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Touch Facebook VS M Facebook: What’s Different?

Touch Facebook VS M Facebook: What’s Different?

Social media has become a crucial part of human life, it is difficult to live a day without using social media. There are many platforms of social media, but the one which got the most boost in the beginning and still is at the top with other social media platforms is Facebook

Facebook is a platform where every person on the planet is signed up, everyone still uses it, despite the fact that there are other social media platforms trending currently. Facebook is considered the largest platform, it is believed to be the best marketing platform as it has the most amount of population.

Here is a list of statistics about Facebook that will blow your mind.

  • Facebook has a huge number of monthly active users which is about 2.91 billion.
  • Facebook is used by 36.8% of the world’s population.
  • About 77% of the users of the internet are active on one meta platform at least.
  • Over the last decade, the annual revenue of Facebook has been increased by 2,203%.
  • Facebook is considered the 7th most valuable brand globally.
  • Facebook has been researching AI for the past 10 years.
  • Every day more than 1 billion stories are posted on Facebook apps.

Watch this video to learn why Facebook is the King of all social media platforms.

Facebook has been spreading its wings and trying to buy every social media platform, as it should because Facebook is coming up with different things and bettering itself. If we notice, Facebook has changed enormously since the day it was launched. It has added new features and made it easily accessible.

Facebook touch is an app that is developed by H5 apps, it has many features and is designed for touchscreen devices. It was designed to make Facebook mobile-friendly and give the smartest touch experience. Moreover, it is the same as the Facebook that you grew up using, but there are details that are different like better graphics and a user-friendly interface. It is now rated to be one of the best applications as it works smoothly even with a slow internet connection.

The differences are many if we go deep in between and The first difference is that old Facebook is for less data, low picture quality, and a limited number of displays, unlike It is observed that touch Facebook has a strong and vigorous operating system and it allows viewing pictures with higher quality.

To know more, keep reading.

What is M Facebook?

Facebook is always trying to make everything easy and accessible about it, it came up with touch Facebook, designed specifically for touchscreen devices and M Facebook is another invention.

There are many websites that were optimized for specifically mobile phones, M Facebook is just like that, but is designed for the mobile web browser. It is a version of Facebook that is for only browsers, it is quick and easy, it can be optimized whenever you want on your mobile web browser.

A person holding a phone that shows m Facebook

M Facebook is just a version for web browsers, there is no difference between this Facebook and the usual Facebook. The interface is the same as the mobile app Facebook, although it is said, the mobile Facebook app is much faster than M Facebook.

M Facebook is serving as an alternative to people who don’t have the mobile app and want to log in and for those who have multiple accounts so they can log in to their accounts on the same device.

What does the M before Facebook mean?

If an app is launching something that is just another version of the same application, something needs to be different in the name to differentiate it from the original. This is what Facebook did. When Facebook developed M Facebook which is a version for a browser, they just put an M before it.

The reason that there is an M in the version M Facebook is that it denotes that one is in the website’s mobile version now and not the desktop version. The M at the start basically means, “mobile”.

How do I get Facebook Touch?

A phone screen with a bunch of Social Media apps

There is a proper way of getting the Facebook Touch, there are just a few steps that you have to do to get Facebook Touch on your mobile.

  • Go to your settings and enable the button for installation from an unknown source.
  • Search for “Download Facebook Touch” and click the button.
  • Look up where the file will be downloaded on your mobile.
  • Then, after agreeing to the Terms and Policies, click on the install button of the APK file.
  • After the APK file gets downloaded, sign in to your account and enjoy the features of Facebook Touch.

Do they have different features?

Well, of course, both are different, Facebook wouldn’t have designed both of them if they weren’t different. Both were created for different purposes, although both are pretty much the same. Touch Facebook is mainly for touchscreen devices and M Facebook is for your web browser.

M Facebook is basically the normal Facebook, but Touch Facebook on the other hand is a bit different.

The differences between normal Facebook and Touch Facebook are observed by most people, first difference that was most visible is, Touch Facebook supports high-quality pictures, unlike normal Facebook.

If we talk about the interface dynamic, it is said that the interface of Touch Facebook is easier and more accessible than normal Facebook. The operating system also has a huge difference from the regular user, Touch Facebook has a much stronger operating system, and it works quite incredibly fast even with a slow internet connection.

Animated blocks of Messenger and Facebook

Here are some differences between Touch Facebook and M Facebook.

Touch FacebookM Facebook
It is made especially for touchscreen mobilesIt is made for mobile web browser
It is faster than the normal FacebookIt is slower than the normal and Touch Facebook
The operating system strongerThe operating system is said to be slower
It has higher picture qualityIt has normal but lower picture quality than Touch Facebook

To Conclude.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. Although Facebook is older than many social media platforms, it still is at the top with them and trying to come up with new ways to make Facebook better. If you think about it, Facebook is quite popular in every age, every single person on the planet is signed up on Facebook, it is used more than any other platform.

Facebook always comes up with new ways to give users a better experience. Facebook designed Touch Facebook and M Facebook, both for different purposes just to provide more ease to their users.

Touch Facebook was designed for touchscreen devices, it is said to have a different experience than the normal Facebook. It has a strong operating system that works well even with a slow internet connection, it has also much higher picture quality. There is a way of getting the Touch Facebook, I have listed the steps above.

M Facebook is another version that Facebook launched, it is the same as the normal Facebook. It is made especially for your mobile’s web browser for the people who have multiple accounts and for people who don’t have the app on their devices and want to log in, as M Facebook is made for that, it is pretty quick.

M before M Facebook has a purpose too, it is supposed to denote that, now you are in the website’s mobile version instead of the desktop version, and M at the start means “mobile”.

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