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Law of Attraction vs. Backwards Law (Why Use Both)

Law of Attraction vs. Backwards Law (Why Use Both)

Often when I end up in a bad situation, I find myself thinking, “How did this happen, did do I something? Is it my fault? Is it because of the universe or do I have bad luck?”

Trying to make sense of the complex ways of the universe and human psychology, I came across two interesting concepts, the law of attraction and the backwards law.

Just based on the name, they both seem opposite to each other, but is that the case?

Let’s find out.

What Is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction in its simplest form translates to “like attracts like”. The underlying concept is that the universe resonates with the energy you give off.

Like similar personalities are attracted to each other, our thoughts attract similar outcomes.

As bizarre as it may sound, your mind has the power to create and change your present and your future. Your positive mindset increases the likeliness of receiving goodness and positivity and vice versa.

However, no matter how much control you have over your life, you’ll often find yourself in unpleasant situations. That doesn’t mean you’re to blame for it. The law of attraction is one of the many laws of the universe that influences your life and circumstances.

But how you react to a certain situation can greatly impact what comes next. A positive mindset will help you focus on the brighter side of the situation.

The Science Behind the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction isn’t a science, but it is a pseudoscience. It’s a concept that has been studied by various great minds over the years. The famous book and movie “The Secret” gave this law a lot of exposure in the modern world.

The law of attraction is much more than just attracting the positives, it’s about creating a mindset that helps you look at life with a different lens. One which is more accepting of the present situation, without having the constant urge to somehow make it even better.

Therefore, an important part of this law is positive thinking. Putting out positive energy will attract all the positive forces of the universe. It may seem too good to be true, but your thoughts and mindset can change your life for the better.

How Does the Law of Attraction Work?

The law of attraction allows you to seek the good in every situation. The positive energy in you will attract whatever positive that can come out of a bad situation. This helps you heal and come out of the situation stronger.

Another important aspect of the law of attraction is changing your dreams into reality. Since you get what you attract, if you have a firm belief in your goal or your dream, you are more likely to achieve it.

Here is how it works:

Practicing Positive Thinking

Your subconscious mind has more impact on your life than you know. Once you are put in a difficult situation, it’s that part of your brain that controls your reaction to it. Most of the time, during unpleasant circumstances, people tend to overwhelm themselves with the negatives. This leaves no room for the positive energy to settle in.

When your mind is filled with negative thoughts, you tend to focus on the bad side, whether it’s a circumstance, a person, or even yourself.

Envisioning Your Goal

The law of attraction is the manifestation of your thoughts into reality. Whether it’s your dream college, that fancy job you want to get, or a man you want to marry, manifesting these situations will help you put your goal in perspective. Once you envision your desired future, it helps you get rid of all the what-ifs and focus solely on achieving it.

As Albert Einstein said,

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Putting in the Effort

Everything requires hard work and dedication, but the what-ifs and the uncertainties often cloud your motivation. Envisioning your goal enables you to accept yourself as worthy and able to achieve your goal. This confidence helps you pave a path for yourself.

Changing your mindset won’t result in good outcomes overnight. Like your body, your mind requires constant practice. With a constant effort of keeping a positive mindset, you can take proactive measures to turn your goals into reality.

What Is the Backward Law?

The backwards law is an idea brought forward by Alan Watts, an English writer and philosopher. Even though the concept of the backwards law has been around for centuries, he was the first to shed light on it on a larger scale.

The backward law states the more you pursue something, the farther it gets, or in other words, the more you seek life satisfaction, the less likely you are going to be satisfied.

In my understanding of the concept, the urge to be happy, to have money, or that perfect body can never truly be satisfied. Since there’s no limit to happiness or money, you’ll never reach a point that would feel enough to you. There will always be a sense of attaining more.

Watch this video to understand the concept better:

The Backward Law

How Can You Achieve a Goal If You Stop Trying?

This is where it can get a bit confusing. The backward law doesn’t imply that working towards your goal is unnecessary, but your intent towards your goal matters.

Humans often believe that reaching a certain checkpoint in their life will help them achieve ultimate happiness, but the truth is once you get there, your happiness will then depend on the next checkpoint.

Because of the complex human nature, influenced by deceptive societal standards, the present never seems enough, and the rush of achieving the next best thing prevents us from appreciating what we have now.

In your professional life, often when you’re trying too hard to impress someone, you end up saying or doing something stupid. This happens because you get too stressed out about doing the right thing that you mess it up.

Instead of desperately trying to impress that certain someone, work on yourself. Make sure you’re confident and alert. This will take the pressure off of you and help you be at your best self.

Law of Attraction vs. Backwards Law

The law of attraction and the backwards law may seem opposite, but they actually intertwine quite beautifully.

The law of attraction tells you that you receive the energy you put out. The frequencies of the universe align with the frequencies you give off. As a result, you find yourself surrounded by situations that resonate with your inner self.

According to the backwards law, accepting your negatives can help you find the positives in your life. For example, accept the way you look, and you’ll stop finding flaws in it. Once you accept your present, you can shift your energy to finding the positives.

The law of attraction isn’t about running after unattainable goals, like wealth and beauty, because these things will never be enough.

It’s about setting your goal, believing in it firmly as if it’s already true, then working towards it.

The backwards law doesn’t tell you to stop pursuing your dreams and visions. It’s the intent and amount of effort you put in that matters.


Backward law helps balance the idea of false positivity which often results from practicing the law of attraction. Envision your goal, but running after it, ignoring everything that comes your way, and solely depending on it for your happiness, can take the essence out of the outcome.

We all know that one friend that puts in the least effort but gets the desired outcomes. What may seem like the minimum effort is actually enough effort put in the right direction.

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