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Flipkart and Amazon: E-books VS Paperback Books

Flipkart and Amazon: E-books VS Paperback Books

In today’s world, it has become much easier to get anything in any form, for instance, books. Several decades ago, books could only be purchased physically, but now, you can also purchase them digitally. Not just that, everything can be accessed easily through digital technology and humans are the ones who created such things to bring easement. You can call it easement or advancement, but it doesn’t change the fact that getting anything sitting at home has led to laziness in some people’s lives.

There are many types of people, some people like to read books and some like to just collect them. People also use books as a decorative piece in their homes or offices. Books are widely popular, every kind of person reads books that are interesting to them; therefore, books are sold in every region. You can purchase them physically or you can read them digitally, yes that is also possible now.

Amazon and Flipkart are two different e-commerce websites that sell both e-books and paperbacks. E-books are digital copies of books whereas paperbacks are their physical counterpart. Prices may vary for different sellers, but for the most part, paperbacks tend to be more expensive.

Keep on reading to find out which website is better for e-books purchases.

What is the difference between a paperback and an e-book?

Paperback is just a book that is in its physical form, whereas an e-book is only available on electronics. Paperbacks were and still are the first form of option for a book launch that an author chooses. There are a few reasons why authors choose paperback forms for their books.

Paperback is much more inexpensive, even if the book isn’t a big success, the author wouldn’t lose much as he/she launched his/her book in paperback form. An e-book is much easier to carry than a paperback, it doesn’t require any space. E-books are mostly bought by people who don’t like to build a collection and are avid readers. There are some people who solely buy books to read and some like to have a collection.

Books were only read in their physical material form, it was only written on papers, but now it is much more advanced than before. Now anything can be obtained whenever you want. People used to wait for their book deliveries but now any book can be read anytime because of the advancement that was made possible by humans.

A paperback book and an ebook

Here is a fun video that explains everything perfectly.

FlipKart paperback books vs Amazon paperback books?

There are websites that people love to purchase books from, two of them are Flipkart and Amazon. They both are considered the best to purchase books from, although every buyer has a different opinion. Some are loyal to Amazon and some are loyal to Flipkart.

Books are very close to some people, they want to read every book, but not every book is available for them to buy. But, now, there are hundreds of booksellers; thereby many more ways to purchase books. With every seller the book’s price and quality change. Some sellers sell their books in high quality but with that the prices are high and there are some sellers who provide average quality books but at a much lesser price. High-quality books are always costly as it requires a much bigger investment than average quality books.

Different colored books

Here are the differences between Amazon and Flipkart.

Amazon BooksFlipkart Books
1Amazon has almost all the books available.Flipkart mostly sells popular or the best sellers books.
2Amazon prices are less.Flipkart books are costly.
3Amazon always sends the right book.Flipkart is likely to send a different book.

Is it better to buy a paperback than an e-book?

Paperback and e-books are both good in their own way, some people prefer paperbacks and some prefer e-books. Nonetheless, both do have pros and cons.

  • E-book are better for the people who like to adjust fonts which an e-book can do. A paperback doesn’t have that, but in paperback you can take notes and make scribbles which you can’t in an e-book.
  • Over 90% of people prefer paperback as it connects them to nature and is better for the eyes, whereas an e-book can be difficult to read as electronics have many other things to use and it can also be too much for the eyes.
  • E-books are cheaper than paperbacks. There are also free books on the internet that one can read.
  • Readers say, it is easy to retain information through paperback than e-book.
  • E-books are better because it doesn’t require paper which is good for trees.
  • E-books are easy to carry as hundreds of books can be stored on one device.

How do e-books work on Amazon and FlipKart?

A kindle on top of a notebook

Purchasing e-books don’t require much. You merely have to search the book you want on Kindle through your electronic device’s web browser and then purchase it, as simple as that. Amazon will directly send the e-book to your device.

Flipkart has launched its e-book app where you can easily buy books. You only have to download the special e-book app through Appstore after downloading, go to the app and buy your desired book. Flipkart will add the e-book to your library which is available on the drop-down menu on the top-right corner.

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Are e-books cheaper than paperbacks?

Whether it is a paperback or an e-book, the prices vary with every seller. Paperbacks become cheaper when the book gets old or isn’t sold much. However, according to this study, academic e-books are generally more expensive than their paperback counterparts, with only 44 out of the 264 e-books being less expensive than paperbacks.

E-books prices are fixed but every seller sells it at their own price. E-books are cheaper also because they do not require any printing fees and you can also find many books that are free and don’t cost you anything.

People are picky with books, they want to see if it is worth buying. Some books are available for free so it doesn’t cost them anything but sometimes they have to buy an e-book because it is cheaper than a paperback. E-books are available all the time, you can buy them and get them in less than 5 minutes, whereas paperback has to be delivered which takes at least 24 hours.

A person reading an e-book


Books are a special aspect of some people’s lives. Books have the thoughts of many experienced people, it is always nice to read the works of established and successful people.

To read, you have to buy books and there are many ways through which you can buy books. Books used to only come in a physical form but now you can read and buy a book on an electronic device. Those books are called e-books which stands for Electronic books.

They are now two forms in which you can read books, paperback, and e-book, both are good in their own way. Although an e-book is supposed to be cheaper than a paperback as it doesn’t require any printing fees, some e-books tend to be more expensive than paperbacks.

E-books and paperbacks are sold on websites for instance Flipkart and Amazon. These two websites are supposed to be the better ones. Although, Flipkart only has the best sellers and Amazon provides almost all the books. Books that are on Amazon are much cheaper than the ones on FlipKart; therefore most people lean towards Amazon.

Despite high prices, people do buy paperbacks more as it connects them to nature and help them focus. Paper is also good for the eyes as e-books can cause strain on the eyes.

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