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ENFP Vs ENTP Personality (Everything Explained In Detail)

ENFP Vs ENTP Personality (Everything Explained In Detail)

ENFPs (E=Extraversion, N=Intuition, F=Feeling, and P=Perception) and ENTPs (E=Extraversion, N=Intuition, T=Thinking, and P=Perceiving) are two of the sixteen personalities put forward by the Myers-Briggs. 

Clearly, with the full form, you can get a slight hint that ENFPs are more influenced by how they feel and perceive life, whereas ENTPs are people who are more inclined to live their lives while actively using their minds.

Both ENFP and ENTP are two different personalities with some same characteristics but as you’ll read through the blog you’ll find out how similar yet different they are from each other.

Let’s get started.

What Makes ENFP And ENTP Alike To One Another?

Individuals with ENTP and ENFP characters share three significantly similar characteristics – (E), (I), and (P) extraversion, intuition, and perception namelyENTPs are levelheaded individuals with logical powers while ENFPs are centered around sentiments. 

ENTP and ENFP are among those character types from MBTI that are assumed to have extraordinary possibilities to make enduring connections.

ENFPs are compassionate individuals and can comprehend others’ feelings without any problem. However, ENTPs are self-assured and recognize their feelings barely noticing how others feel. 

In any case, both ENTPs and ENFPs are individuals who appreciate social gatherings and exploring the world. They are in an endless pursuit of the reason for their life and never feel weak to face challenges.

How To Differentiate Between ENFP And ENTP?

ENFPs are driven by feelings, and ENTPs by analytical thinking this is what makes them different from one another! With only one difference the personality of the two people can change entirely.

ENFP views the world based on how they feel and how others feel. They maintain a softer perception of life. Unlike ENTP who heavily view the world based on facts, and numbers to validate the way they think.

ENFP Personality TraitsENTP Personality Traits
extremely sociable peopleenjoys spending time with the close one
sensitive and tactfulfeisty and straightforward
looks at the overall view  look into the details of everything
table of differences between ENFP and ENTP

As an ENFP you are attracted to individuals who appear to be delicate, insightful, and hopeful. While being an ENTP you feel near somebody when they can have a conversation that drives you to discover something new.

MBTI distinguishes between ENFP and ENTP
It is a physiological test to determine personality type

Can You Be Both ENFP And ENTP?

The simplest and easiest way to answer this would be can you be inside and out at the same time? No, you can either be inside a place or outside similarly you are either an ENFP or ENTP not two of them at the same time!

Because they have three same characteristics you can often get confused that you are both of them at the same time but that’s not the case. So, as you both may share the same qualities concerning E, I, and P in your personality don’t assume you have both personalities in you.

Also, if you’re interested to know everything about the people who are ESTP or ESFP then check out my other article.

Social places a trait of both ENFP and ENTP
Social gatherings are both enjoyed by ENFP and ENTP

How To Tell If You Are An ENFP Or ENTP?

I’m listing a few characteristics of both the personalities so that’s easier for you to know which one are you.

Being an ENFP you’ll most likely behave in such a manner;

  • You easily connect with other people’s feelings.
  • When you’re able to motivate someone to do what they love.
  • Maintaining communication is your strongest point.
  • You love it when life is unexpected and it kicks your adrenaline.
  • When procrastination is the quality you’re looking forward to changing.
  • You easily lose focus on your own goals.
  • You somehow are never able to keep things organized.

If you are an ENTP you’ll most likely behave in such a manner;

  • You are the curious cat seeking answers.
  • Naturally, you are constantly flooded with new ideas and solutions.
  • Never feel any fear when speaking your mind.
  • Attracted to people who feed you more information.
  • Being so used to speaking your mind, when you find anyone else opinion is hard to accept and you tend to argue.
  • When there is nothing new to explore you might lose interest easily.
  • Being detailed-oriented makes you lose sight of work that needs immediate attention, and you end up with a big pile of unfinished tasks.

Some of the time ENTPs are marked as cold or coldblooded. Even though they are outgoing individuals they can get derailed in their academic interests and disregard everyone around them.

ENTPs are not deadpan, however, they in all actuality will quite often deny and try not to manage their feelings. They lean towards having discussions and conversations about sentiments as this fulfills their normal interest.

The ENFP character is generally different from the ENTP with regards to feelings and intellect. Most ENFPs can effortlessly hop from one subject to another. 

They have unfathomable energy for a task that intrigues them until they become exhausted and leave it. Feelings mostly dominate the ENFP’s reasoning.

Some more differences to look at!

Are ENFP And ENTP Compatible?

ENTPs are not very excited about having relationships. These individuals are more inclined to logically view everything. They are touchy individuals, but it’s extremely difficult to notice.

In reality, ENTPs are carefree individuals who can become hopeless romantics once they fall in love.

ENFPs are warm, tender, and empowering darlings. They appreciate relationships and attempt to make their lovers feel respected.

When they find somebody they like, they can prolong the relationships on an emotional level easily. As a rule, they are searching for people who will acknowledge them with their highs and lows.

ENTPs can’t just rely upon somebody. They value freedom and independence and consistently attempt to explain it to others too. Family is also crucial for them as a result they sometimes lose their preferences for their loved ones.

ENFPs are dedicated to their families and partners. They respect graciousness in others and consistently search for people who will focus on them very much as they do. They accept that independence is the right of every individual and also respect innovativeness and growth.

As both ENTPs and ENFPs are outgoing, the pair could appreciate a lot of shenanigans and energy. Both ENTPs and ENFPs are smart, which allows them to inspire one another.

Final Thoughts

ENTPs love conversations and discussions about almost anything and so ENTPs are named confrontational. However, that’s not the truth because they feel charged with new learning that their counter questions may seem like a confrontation when in reality they are just polishing their skills.

ENTPs not once hesitate to offer honest criticism to anyone who needs it. This can put off a lot of people who are in close contact with an ENTP.

Being naturally charismatic and people pleasers ENFPs find endless topics to speak with others. They enjoy empowering others to talk about their thoughts as well as ideas. But if something thats’ boring to ENFP they’ll not cut you off but will let share your thoughts without letting you know how they feel.

An ENFP is dependable and adaptable and will stun people around them while expressing their feeling wholeheartedly.

The Myers-Brigg Type Indicator opens fascinating sides and inspirations about your character and the people around you. Situations, experiences, and family all shape our personalities.

So, if you’re looking to know which personality you fall into and with whom you’re compatible. You can surely take an online test and learn some new insights about yourself!

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