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What Are Some Differences Between ENFP And ESFP? (Facts Cleared)

What Are Some Differences Between ENFP And ESFP? (Facts Cleared)

Every person’s brain works in a unique pattern, and that’s the reason that sometimes genius people are outdone by what, for them, is a loser. It is all because of the uniqueness of the brain and the pattern that sometimes a person can see or solve things that no other person was considering.

You can never expect a person to react in the same way as another person because you never know about their sentimental values or sensitivity to any matter. In the same way, you can never expect a man to be as intelligent as other students because you don’t know what that student is interested in.

After all, the great pioneers were not school toppers in their time, but that doesn’t mean that the topper is useless. The real topper is one who doesn’t flex his grades nor thinks that scoring great grades will get him somewhere; it is his brain pattern and skills that will help him in his remaining life.

People have different personality types; these include ENFP and ESFP.

Concepts, theories, and ideas usually excite ENFPs more than experiences, actions, and the sights, sounds, and textures of their environment do for ESFPs.

Let’s get into the details to learn more about the differences between ENFP and ESFP personality types.

Extroverts and Introverts

There are mainly two types of people: extroverts and introverts.

An extrovert is a person who is considered as outspoken or a person who is confident enough to say things he doesn’t like about someone in their face; these people are often considered honest people as they speak of what they don’t like right at the moment keeping their hearts away from any sort of worries or sense of anger.

ESFP People
ESFP People

Extroverts are viewed as outgoing people and social butterflies. However, they can be overconfident and might have no control over their mouth. They sometimes disrespect their elders just to say facts that they don’t like. Their overconfidence can sometimes make them ill-mannered, as they can say whatever comes to mind.

Introverts are those people who keep things in their hearts and do not often say anything to anyone on their faces, as they are considered shy people. This does not mean that they have a low level of confidence; it is just that they don’t want to interact with people or that they don’t like to go to social gatherings.

They are very self-isolated people and often have minimal friends, but the friends they have treat them like the best of the best and demand the same from them.

Many people think that introverts have communication problems, but that’s far from reality. They just don’t want the world to know about them, as they could be geniuses within themselves.

Both of them are unique in their own way, and in today’s society, introverted people are better as they never expose their plans for their careers or education.

ENFP Person
ENFP Person

ENFPs (Extroversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Perception)

An ENFP person can be defined as someone who is centered on people. These people have a serious goal of serving humanity by solving their problems and allowing them to work freely and earn a living.

They are full of enthusiasm and spirit, bringing new ideas to create more employment opportunities. They are warm and softhearted, full of potential and energy, passionate about serving others and making them capable of exploring their world of fantasies.

A person can be identified as an ENFP if he cares about others and has some extra energy and passion to help others and carry them through their worst situations, providing them with new hope for a better tomorrow.

These people are known for the unique and positive attitude and energy that they possess toward the person they are talking to. This leaves a positive impact on the listener.

ESFP person helping others
ESFP person helping others

ESFPs (Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perception)

ESFPs are the type of people who are more considerate of facts, ideas, and details but do not pay enough attention to the facts and concepts. These people are more down to earth than others, which makes them unique; they are also very serious about their work and work restlessly to fulfill people’s dreams.

An ESFP person will make decisions based on their customs, values, or feelings. The decisions that they make are based on these facts, and the decisions are rational. They are not sort of planned and well-organized people; they are flexible to ideas and fold themselves as the situation requires.

People around them also feel the same positive energy, but they like to open up in front of them a bit more so they can really get in their shoes.

ESFP people like to meet new friends around the globe, and they attend large parties or events without hesitation; these people are loving and seek the adventure around them, moving and always appreciating the beauty of the surroundings.

The normal ESFP person is commonly talkative and warmhearted, and they like to gain attention and want people to always notice them, even when they are in the background. Hey, are common words marked as attention seekers? They often want to be the main character of any scene or action happening in real life.

Distinguishing Features Between ENFPs and ESFPs

EnergyENFPs are famous because of their positive energy and the attitude they possess toward others, and this quality is appreciated by everyone around an ENFP person as it is an appreciable quality.
ESFPs are also famous for their energy and motivation. These people are down to earth and do not consider themselves a priority.
The people around them often get demotivated, but that is rare. But most people have a positive attitude, and they think of them in the same way.
PersonalityENFP personality is not a very rare one, but it is not present in large quantities. The main idea and reason for this personality are to become someone who is always there for people when they are sad. ESFP personality is the most common personality and is found everywhere. This personality type is often present in females but is also found in males, where they are popular for it.
IdeasThe ENSP is open to different ideas and is often ready for changes; they are always thinking about other people.
Their main moral in life is that they don’t want to see anyone poor. 
These people are flexible to ideas of all sorts, yet they are not the type of people who like to do pre-planned things or get a track.
The main idea behind their life is that they also live their life just to benefit others from their deeds and actions.
Nature They motivate people when no one else is doing it, and everyone else is just being mean. This makes these people very ideal and kind-hearted.They are best friends with the introverts providing them a sense listener so that they can talk about all the things going on inside their brains and the stress they can openly share with ESFPs.
SurroundingsThe ENFP has a very sensible act, and they like to keep their surroundings as good as they are, and they take care of everything and everyone around them as they like to keep everybody on the same page as them.The ESFP is a person who takes responsibility for a person and doesn’t really care about what is going on in their surroundings as they are really involved with the person they are trying to improve.
Let’s find out the differences and similarities between ESFP and ENFP by watching this video.

Frequently Asked Questions About ENFP And ESFP

What makes ESFP different?

The personality type ESFP describes someone who gets their energy from being around other people, who prioritizes facts and details above ideas and concepts, who bases decisions on feelings and principles, and who prefers to be flexible and impromptu rather than planned and organized (perceiving).

Do ESFP like ENFP?

The inventiveness and originality of the ENFP are frequently attractive to ESFPs. Two of the most compassionate personality types are ESFPs and ENFPs. They frequently have a keen awareness of one another’s emotional requirements and needs in a relationship.

How are ENFP and ESFP different?

Both ENFPs and ESFPs contribute charisma, empathy, and adaptability to the workplace. While ESFPs provide attention to detail and practical thinking, ENFPs also offer creative ideas and openness. While ESFPs can assist ENFPs in focusing on the task at hand, ENFPs can assist ESFPs in thinking creatively.


  • The main idea of our research leads us to believe that ENFPs are people who want to make everyone a stable and successful person.
  • They are the guiding lines of everyone.
  • While the ESFPs are the main support of depressed introverts as they provide them shoulder and a thorough listener to which they can share their problems and might get a proper solution.

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