing presence, although they can also have innocent characteristics.

This face type is characterized by distinctive features and charisma. Their facial features give them a stronger appearance, yet frequently they hide an innocent charm.

JR, Moonbin, Wonpil, and Jeno are among the idols that have this dinosaur-like reputation. We can picture four adorable baby dinosaurs.

What Is A Fox Face?

Megan Fox
Megan Fox is an American actress that has a fox face, as well as hollow fox eyes.

The fox face, in my opinion, is more recent. Although the characteristics initially resemble those of a cat, a fox’s face has cheekbones that are more clearly defined.

Additionally, fox faces have far sharper features than cats do. The eyes are sharper than a cat’s and are simply almond-shaped rather than curving upward.

Fox’s faces are characterized by a clean, distinct nose and lips, as well as a high prevalence of monoids. It certainly adds a seductive charm, if I do say so myself.

I’m not sure why, but those with fox faces frequently appear to be the group’s signature dancers, such as Itzy’s Yeji, Red Velvet’s Seulgi, and Ateez’s San.

Perhaps as a result of their attention-grabbing stage presence and piercing gazes! Another stunning K-celebrity with a fox is actor Joon Gi.

What Is A Horse Face?

Horse face shape is an example of a continuous characteristic that was formerly categorized into discrete groups (dished, straight, Roman-nosed) as a result of limitations in phenotyping techniques.

Horse-face types individuals are hard to find as a large rectangular-face with long noses are rare human traits that can’t be found easily. If it happens so, the individual can immediately be recognized as having a horse face.

There are people out there who correlate horse face types with being ugly, which remains a controversy as there is no research to prove so. It is simply based on one’s perception as to what might look, or might not look beautiful to them.

I find horses to be one of the prettiest creatures alive, who are friendly and loveable on the same side. I would always associate a horse-type face with a loving, sweet personality type.

Actors with a horse-like visage include Choi Si-won (‘She Was Pretty’) and Kim Sung Soo (‘Can We Love?’, ‘The Black Hand’).

Difference Between A Cat, Puppy, Dinosaur, Fox, And Horse Face

You might notice some commonalities among your favorite stars if you give them all a thought. Their face types in particular could be similar.

Koreans like to describe different face forms by equating them with various animals. There are many other animal face shapes, but the cat face, puppy face, horse face, dinosaur face, and fox face are the most typical ones.

While a puppy face has an innocent, amiable, and gentle appearance, a cat face, with its upward-slanted eyes, pointed nose, and sharper features, typically exudes cool and elegant air. In contrast to cat eyes, theirs are round and inclined downward.

Jennie from BP, RV Seulgi, Irene, FX Krystal, CL, Wonder Girls Sohee, and others are instances of cat face styles, whereas Suzy, IU, RV Wendy, actor Park Shin Hae, BTS Jungkook, and Exo Baekhyun are examples of puppy face styles.

A horse face type is typically characterized by having a huge face with lantern jaws and large teeth, whereas people who resemble dinosaurs typically have eyes that are farther apart or have very high cheekbones.

Last but not least, fox faces typically have a pointed face with a V-line, upturned eyes, a round nose, and a tiny mouth. Yeji of Itzy, for instance, has the ideal fox face.

Actor Woo Bin, singer Gong Yoo, and actress SuJu Donghae are examples of dinosaur faces, whereas SinB of gfriend has a horse-face type.

How do Koreans describe different face types?

Other Face Types

Oval Shape

Oval face
Bella Hadid is an American model who has an oval face and is ranked as one of the most beautiful people in the world.

An oval face has a jaw that is narrower than the cheekbones and is longer than the width. The oval face shape complements just about any hairstyle because it is so proportionate. Almost any cut, of any length, looks excellent.

Measure from the front of your hairline to the end of your chin and gauge the distance from your face’s left to right sides. If your face is longer than it is width, you may have an oval face shape.

Oval faces are often thought to have the most appealing facial shapes, according to Papanikolas.

Square Shape

Square Face
Olivia Wilde has a perfectly square face that gives her a soft look.

A wide hairline and jawline are characteristics of the square face shape. The square face requires width at the sides and height at the top.

The square face shape is balanced by the deep side sections, texture, and soft fringe. Longer length complements their stronger, more angular jawline beautifully.

Due to their wide jawlines, which cause the space between the eyes to be rather wide, square and oblong face types are frequently seen as quite attractive and well-liked.


  • A cat face typically has a round face, sharp features, large eyes that are turned upward, a short, round nose, and a pouting mouth, whereas a puppy face typically has large eyes that are turned downward, a larger nose, a round face, and is cuddly and friendly.
  • A fox face type has a sharp face, V-line face, upturned eyes, round nose, and smaller mouth, whereas dinosaur face types have a strong jaw, smaller eyes, longer face, bigger/sharper nose, and a wide smile.
  • Longer face shapes, a stronger jaw, a long nose, and a broad smile with teeth are characteristics of horse face types.

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