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Ten Thousand of vs. Thousands of (What’s the Difference?)

Ten Thousand of vs. Thousands of (What’s the Difference?)

Firstly, it’s important to understand that thousands of is a kind of figure speech which means more than one thousand and on the other hand ten thousand of is not so effective to say that’s the reason almost everyone says ten thousand or twenty thousand and so on. 

Well, ten thousand is a very good phrase for a novel or poetry but not so effective or useful metric in accounting. These two phrases are not used to designate a distinct number, except they are used for an order of magnitude

What Does Ten Thousand of Mean? 

Ten thousand of means more than ten thousand, meaning any number above 10,000 is ten thousand of, there are different names for this phrase, such as in Ancient Greek its μύριο also known as myriad in English, in Aramaic, it is ܪܒܘܬܐ (rabbā), in Hebrew רבבה (revava), in Chinese 萬/万 and many more language has a different name for it. 

In the early version of the metric system, Greek roots were used, which was in the form of a decimal prefix also known as myria. In the UK and US ten thousand can be written as 10,000, whereas in European areas it’s written as 10.000, 10 000 is written in transition metric or 10•000 in this the dot is raised up to the middle of the zeros. 

Sea Shells On a Beach More Than Ten Thousand of
Sea Shells On a Beach More Than Ten Thousand of

Uses in Different Fields 

In Films 

  • 10,000 Black Men Named George (2002, TV) 
  • The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues (1956)  
  • In the Pixar film Up The main character, Carl Fredrickson (the old guy) attaches 10,000 helium toy balloons to his house to make it float. 
  • Vietnam: The Ten Thousand Day War (1980, mini). 

In Music 

  • 10,000 Days was the fourth studio album by Tool. 
  • Ten Thousand Fists is an album by Disturbed. 
  • 10,000 Hz Legend album by Air 2001. 
  • 10,000 Maniacs is a US rock band. 
  • “10000 Men” is a song by Bob Dylan.  
  • Ten Thousand Men of Harvard is a song from Harvard University
  • 10,000 Reasons is an album written in 2013 which is also a Christian album by Matt Redman
  • “10,000 promises” is a song by the Backstreet Boys.  
  • 10,000 Promises is a Japanese popular music group. 
  • “10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)”, is a single and title track of Matt Redman’s 2013 album 10,000 Reasons. 
  • “Ten Thousand Strong” is a song by American Power metal band, Iced Earth. 
  • “10k”, a song by rapper KB from his 2020 album His Glory Alone. 

In Painting 

In Currency 

  • The Japanese ¥10,000 banknote portrays Fukuzawa Yukichi. 
  • Kazakhstan’s 10,000₸ banknote. 
A Thousand Russian Rubles Bill Note
A Thousand Russian Rubles Bill Note

Ten Thousand in Roman Numerals 

If you place a bar over seven numerals multiply by 1,000. If you want to write 10,000, for that take 10 which has a roman numeral X, then put a bar over it or on it which would give us X bar (x̄ a symbol which represents X bar) or 10,000. 

Ten Thousand in Zip Codes and Morse Code 

Cities in Mexico that contains zip code of 10000 are: 

  • Lomas Quebradas 
  • Ciudad de México 
  • La Magdalena Contreras 

And in Guatemala and the Czech Republic the 10th district of Prague 

Number 10,000 in morse code is:  .—- —– —– —– —–. 

What Are Thousands of?

The number thousand or 1000 is a natural number in which most English-speaking languages can write the number with a comma (1,000) and without one (1000). In European countries, it’s written with a dot (1.000). 

It’s also known as a short thousand in the medieval contexts, here many people get confused by the German concept of a long thousand (1200). A period of 1,000 years can also be termed after the Greek roots a Chiliad, if someone says a chiliad of an object that means, chiliad of an object refers to 1,000 of that particular object.

Arrow Shot On a Wooden Board, Thousands of Arrows Shot
Arrow Shot On a Wooden Board, Thousands of Arrows Shot



The decimal distinction for one thousand is: 

The SI unit for 1000 is Kilo or as it is abbreviated as K (1k), in this case, it could be km or Kilometre which means a thousand meters. Multiples of 1000, have their zeros replaced by a K for instance $400K. The currency in UK and US represent a thousand units with a Grand or as it is abbreviated as G, an example could be $3 grand. 

Mathematics Notations
Mathematics Notations


  • 1000 is the smallest number that makes three primes in the quickest way by series of reduction numbers (1 000 999, 1 000 999 998 997, and 1 000 999 998 997 996 995 994 993 are prime). The indicator removed counting the number itself. 

Thousand in Different Languages 

There are different names and phrases of thousand in different Languages. In Albanian the number thousand is said to be mijë, in Czech its tisíc, in Irish it is míle, in Russian its тысяча [tysyacha], in Japanese its 千 which is almost similar to the Chinese way which is 千 [qiān] and so on there is many more language with different words. 

Thousand Also Known As The Angel Number: A Brief Explanation

The Difference between Thousands And Ten Thousand of 

Thousands of means that something that is in thousands could be used as a figure of speech such as “there are thousands of better things you can do than sitting wasting your precious time”. 

Whereas for ten thousand of has the same meaning as thousands of has but with more the quantity such as he has ten thousand of those ten-dollar bills. 

Thousands ofTen Thousand of
Many Names in Different LanguagesMany Names in Different Languages
1,000-9,000 In Numbers10,000-90,000 In Numbers
SI Unit is Kilo/GrandSI Unit is Kilo/Grand
scientific notation is 1 x 103scientific notation is 1 x 104
Similarities and Differences


  • In the end, both are almost the same as they’re a figure of speech as well as numbers and quantities of something, anything more than 1000 is thousands and above 10,000 is known as ten thousand. 
  • They’re used in many different fields the most common one is currency, 1k or 1,000 have different names in different countries and regions.
  • K represents kilo, in US and UK a phrase Grand is also used in short g. 

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