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How Does A 9-Year Age Difference Between A Couple Sound To You? (Find Out)

How Does A 9-Year Age Difference Between A Couple Sound To You? (Find Out)

Since people at different stages of life see things differently, someone of your age would behave differently than someone with a 9-year age gap.

It’s also possible that the life experiences of someone at 35 with kids might be different than those of someone who’s career-oriented. A 35-year-old career-oriented person would possibly relate to a 25-year-old with the same mindset.

A 9-year age difference between couples works great if they both have the same thoughts about life. A 9-year age gap is unlikely to become a hurdle in living a perfect life if you have the same life paths and personalities. 

Therefore, it’s really important to get to know the person inside and out before making a long-term commitment

If you want to know what to look for in a partner before making your relationship official, this article is for you. So, let’s get into it. 

Should You Date Someone With a 9-Year Age Gap? 

Many people fear that relationships with a 9 or 10-year gap are the most unstable ones. Their doubts are somewhat invalid.

Study shows that the relationship between a younger wife and an older husband is more satisfying. It is unlikely to be true when the wife is older and the husband is younger. 

On top of that, age dissimilarity is common in the U.K. Dating someone with such an age disparity has its consequences and perks. Before you date someone too young or too old for you, you need to understand that age gaps also have different sets of rules. 

For instance, if a 28-year-old guy dates a 19-year-old girl, the relationship would last only a few years. It happens because a 19-year-old girl is very immature. While at the age of 28, a person is old enough to have his life in order. 

So, there’s not only a gap in age but also a gap in mindsets. Keep in mind that the age gap may work, but the gap in mindsets won’t take things further. So a couple who’s 23/32 would possibly have a better experience and will be able to nourish a healthy relationship if they have a compatible mindset. 

Should You Date Someone With a 9-Year Age gap? 
Growing Old Together

What Is The Rule of 7 in Dating?

The socially acceptable formula for dating someone is to divide your age in half, then add 7 to that number. This rule or formula is known as the rule of 7.

It’s worth noting that it’s always men’s age that works by this rule. This rule is very common all over the U.K. 

Here’s how this rule works:

Let’s say a guy’s age is 30. He will divide his age by 2 and add 7 to it. Considering this formula, a 30-year-old guy can date a 22-year-old girl.


This rule isn’t considered an ideal way to determine the socially acceptable age of your partner.

For instance, you’ll notice that as we increase the age of the man, the difference between the couple will also become greater. 


The age difference between the previous couple is 8 years, while in the above example, a 50-year-old will date someone who’s 32. The age disparity between this couple becomes 18 years.

Do you want to know what’s acceptable age gap for dating is? Watch this video to learn more.

What’s the acceptable age gap for dating?

Relationships With an Older Partner: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons 
He is matureIs hard-headed and believes what he says is always right
He has financial stability May already have kids
Since he has gone through your current phase of life, he understands your situation very wellMaintain a high standard of perfection in everything he does 
He knows how to take care of the homeHe may be on some medications 
Unlikely to cheatThe chances of fertility are very low 
You can rely on them for so many thingsHe might dictate you like your parents 
He can get along with your parents You may hear judgmental remarks from society 
Pros and Cons of a Relationship with Someone Older

How to Make Your Relationship Healthy? 

Age is the second element that could make or break a relationship. Treating your partner right is the first essential thing in any relationship.

Whether your partner is your age or not, he/she won’t stay a lifetime if you stop giving them the attention they need. 

How to make your relationship healthy? 
Couples Holding Hands

Here are some tips that would help you maintain a healthy and stronger relationship:

  • No doubt, communication becomes hard when you are both angry with each other. But keep in mind that you have to keep your pride aside if you don’t want to lose your partner. 
  • Couples should keep affection alive, otherwise your relationship becomes more like friends or housemates.
  • Don’t let ego ruin your relationship. What matters is that the issue has been addressed, regardless of who wins the argument; don’t fight your partner, but the problem.
  • Travel together, whether it’s a one-day trip or a longer trip; it’ll help strengthen your relationship.

How Should You Deal With Someone Who Doesn’t Love You?

It’s pointless to stay with someone that you know would never love you back. Walking away is the best course of action in this situation.

The other person may start liking you after seeing your love and compassion towards them, but you won’t be able to make them fall in love with you. 

Many people stay in such toxic relationships because they’ve seen their parents live like this. However, you should never compromise on your mental health.

How Should You Deal With Someone Who Doesn't Love You? 
A Couple In Love

The following signs indicate that you should move on:

  • If your partner insults you or makes you feel inferior in front of his/her friends, they probably don’t love you.
  • You catch them cheating on you and they’re still not ashamed. 
  • You no longer receive little gifts from them because they might have lost interest in you.
  • It takes too long to reply to your texts. 
  • Even when you and they are having an important conversation, they are always engaged on their phones.
  • You are no longer making plans to hang out with each other.


  • The age gap of 9 years isn’t huge in most societies. 
  • Dating someone older or younger has its drawbacks and advantages. 
  • Nevertheless, other factors can make or break a relationship more than age. 
  • In the absence of important factors like communication skills and letting go of things, your relationship would suffer even though there is a gap between you. 

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