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What Are Some Differences Between American And British Teenagers?

What Are Some Differences Between American And British Teenagers?

Although both nations speak English, their culture and traditions are somewhat different from each other. Their kids and teenagers are taught and brought up in a different environment.

Their priorities are different, even their ambitions and goals are different. For this reason, there are many differences between American and British teenagers.

Stay with me, I’ll be highlighting them in detail!

Major Differences Between American and British Teens

Anyone who is between the age of 13 and 19 years is a teenager They are known as teenagers because their age number ends with teen. Teenagers’ life changes daily. They constantly think about new ideas, meet new people, and socialize.

Teenage is an important time in a person’s life because it builds one’s personality. Although there are similarities between American and British teenagers, there are differences too.

American Teenagers Are More Stylish Than Their British Counterparts

American teenagers are more concerned about fashion and their wardrobes. American brands throw discounts and sales every other month.

On the other hand, British teenagers are most likely to shop once a year. American teens do not want to repeat clothes. They want their outfits to fit correctly. Americans consider fashion an essential part of their lives because it shows who they are.

The following video discusses the differences in their school system:

A video discussing American Vs British School System

The Difference In Their School Systems

The big difference is in their school systems. The American school system is very different from the British system. American teenagers have to go through elementary, middle, and high school. British teenagers have primary and secondary before they take GCSE exams when they are 16.

If British teenagers are less interested in continuing high school, they are allowed to leave school to pursue something else. Whereas, in America, students are not permitted to quit school.

The Obesity Rate In British Teens VS American Teens

Childhood obesity is a health problem that has grown in recent years in the United States of America. 1 in 5 children is affected by obesity in America. But they are not much concerned about their health. According to an international studyBritish teenagers are more worried about their physical appearance.

British kids are used to drinking too much alcohol, especially teenage girls. Teens in Britain are less satisfied with their lives, unlike American teens. They suffer from extreme levels of stress and are worried about their health.

Love For Sports

There is so much pressure on American teenagers to participate in a sports team. American teenagers always show interest and enthusiasm in sports. But they take so much pressure to achieve that they almost forget to enjoy the sport. Playing basketball is as important as breathing.

However, for British teenagers, it is not so exciting as it excites the Americans. British teenagers try new sports although they always play casually, there’s no pressure on them.

American kids love sports
American kids love sports

Is Drinking Legal for Teens?

British teenagers can buy alcohol at the age of 18. They do not need to wait until they are 21 like in America. Teens in America are excited to be 21 so that they could try alcohol. British teenagers can legally drink at 18 while they go clubbing and go to bars much more than the American teenagers.

I believe that British teenagers seem to grow up much quicker and they are much more independent than American teenagers. Also, British teenagers know much more about the outside world than American teenagers.

Who Are More Mature American Teenagers or the British?

Americans while growing up are always taught things like how they could be a millionaire when they get older or how they could be the next president of the country, or how they can be the best footballer in the world. In short, they are always concerned about their success and future. In general, American teens consider their lives much more seriously than British teenagers.

American teens are fascinated with their future; who they want to become. It is rare to find a British teenager who is concerned about his future. They try to act funny and, they are more anxious about detecting the flaws in others instead of focusing on their behavior and planning their future.

They take life as fun and don’t take it seriously. It is hard to have a determined conversation with British teenagers. Unlike British teenagers, American teenagers are more mature.

Are They Taking Any Medication?

Teenagers in America take powerful prescription drugs like antidepressants, Ritalin, Adderall, etc. they even take drugs without mentioning, like marijuana which is now legal in many states.

British teenagers are less likely to be prescribed these medicines by doctors. Drugs can affect teenagers’ behavior as they are more prone to attempt suicide. In America, many teens are taking drugs because of peer pressure. Because they think society will not accept them.

Drugs can affect a person's behavior.
Drugs can affect a person’s behavior

Who Is More Confident?

American teenagers are far more confident than British teenagers. They are more ambitious about their future. They often talk about getting admission to top universities and staying focused on getting good grades. They are confident in choosing their profession.

On the other hand, British teenagers do not care about school and getting good grades, instead, they are fascinated by immediate goals such as final year exams. British teenagers are always self-deprecating, even though they are hard-working, they lack confidence and would rather say ‘I would fail’. American teenagers stay confident and talk about all the hard work they have achieved.

Let’s Talk About Who Is More Independent?

I think it’s normal for British teenagers to make their own decisions of getting into high school to select their professions (at the age of 11 years). During all their teenage life, they use public transport and organize several activities. In short, they are used to making their own decisions about their life.

However, American teenagers are dependent on their parents to provide the transport. They do not often get hold of decisions, they depend on their parents for decision-making. They are desperate about reaching an age when they can get a car or when they can drink. It becomes legal for them

The Difference In Their Accent

There’s a brief discussion concerning the British and American accents. Some questions arise thinking about which is the correct. Have you ever been confused regarding the pronunciation between the British and the American accent? That is the biggest difference.

American teenagers are most likely to speak English very slowly. Their way of speaking English is more expressive because they lengthen the vowels more, making it easy for those learning and understanding English.

Americans have a propensity to simplify their language. It is common in America to shorten the words apart from British English. British teenagers take their time with pronunciation. They do not usually get rid of letters when pronouncing words. American teens usually shorten their words while speaking.

Road Trips VS Clubbing!

Teens in America would love to go on road trips, they want someone in their crew who could drive. They could steer all day through forests, mountains, or deserts, listening to their favorite music.

However, British teenagers are most likely interested in going to clubs and partying all night. It’s all about getting drunk as much as possible, only that gives them pleasure.

British teenagers love to go to clubs
British teenagers love to go to clubs

Is Prom An American Tradition?

Prom originated in America almost more than 100 years ago. It is included in their custom that high school juniors and seniors participate in activities like dancing while they wear formal attire. Most British schools never had proms in schools they usually arrange a simple disco party at the end of the term for the students.

But since it’s a tradition in America it started spreading to other parts of the world. British schools began proms around 15 years ago. Today, more than 85% of British teens have prom parties in their schools. However, it is not popular among the parents yet.

Literature and Music

Unlike Americans, British teenagers are lucky as they have a much more valuable list of artists and writers. Shakespeare is from Britain and is the most famous writer of the 16th century. But when it comes to music, American music is incredible.

In America, music is an essential part of their life. They claim that music controls their emotions and helps in difficult situations. Despite the fact, everybody loves music but specifically teens because they are attached to it. Studies have shown that almost 82% of teenagers listen to music every day in America.

What Makes British Humor Different From American Humor?

The most important cultural difference between American and British teenagers is their humor. It is because they have different points of view on life. British teenagers are more pessimist, whereas American teenagers are quite optimistic.

The humor of British teens is usually dry. Normally American teenagers do not make sarcastic jokes. They generally say everything directly without being sarcastic, they know absolutely what they say and what they mean without complicating conversations. They prefer slapstick comedy, unlike British teenagers who choose indirect humor.

American Teenagers Are Generally More Religious

It is because of what they adopted from adults in America. People living there tend to be more religious, especially families in the southern region.

On the other hand, Britain is getting away from its religion, which impacts the British teenagers. Almost 70% of the teens in Britain have no faith in religion, while others are Catholic, Protestant, Anglican, Christian, and Muslim.


Overall British and American teenagers have plenty of similarities. However, they still have some differences. Their upbringing is quite different from each other.

Their school system is very different. Americans have to finish high school before going to a university, whereas, British kids complete Sixth Form prior to getting admitted to a professional college.

Their likes and dislikes are different. American teenagers love sports as opposed to British kids who don’t find it so appealing. American teenagers are more confident compared to British teenagers. Moreover, British teenagers are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages from the age of 18, whereas it is strictly prohibited for American kids.

In short, British versus American is always a warm topic to discuss. They speak the same languages but are different from each other because of cultural differences. Similarly, their kids may look alike but are distinct in many ways.

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