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What’s The Difference Between A Dumpling And A Potsticker? (Explored)

What’s The Difference Between A Dumpling And A Potsticker? (Explored)

People love and enjoy food, not only for living but they love food for its deliciousness and fragrance and to make them healthy and strong. We can connect to the satisfaction of savoring a delectable meal because eating and enjoying food are universal human experiences.

Regarding snack-time cuisine, dumplings, pot stickers, wonton, gyoza, shumai, and pretzels are famous. These foods are easy to make and healthy as well. These foods are found in almost every tradition’s cuisine.

Potstickers are made with a thin wrapper, commonly referred to as a dumpling skin, unlike dumplings. This is due to the fact that they are steam-fried to obtain a crispy, golden outside, and a juicy, mouthwatering filling.

Learn more about these two types of food in this blog post.

Asian Cuisine

Traditional cuisine
Traditional cuisine

Asian, Chinese, and Italian cuisines are well-known among people all over the world. Asian cuisine includes five different regions; each has its taste and identity.

  • The cuisine of Central Asia: Tajikistan and Kazakhstan are the countries of Central Asia. This country’s cuisine is not as famous as the other regions of Asia, but some specific dishes like beef and Kabuli pulao (a dish that can be prepared with meat and rice) are well known in this region.
  • The cuisine of East Asia: Countries including China, Korea, and Japan. These countries have their distinct cuisine style. Rice is the most popular food in this region. Other foods like noodles, soy, tofu, tempura, and various sea foods are favorites in this region. However, Chinese cuisine is the most attractive cuisine because of its unique style of presentation, flavor, and colorful food combination.
  • The cuisine of West Asia: Nations include Turkey and Syria. The cuisine of this region contains rice as the main course in every meal. Other foods such as lamb meat, olives, fresh veggies, and yogurt are prominent. 
  • The cuisine of South Asia: India (the second largest country by population) and Pakistan comprise this region. The key feature of this region is the uniqueness of spicy dishes and their taste, which attract people from all over the world. Rice, meat, vegetables, curry, and Roti (a piece of flatbread made from flour dough) are eminent in this region.
  • The cuisine of Southeast Asia: Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia are included in this region. The cuisine is well known for different rice foods, Thai basil, fruits, and vegetables.

After learning about different cuisines, now let’s come to the point and learn about dumplings and potstickers.

Italian Cuisine

About 150 years ago, Italy was classified into twenty-seven different regions. Every region has its specialty based on taste and style of cuisine. Pasta and pizza are the most popular food in Italian cuisine. 

Italian cuisine is rich in ingredients, indefinite flavors, and full of carbs that give the impact of fullness and freshness.


Dumpling is an English word found in the text in 1600 BC, but for food, it was first used in the 17th century.

When we discuss Chinese cuisine, the first thing that comes to mind is the colorful, sophisticated presentation of the food and its delectable variety. Like dumplings, Chinese food appears from generation to generation beyond diversity.

Dumplings served with veggies
Dumpling is viewed as the ultimate stuffed food.

The ultimate stuffed food, used to be eaten in every tradition for years. The Chinese name of this amazing food is jiaozi, whose existence in Chinese history is not specified. Some people believe that this food originated around 200 BCE from the Han Dynasty, the second dignified dynasty of China.

On the other hand, when we see the history of this food, different perspectives assume its origin around 400 A.D. in the Roman Empire.

How Do Dumplings Reach America?

If we are with the first group of people who believe that dumplings were invented in Northern China, we have to know that these people migrated from China to America; the first migrants went south to Cantonese.

These people introduced dumplings in America. Thus, dumplings gained popularity in American cuisine.

What is a Dumpling?

Dumpling is a kind of Chinese food that is prepared with stuffed dough; they can also be prepared with some filling of lamb meat or sometimes without filling as is. Dumplings can be cooked in three ways; steamed, boiled, or fried.

As time passed, dumplings gained variation. They can be prepared in many other ways depending on the culture and origin.

Ways to Cook Dumplings

Dumplings can be cooked either boiled, pan-fried, or steamed, depending on what procedure you apply and what taste you crave.

Let’s explain these three techniques briefly.

1. Steamed Dumplings

The healthiest way to cook dumplings is by steaming them. In this easy way, the dumplings are set in a basket or filtered over a container of boiling water. The steam rises from the holes of the basket and is cooked well.

The texture of steamed dumplings is soft and creamy. This way cuts extra calories and fats because of the absence of cooking oil.

2. Fried Dumplings

An unusual method to prepare this food in China. This way, dumplings are fried in a pan with cooking oil until they turn brown from the bottom.

This method is quite common in Japan, so the people of Japan called them gyoza. When the dumplings turned brown, a little water was added to the pan, and the lid was covered on the top to make them completely cooked.

3. Boiled Dumplings

This method is common for cooking dumplings, but boiled dumplings are served with soup or curry. They are boiled directly in the soup and served.

Different Fillings of Dumpling

Depending upon your need of taste you can fill any sort of filling which makes you feel amazed. Most often, fillings include pork and different veggies like cabbage, ginger, and garlic.

You can also add sweet fillings such as fruits, honey with cheese, and nuts. You can eat dumplings without any filling the whole solid dumpling is called noble or gnocchi.

Pop stickers are made of thin skin
Potstickers are made of thin skin.

Dumpling Dough or the Way of Making Dumpling Wrappers

Dumpling is based on wheat flour. The ingredients and recipe for making simple dough are as follows:

  • 320 grams of all-purpose flour
  • ¾ cups of warm water
  • Salt to taste or half a teaspoon

The procedure is simple and easy. Knead the dough by adding salt and warm water gradually; try to make the dough soft while kneading.

Rest the dough for 15 minutes to rest and smooth the result.


Potsticker is a kind of Chinese dumpling, having a different style of cooking which gives them a new identity.

They are fried from the bottom and steamed from the upper base to this quirky way of making, they are called pot stickers. The filling comprises fried pork and veggies.

How Did Pot Stickers Originate?

The origin of pot stickers is accidental, when a Chinese chef in the imperial court left the batch of dumplings on the range for too long. The dumplings were burnt from the bottom and turned dark brown, but remained soft from the top.

However, this dish is the result of a mistake but it became a famous appetizer that people love to eat not only in China but in the whole world. Potstickers originated in the Shang dynasty (960- 1280 AD).

Potsticker Filling

The main ingredient of pot stickers is pork, while as other substitutes you can add soy, vinegar, ginger, cabbage, hot chili oil, and some herbs.

Pork is the main ingredient of pop stickers
Pork is the main ingredient of potstickers.

Dough Preparation

The process of potsticker dough is the same as the dumpling dough. The hot water dough is suitable for soft, crispy potstickers.

All you need is wheat flour, warm water, and salt. Knead the dough well and rest it for half an hour. Now, the perfect dough for crispy potstickers is ready.

Are these Foods Healthy or Unhealthy?

After knowing their way of making, fillings, and ingredients, we can say that they are a mixture of balanced diets such as proteins in the form of meat or pork, carbs in the form of wheat flour, and protein in the form of meat and veggies.

Hence, it proves that these foods are healthy in terms of steam and boil form specifically.

Difference Between Dumplings and Pot Stickers

DefinitionSteamed food made with wheat dough, filled with a variety of constituents including meat, pork, vegetables, and shrimpA kind of dumpling or food, which is boiled or fried and filled with pork and veggies
OriginChina, Han dynastyChina, Sang dynasty
ShapeIt can be of a different shape or a round flat ball-like shape, twisted from the top.Crescent shape
TextureA dumpling is a piece of dough made with or without filling.Potstickers are wrapped in a thin sheet of dough known as dumpling skin. It is crispy from the bottom and soft on the top simultaneously.
TasteThe lighter kind of food, with a soft and unique taste.If you want to eat something succulent, potstickers are nice options.
Dumpling vs. Potstickers
Let’s watch this video about the comparison between potstickers, gyoza, dumplings, and wonton.

Is a Fried Dumpling a Potsticker?

These tempting plump babies, also known as potstickers or Chinese dumplings, are pan-fried and then steamed in a skillet so they are golden crispy on the underneath and steamy and mushy on the surface. They feature classic pork and cabbage stuffing.

What is the Difference Between Dumplings, Potstickers, and Gyoza?

Apart from potstickers is gyoza. The filling is typically more finely textured, and they are typically constructed using prefabricated wrappers that are thinner, smaller, and more delicate. Gyoza increased his attention to the filling.

Bottom Line

  • Food is the main source of every cuisine, depending on the culture and history.
  • Dumplings and potstickers are the same food but vary in the method of cooking.
  • Both foods are most popular in China, Japan, and Korea.
  • All the potstickers are the same as dumplings, except for their crispiness. However, not all the dumplings are included in potstickers.
  • Potstickers are also popular to glorify Chinese New Year.
  • Ultimately, we understand that both foods have many similarities, but if you want to eat any traditional, unique food, you should go for it.

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