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June Cancerian VS July Cancerian (Zodiac Signs)

June Cancerian VS July Cancerian (Zodiac Signs)

The word cancer makes everyone alert and conscious but don’t worry, we are up to something exciting and mood-lightening here.

Today, the “cancer” that we are going to discuss is the ‘zodiac sign’. This zodiac sign starts on 22 June and ends on 22 July. This means that anyone who was born these days is categorized as Cancerian and their ruler is Moon and its sign is a water sign that is a crab.

Things aren’t as easy as they sound. As the sign starts in June and ends in July, people from both months with the same star aren’t the same as each other.

The June Cancerians are considered more friendly, outgoing, and humble while the July Cancerians are considered to be more jealous and possessive in nature.

Most people argue that there is no such thing as astrology or zodiac and this is all supernatural. And to an extent, they might be right. I never categorized my mum or dad into their zodiac and judged them through that because I can’t see them having anything negative from their sign. And you see when people from the same sign but different months can be different then how come all this is true?

Well, to answer that myself here, things aren’t that simple and I’m going to tell you why. Please keep reading and know more about the differences between the June cancers and July cancers.

Is July A Cancer Or Gemini?

July can never be a Gemini because Gemini starts on 21 May and ends on 21 June. July cancer can have some traits of a Leo but only those whose birthday comes in the last 10 days of the decan.

a crab
The Zodiac sign for cancer is a Crab

And yes, people born in the first 10 days of the cancer span time can have the characteristics of a Gemini but a July cancer can never be in any way a Gemini.

Here is what you need to know about a Cancerian.

Zodiac signCancer
Time starts and ends22 June to 22 July
Ruling PlanetMoon
All you need to know about the Zodiac Cancer

What Are The Characteristics of A Cancerian?

Like any other zodiac sign, Cancerians are unique in their own way. They are possessive, protective, attractive, charismatic, compassionate, considerate, sensitive, introverted, and whatnot.

To know what are July cancers like and their characteristics, and what are June cancers like and what are their characteristics like, move on to the next section.

What Are July Cancers Like?

There is no rule of thumb when we are talking about this astrology. Sure, the main traits of zodiac signs are the same but one’s own personality matters a lot.

You may find one July cancer different from the other July cancer and that is okay! But the main characteristics of July Cancerians are almost the same, at least that is what I have seen in my life.

July cancers are compassionate, emotional, loyal, devoted, and considerate but they can also be very much possessive, jealous, overly protective, and stubborn.

One thing that I like the most in a July cancer is their sixth sense for the feelings of the other person. I mean, you really don’t have to say anything to a July cancer. If you’re close enough and they care enough, they will know what is going on in your mind and they will make sure that they are here for you.

Not everyone you know will be like this.

What Are June’s Cancers Like?

When comparing the two; June cancer and July cancer, people like June cancer more.

June’s cancers are sentimental, compassionate, considerate, charismatic, attractive, and moody.

All traits on one side, their mood swings are no less than the mood swings of a pregnant lady, one minute they like something, and the other minute they do not.

But don’t get them wrong, they always have a reason for the change of their mood, even if people don’t know about it, even if they themselves are unaware because they notice too much.

One thing that I love about June cancer is that they are great comforters. If you have a June cancer friend and you are going through a rough patch, go to them and talk, they will have all ears for you.

They listen genuinely and advise appropriately. It is a blessing to have a Cancerian friend and in particular, June’s cancer friend by your side.

Friends standing side by side
Cancer can make the best of friends.

Why Are Cancers Different?

The main reason for the difference is the division of decans. We all know that there are 30 days in the time span of a zodiac sign and that too is divided into three parts having 10 days each.

The first 10 days are ruled by the Moon itself, so the Cancerians born in the first week of that time are the best example of a Cancerian.

The Cancerians born in the second week are ruled by Pluto and these people somewhat have traits of a Scorpian. The Cancerians born in the last 10 days of the time span are ruled by Neptune and these people have the qualities of a Pisces.

You see it is not that simple! It is very important to know your ruling star before trying to figure out your zodiac.

Are June And July Cancers Compatible?

Cancerians are emotional and sentimental people. They like to go deep which makes sense because their sign is water.

I have heard people say that Cancerians can never have a good bond with each other yet I’ve seen many Cancerians clicking well.

May they be a June cancer or a July cancer, these people can talk about their emotions for hours and can listen to yours for a long time and that is what connects them.

Yes, a June cancer and a July cancer can have a tough time initiating a relationship because they cannot just go up front and talk to someone. They wait until the other person approaches.

For a June cancer, a July cancer is trustworthy and vice versa so in this context, their relationship can go a long way and can turn into a serious thing.

People adore cancers and here is why. Check out this video to know why cancer is the best zodiac sign.

7 Reasons Why Cancer is The Best Zodiac Sign


a stone slab with the zodiac signs on them
Not all people believe in astrology.

People often don’t trust astrology but a lot of people do. According to a poll done by YouGov America, 27% of Americans believe in Astrology, with 37% of them being under 30 years old. There are 12 zodiac signs that are divided into full years and people born at a particular time are associated with a particular sign.

This article told you about the difference between a June cancer and a July cancer and here is the summary for you.

  • The time span for cancer is 22 June to 22 July, and its ruling planet is Moon and its sign is water and its symbol is a crab.
  • June cancers are generally more liked by people.
  • June cancers are charismatic but moody.
  • July cancers are sensitive but possessive.
  • June cancers are known for comforting people. You can tell them your problems without concerns.
  • July cancers are known to have a great sixth sense, you don’t have to say it for them to understand.
  • Cancerians have a hard time opening up to people or starting a new relationship. They always look for the other person to start the conversation.
  • Cancer trust cancer!

To read more, check out my article What’s The Difference Between Geminis Born In May And June? (Identified).

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