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What Is The Difference Between a 36 A And a 36 AA Bra Size? (Elaborated)

What Is The Difference Between a 36 A And a 36 AA Bra Size? (Elaborated)

A bra is an essential item of clothing, and the right one can make all the difference in your appearance. Bras serve many purposes for women: they provide support for their breasts and backs, they prevent chafing, and they enhance their figure

The most common mistake made by women when buying bras is to buy the wrong size. Let me tell you that it can affect your health and pocket heftily. 

According to Medical News Today, wearing the wrong bra size can be painful for your shoulders and neck. Some women have difficulty finding bras that fit properly because they are not sure what size they should be wearing.

Here’s a short answer to the most frequently asked question: what’s the difference between 36 A and 36 AA?

The 36 AA has the same band size as the 36 A bra. Though the cup size of 36 AA is smaller than the 36 A. These bras are suitable for teens. 36 represents band size while alphabet letters such as A and AA are cup sizes. 

This article will help you find the right fit so you no longer have to compromise on your fitness and money. 

So, let’s dive into it… 

Is 36 AA Any Different From 36 A?

There’s a visible difference between the cup sizes of both bras.

As you probably know, the band size of all sizes in the 36 series is the same. The cups of bra size 36A are deeper, which makes room for additional breast tissue.

Which Is Bigger: A or AA Bra?

The main differences between these two are the following:

  • “A” cups are one inch high from the rib cage. 
  • In contrast, ‘AA’ is smaller than one inch.  

Young women often wear this bra size as their first bra. When deciding which bra you want to buy, you need to look at the measurements listed on the tag before making a purchase.

Sometimes, the same size offered by different manufacturers differs.

The best way to get the right size bra is to visit a bra store and get yourself measured every time you buy a bra because the human body always keeps changing.

Here are 5 types of bras every girl might need

Normal Bra Vs. Padded Bra Differ in Cup Size

There are several differences between padded bras and normal bras that make them ideal for different purposes.

Here are the things that you need to know about the two.

Normal Padded
Material Normal bras are made of a lace or fabric material that stretchesPadded bras can be made of a variety of materials and still provide support
UseYou can wear these casually at home Since this type of bra doesn’t go well with every dress, you need to decide wisely before wearing these on any occasion. 
Cups lined withNormal bras have cups that are generally lined with mesh or mesh-like panels While padded bras can have cups that are lined with other materials, such as satin or silk
What do they look like?Don’t enhance your breast tissues Lift and enhance your breasts
Effects on the shape Doesn’t snag your tissues, therefore it doesn’t leave any negative effects on your shape Using push-up bras constantly can alter and sometimes spoil your shape 
Normal Vs. Padded Bra

Mistakes Women Make When Choosing Bra Size

The right bra size can make all the difference; as told earlier, wearing the wrong bra size can cause serious back pain, breast pain, poor posture, and even neck and shoulder problems.

Wrong Size

The most common mistake women make when it comes to their bra size is choosing the wrong size of bra. Many women don’t realize that their bra size changes with each pregnancy.

This can cause women to wear a smaller or larger cup size which can lead to wearing a bra that doesn’t fit properly or shows through clothes.

Bra Fitting

Another common mistake women make when it comes to their bra size is buying online without trying on the bra before buying it.

Bra fittings are not only important for finding the right fit but also for ensuring that your breasts stay in place throughout the day, be it during office hours or during exercise.

How To Measure The Bra Size?

Measuring the bra size might be confusing if you don’t know how to do it right. So, let’s discuss this further.

How To Measure Bra Size? 
How to measure the bra size? 

Measure the Underbust Area

To find out your bra size, the first thing you need to do is measure your underbust area in inches. Assuming your underbust measurement is an odd number, you should choose the next even number as your band measure.

Take the Measurement of the Bust Area

The next step would be to take measurements of the bust area. 

Let’s say your underbust measurement is 36 inches, and your bust is 38 inches. You can determine your cup size by comparing the measurements of your underbust and bust area.

Find the Right Fit

With each 1-inch difference in your bust measurement, you’ll go for bigger cup size. A 1-inch difference means you’ll fit in 36A bra size, while a 2-inch difference means 36B bra will be your right fit.


  • Buying the right-size bra is no easy task because not all women are aware of how to take the measurements.
  • It’s important to note that the wrong size can cause shoulder and back pain. Your body shape also gets spoiled.
  • Since the sizes differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and country to country, you should always read the measurement table carefully. 
  • If we look at the bra sizes 36A and 36AA, there’s not much difference. The band size remains the same, while the cup size of 36A is bigger than 36AA. 

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