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Highest Frame Rate Perceived By The Human Eye

Highest Frame Rate Perceived By The Human Eye

Humankind can do things but only to a certain extent. The brain is considered the most powerful aspect of the human body, because of it, humans are able to function the way they do. If I were to give an example about the things that humans can do to some extent, it would be that a person can swallow only 2-3 times in a row.

The frame rate that can be recognized by humans is 30-60 frames per second. Experts go back and forth on this, but for now, this is what they have concluded, although some experts believe that it can be more.

It is said that the middle part of the human eye which is called the Foveal region isn’t very useful when it comes to detecting motion. Although the periphery of human eyes is what detects a motion quite incredibly.

The highest rate of frames seen by humans is believed to be 240 FPS, it amazes me how can it be possible but it is said to be true. Experts did testing by getting humans to see the differences between 60 FPS and 240 FPS, which means there are people who can see 240 FPS.

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How many frames can a human eye see?

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Human vision has temporal sensitivity as well as a resolution that varies on what type and characteristics of visual stimulus, and it also changes with each individual. The visual system of humans can process 10 to 12 images and they are perceived individually, when it comes to motion, at higher rates than 50 Hz.

The brain is the main part of the human body, the movements we do is given by our brain through receptors. The things we see and how fast and slow we can see them, all of this is possible by the human brain. The frame rate that is seen by the human eye is 20-60 frames per second. Moreover, the experts say, there are people that can see more than that.

Experts have concluded on up to 60 frame rates seen by humans, but there have been testing where subjects were shown 60 FPS to 240 FPS to find the differences, so this means that humans are capable of seeing up to 240 FPS.

Can the human eye see 120fps?

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Yes, human eyes can see 120fps, although not all humans can recognize such high frame rates. The higher the frames rates per second the smoother will be the motion.

If we talk about movies when shooting a scene in slow motion, high FPS is used, the higher the FPS is, the action will be slower, for example, a bullet leaving a gun and shattering glass. This action is mostly shot with 240 FPS, but it will get more interesting with higher FPS.

Different FPS
24 FPSIt is mostly used for films to get high-definition video. It is used by movie theaters.
60 FPSIt is used for HD videos, it is said to be common because of NTSC compatibility. It is also the rate of frame seen by the human eye.
240 FPS It is supposed to give the best experience in games, gamers prefer up to 240fps which makes the action smoother.

The human brain and eyes have a limit, but I can tell you that it is more than 120fps, so yes, the human eye can see 120fps. When the frame rate topic is discussed, games are always involved, apparently, 120fps is nothing in games. Gaming enthusiasts say, the higher the frame rates, the more immersive experience it will be.

What is the highest possible frame rate?

The highest frame rate is seen by the human eye has to be more than 60fps. The human brain has a limit to consciously register the frames and that rate would be 60fps, it is said to be the uppermost limit of the human brain. There is a study that says, the brain has the ability to process an image that is seen by your eyes in 13 milliseconds.

If we compare this aspect to animals, of course, you would think, animals can also see better than humans since they can literally hear a tsunami or earthquake coming, well, you are wrong. The human visual acuity is much better than many animals. However, there are animals that do have a slightly better visual acuity than humans and can see up to 140 frames per second, one example would be birds of prey.

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The normal game frame rates are just 60fps, but gamers say, higher fps are much better and make a big difference. High fps make the game much smoother, for better display, you need higher refresh rates, it should be at least 240hz, then you will have better fps and will be able to truly enjoy it.

Here are some steps that you can do to increase your frame rate.

  • Put the resolution display settings to lower contrast.
  • Try changing your video playback settings.
  • With better hardware, update the graphics card drivers.
  • Overclock your hardware.
  • Use PC optimization software that will change fps for you.

How many FPS can the human brain process?

Human eyes can transmit data to the brain pretty quickly. Normally, the highest frame rate that the human eye can see is up to 60fps, which is quite incredible.

Scientists believe the human brain can perceive reality at a frame rate of 24-48fps. Moreover, the human brain can process images 600,000 times faster than text and it can process the images in just 13 milliseconds.

If we talk about human eye capability, eyes can tell a difference between various fps, we are able to detect 40 frames per second in a glance. An interesting fact about the brain is, humans are processing images more than 80% of the time.

Have a look at this video to see for yourself what is the difference between various fps.

To Conclude

Humans are capable of many things, it amazes me to see how some people can do things that are humanly impossible. One of the most interesting things that are believed to be within the capabilities of humans is that the highest rate of frames seen by humans is believed to be 240 FPS.

Although, the frame rate that is normally seen by humans is 30-60 frames per second, there are some experts who believe that it can be more than that. A fact about the human brain is that the brain has the ability to process an image that is seen by your eyes in just 13 milliseconds.

A model of the human brain

Frame rates are also very important for gamers as they help them have a better experience. Gamers say, the higher fps, the better will be the experience, you can’t see clearly with just 60fps, says a person who loves to play a ton of games. High fps also make the game much smoother, if you want a better display, you merely have to get higher refresh rates which should be at least 240.

Moreover, If we talk about animals and how many frames can they see, the answer would be, not as many as humans can see. The human visual acuity is far better compared to most animals.

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