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What Is The Difference Between Being Enamored And Being In Love? (Answered)

What Is The Difference Between Being Enamored And Being In Love? (Answered)

Is it possible to adore someone and not be in love with him simultaneously?

For the majority of us, this is a very perplexing subject since we have been taught that, practically speaking, loving someone is the same as being in love with them.

Enamored refers to being completely enamored or smitten. Someone who is in love with someone else might even swoon. A man in love delivers his significant other a dozen roses, but if he is madly in love with her, he blankets the entire front lawn with rose petals.

Intense sentiments, attraction, and emotions are shared by being in love and enamored. But there are many contrasts between the two, such as the fact that love transcends the body and that being enamored means being confined to only one person.

Keep reading to know more about the differences between enamored and love, along with their individual nature.

What Does Love Mean?

Love is defined as an intensely passionate, sympathetic affection for another person. It can also be characterized as a warm sense of intimacy or intense affection, such as for a parent, kid, or friend.

Carroll refers to love as “wholehearted love” since it exists between two whole people.

“Both individuals are allowed to be who they truly are”; when a couple is truly in love, Carroll claims that this is when they both “experience true individuation and self-discovery.”

You can discover love if you don’t strive for romance; instead, seek out partnerships and always be true to yourself. Don’t overstrain either the connection or yourself.

Love is not just all about a person, but also about your surroundings.

How To Know If You Are In Love?

Being in love is no crime, yet love should come with feelings of excitement and emotions rather than grief or uneasiness.

People frequently discuss love as if everyone feels it in the same manner, yet life events and past relationships might change how “typical” romantic attraction develops.

If you’ve been the target of romantic brutality or disloyalty, you may be reluctant to let your defense down once more. This can lessen the euphoria and impulsiveness that frequently accompany the initial phases of love.

Even if there is no one method to fall in love, you’ll likely notice a few significant physical and emotional indicators.

Signs Description
Continous ThinkingYou might talk about them frequently and envision how much your loved ones will adore them when you spend time with family and friends.
Feeling of SafetySense of emotional safety can be especially important to you if you’ve already gone through romantic trauma or tragedy.
Excitement Everything can appear more thrilling while you’re experiencing the hormone rush of love, especially if you know you’ll be seeing them soon.
Spending Time TogetherYou can find yourself yearning for someone’s company more than ever because loving someone usually entails wanting to spend a lot of time with them.
JealousyYou may find yourself experiencing various emotions, which may include suspicion, fear, rage, and humiliation.
Signs that are visible when one is in love

What Does Enamor Mean?

Enamor refers to the act of making someone fall in love with something or someone.

The rocket features and tail fins of 1950s cars were a representation of the technology that dominated that era. The Greek goddess Persephone had a thing for Hades, ruler of the underworld.

More flowery than love, being enamored of something or someone goes far beyond simply loving them.

Enamored refers to being completely captivated or smitten. Someone who is in love with someone else might even swoon.

Sentences using the word enamor are as follows:

  1. My daughter hopes her new look will make her secret crush feel enamored of her.
  2. Amber did not enamor the police officer when she lost her temper.

Difference Between Being Enamored and Being in Love

Enamor and love are similar in the meaning of giving or being invested in a person, yet have certain dissimilarities in nature.

Enamor means to get enflamed by love, the kind of love that is intense and even more passionate. Love is a strong attachment sensation brought on by anything that thrills or commands admiration.

The distinction between love and enamor is subtle. Passionate love is based on intimacy and passion; it combines all the elements of infatuation with factors like friendship, trust, and support.

You know you’re in love with someone when you feel free to share your darkest worries and your most ardent fantasies.

Similar to how you feel when you’re with them, their presence is comforting because it’s not as if they’re distracted by work or online chats.

On the other hand, enamor is similar to infatuation in that it is fueled by lust, excitement, and passion. It’s seductive. You can feel a strong desire to be as close to the person as you can.

Alternatives To Words Love And Enamor


Devotion is an act of faithfulness and fulfillment, just like in a marriage, one has to be devoted.

The definition of devotion is the act of devotion or the quality of devotion. It denotes intense devotion, love, or dedication.

Allegiance, fealty, loyalty, and piety are a few words that are frequently used as synonyms for devotion.

All of these words refer to “faithfulness to something to which one is bound by pledge or duty,” but the word “devotion” emphasizes zeal and service that are equivalent to self-dedication.

Devotion is when you have feelings of love and loyalty for someone or something. If your love for your pet hamster is unwavering, you might spend a lot of money on a solid-gold hamster wheel. Dedication to a cause or goal is another definition of devotion.


Infatuation is said to not be everlasting by many philosophers.

A solid and irrational attachment to someone or something is known as infatuation. It might be unreasonable or too intense.

Infatuation is defined as “a feeling of foolish or obsessively strong love” in contrast to love, which is defined as “a warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion to another person,” according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

A person might be in love for anywhere from six months to three years. If it continues through that point, it might develop into a more committed relationship.


  • It might be difficult to tell the difference between enamor and love because enamor is a literal component of love, especially if you’re unsure of when you’ve ever been truly in love. But these indications can help you sort the emotions out.
  • To be enamored is to feel intensely and utterly passionately in love. Romantic love, which I also think to be everlasting, is all about liking, caring, and gentle gestures, whereas it is entirely built on the idea of submersion in love.
  • Love has two faces. Contrarily, enamor is typically one-sided. If you’re smitten, you could spend a lot of time worrying if they’re really into you or if they’re devoted to you. You can give little details too much thought.
  • Everybody has dated someone with whom they may perhaps be close friends, but there is no spark. The opposite of that is being in a relationship with someone you can’t stop thinking about and daydreaming about but there isn’t any emotional connection.
  • What does it mean when they say that love is friendship on fire? It is! According to Sternberg’s thesis, intimacy and friendship usually go hand in hand with infatuation and desire. So, if you lack both, romantic love is absent.

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